Baby Friedman

You would think our family had enough drama with Kramer’s lung cancer and hospital stay…but that apparently isn’t true.  Baby Friedman is causing a bit of drama all his own.

Here’s a picture of Kelli and Kayla from just a couple days ago showing off their baby bumps.

Kalissa is due on March 9th.  A few weeks ago at an ultrasound, she was told that the baby was 8 lbs 7oz and that the cord was wrapped around baby’s neck.  That was done at our local hospital.  So they requested that Kalissa get an ultra sound on Thursday in Lacrosse.  Thoughts were that they wanted to know exactly how big that boy is and how exactly the cord was wrapped.

It turned out good as Hubby was still here and she could visit and be here with us at the same time.

Well…here are the results of the ultrasound.  Baby Friedman has GROWN.  He’s now over 10 pounds.  AH!!!  The cord is no longer around his neck.  So the doctors have decided that he will be delivered C-section.  That will be scheduled for either March 1st or March 4th.

Kalissa is really pushing for March 1st as it’s a Friday and Craig wouldn’t have to take off so much work.  It’s easier to coordinate some childcare for Carver too.

She’s bummed about a C-section as it’s longer recovery and harder to work with Carver with lifting restrictions and such.  But a health baby and a healthy delivery is of the most importance.  The rest we can handle.

One of her first thoughts is that she had bought a couple new born outfits.  All of them will have to be returned.  This big boy won’t be needing new born clothes.

Something fun…
Kalissa and I stayed overnight at the hotel together.  She was talking about baby names.  This guy doesn’t have a name yet.  That’s all okay and normal but Carver was about three months along and had a name so we’ve been surprised that this guy doesn’t have one yet.  She mentioned a name and said something similar but slightly different.  She was shocked and liked the name.  Then as we walked to Kramer’s hospital room I mentioned a middle name that would go with it.  Kalissa stopped and messaged it to Craig.  He liked it.  She told Kramer and he really liked it too.  For now, it’s not a positive but it’s top on the list I think.   For now, it’s a secret.  We’ve told no one else.  We’ll see….it just might be the name.  For anyone guessing…I’ll say this.  It’s a family name.

I’ll keep you posted on Baby Friedman.

For those wondering…Kelli is due on March 21st.

P.S.  Baby Friedman will come March 4th.  The date got scheduled.  Unless of course, he decided to come on his own.

12 thoughts on “Baby Friedman”

  1. Whatever the name is, it will be perfect for that big boy!! I’ve thought a few different times how awesome it would be if one of your girls named their baby boy “Kramer”!!

    So much going on in your life at this time Jo. I’m sure that you must be very stressed… but on the other hand maybe it’s a a real big blessing that you have such exciting and happy distractions right now with two new babies showing up at almost the same time. Those babies will bring so much peace and love from above with them.

  2. My last baby was 11 pounds, 7 ounces. They threatened a c section but I really wanted a regular birth so they did a pelvic X-ray decided the baby’s head could fit out if I had him before a certain date…like within 24 hours. They induced him big time and he squeezed out just in time! Something to check on if everything else is ok.

  3. That. Is. A. Big. Baby! I’m not a big woman yet I had 8ish pound babies that I thought were huge. Hearing Kalissa’s news I know better lol! She’s ready to hold that baby in her arms not her belly!

  4. The picture of both girls is just to precious, both are looking great and healthy. I’m glad the chord took care of itself and the baby is big and healthy, Yea!

  5. It’s nice that there is positive family stuff going on in a time when life could feel very gloomy. It may make life a little more challenging, but that’s always possible. Wishing all Kramer related folks good health.

  6. I love the baby bump photo! Praying all goes well with delivery for both. Lots going on in your lives right now, prayers for you all.

  7. Hi Kalissa praying that all goes well. I had a 10lb 1 1/2 ounce baby . I am 5’3” and then about 112 lbs when not preg. That was 49 years ago and they didn’t even suggest cesarean, so if you want a natural birth I say go for it as long as you are in hospital and if you need to have cesarean you are safe. I will be praying for you. From a nurse up in Canada

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