Baking Powder Biscuits

Not to long ago a blog reader asked for my biscuit recipe.  I often make these.
 The biscuits aren’t a eye catching food but they are tasty.  They are in my favorite beat up bowl…It’s a piece of enamelware.

Yep…you guessed it.  The recipe came from my big old Betty Crocker cookbook.

Growing up, I NEVER had biscuits.  It was a food that Hubby’s mom often made.  She made bread from scratch and Hubby said on days they used more bread than she expected, she’d make these.

We have grown to have these with biscuits and gravy.  It can be pork sausage gravy or it can be chicken gravy.  Either are favorites around here.

When Karl was home this week I tried to make as many of his favorite things to eat as I could.  I’ve actually been doing LOTS of cooking.  It feels kind of good to pull out our favorites.

Here’s the recipe.

Some notes about the recipe.

I always use Crisco or a generic brand of it.  Read the directions carefully as you really do need to to use a pastry blender like when making pie crust
from scratch.

Mine seem to go better if they are in the oven for 12 minutes…and yes at 450 degrees.  I use a larger cutter at 3″….

The biscuits aren’t the best the next day so only make as many as you’ll need for one meal.

Stay tuned.  Tonight I’m going to give you the recipe for the chicken gravy that had everyone wishing there was more.

11 thoughts on “Baking Powder Biscuits”

  1. I love biscuits! I used to make the drop ones quite often when the kids were little. My husband’s not a big fan, so I haven’t made them in years. I think that I might have to make me a small batch! Thanks for the memories! Now…back to quilting. =)

  2. Betty Crocker is my go to cookbook. I love the totally from scratch recipes. My version is a 1962 variety.
    I especially enjoyed using it for my Thanksgiving dinner. I really dislike dump recipes where everything
    is something you buy off the shelf. “Oh the good old days”.

  3. I have the same cookbook, although it has seen better days. I’ve made those biscuits, but it’s been awhile. I just don’t do as much cooking as I used to when the kids were home. I think I need to make these again. So glad you had lots of family around. Hugs!

  4. I really enjoy making breads from scratch and I think this one is a keeper. I will have to check my old Betty Crocker book and see if its in there. I got it as a wedding present and its pretty beat up but the recipes never disappoint.

  5. My favorite recipe from my old Betty Crocker book is the Squash and Apple bake. If you haven’t tried it, you might want to. I started bringing it to holiday family meals and it’s always a big hit. Almost never have any leftover. Don’t leave out the mace, it’s necessary for the right flavor!

  6. These biscuits are my favorite. When we have leftovers I split them open and put them under the broiler until they are lightly browned. Great with eggs and bacon for breakfast!

  7. After reading the biscuit recipe from another blog,that you follow, End of a Dirt Road, I have gone crazy for biscuits. I make the big batch and then freeze the rest. I don’t even get out my grandmother’s biscuit cutter and just square up the dough on the counter and cut them with a knife. I love that there is a big batch and there is enough for a second go around. My BC batch only goes once with not quite enough left over for the next meal…always a dilemma.

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