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I’ve been thrifting (like usual).  I stop EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to town so that means a stop once or twice a week depending how often I go.

What I have to show you today is a conglomeration of what I’ve picked up over the last 6 stops of so.  
I was to Kayla’s thrift store and picked up these two…perfect for a quilt made from 100% cotton shirts.  I left some others there as I was pretty sure they weren’t 100% cotton.  They were plaids though so I was a little sad….

Both pieces were sewn up into a tube of sorts.  I couldn’t understand why.  I took that apart, refolded them and added them to my stash.

Then there were these…Each piece I picked up at different times I visited the thrift store.
Thrifting for fabric goes like that…one time there is none or only one piece.  The next time, I could find a cart full.  It all matters who has cleaned out their sewing room and what type of fabric they worked with.

Recently there has been lots and lots of rayon fabrics….nothing I’ll use.  Until that sells, they don’t restock a lot as the baskets are already full.

These pieces are going into my Civil War Reproduction fabric area.  The red was left overs from a long armer…It’s an odd sized.  The cream with green have about two yards and the brown is only 1/4 yard.  PERFECT for a scrappy quilt maker like me.

I really don’t need more fabric so it’s probably a good thing there hasn’t been much fabric lately.

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  1. I love your posts! The fabric/quilting/family stuff is great, but today I love that you used the word conglomeration! I have used it in the past, but haven’t heard ir lately — I think it was used more when I was a kid. Time to put it back in action again!

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