The Rendezvous….

A couple weekends ago, two of our girls and I visited the annual Rendezvous in Fort Atkinson, Iowa.  Each year vendors, history buffs and visitors come together for a great event at the old military fort.  It had been a couple years since I went so we decided to go.  The first adventure…the stairs…


The original fort was built on a high hill…so up we go.

There are white tents everywhere.  The rein-actors actually sleep at the site and dress in period costumes.


Can you imagine wearing those things on your head?!?

At many of the tents, vendors have wares that visitors can purchase…rabbit skin purses, leather works, play bow and arrows for kids, beads, and such.


Kelli bought a marble trinket box at this stop.


The people sleep in the back part of the tents and show their wares in the front “porch” part of the tent.


Inside the actual fort area there are educational demonstrations.   Here is a potter.


Here is a rope making demonstration.  Isn’t the boy in the costume the cutest?


Here is a black smith working….I love watching him work.


Periodically during the day there are little venues that offer a glance at history.  Here are some of the military rein-actors.


One of my favorite things is to see the little camp fires.  It smells of wood smoke.  I just love the smell.  Most have pots hanging and dinner or coffee simmering…


There is food there too…Kelli and I bought a wonderful wild rice soup in a bowl from this guy.


Kalissa bought a fried bread taco.  Both were amazing.


While we ate we were serenaded by this man and his music maker playing, “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.”


Before we left…we got some Kettle Corn.


Oh yum….
It’s rumored that this might be one of the last years for the Rendezvous.  I hope that’s not true.  It’s a fun truly family friendly stop.  Stop back later and I’ll tell you what happened when we saw the free puppies…

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  1. What a fun day for you guys! We like going to things like this too. It so fun to see what people have made and are selling. I hope they do not close it down!

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