A dog filled photo shoot…

Kelli and I needed a photo of the two of us for any upcoming publication.  We had tried to get a photo of us a few weeks previous to this but it just never worked out.  She wouldn’t have worn make up or forgot to bring with clothes.  Saturday was out last opportunity to do it.  One of my other daughters, Kalissa, was supposed to be the photographer but she had somewhere to be, so at the last second she snapped s0me pictures….


We thought it would be fun to have the dogs in the picture with us….


The dogs really didn’t think it would be fun.


Neither of the dogs were cooperative.


Puppycat, Kelli’s beagle just wanted kisses… and I guess Gracie had a boogie that needed licking.


It the mist of it all, I realized I was wearing my REALLY crappy at home shirt that is stained and I’ve had for years…..UGH.  After a little cropping, we ended up with this photo.


Gracie isn’t centered.  Puppycat isn’t looking at the camera.  I am wearing a dirty shirt with a college logo on the front.. But, I’m smiling and Kelli is smiling…and at this point, that’s all that counts.

10 thoughts on “A dog filled photo shoot…”

  1. I guess you really represent the saying “everything in life is not perfect. ” I love that you included the dogs. You and Kelli look as though you could be sisters. Very cute photo.

  2. I know you hear this all the time, but your daughter looks just like you. I have a beagle, so I think the dogs in the photo are a great addition.

  3. What fantastic TRUE TO LIFE photos!! I don’t know what you needed the photo for, but for me, how refreshing! Anyone who has animals knows that those “perfect” family portraits many have done just don’t look normal but fake to me! What a great life shot!! I love it!!

  4. You ended up with a very nice photo. You look happy and natural, no stiff, posed portrait. There are VERY few pictures of me in existence that I like…..I either look goofy or fat…..or both!!!

  5. What fun! And crazy too trying to get a good photo. Hard to do with pets and with young kids too! Your pups are so cute! And the final picture did turn out great!


  6. WOW! You guys really look like sisters. Great great photo shoot. Big smiles, cute beagles I don’t see a downside. Lovely photo any publication should be thrilled to have you both. ;-> Toni Anne

  7. I love catching your blog! I have TWO beagles (double trouble! :)) so I love seeing pictures of your Gracie on the quilts! Mine will lay on the quilts except when I want them too! Thanks for the entertainment!

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