I can’t tell you how many kindnesses have blessed us since we’ve began Kramer’s cancer journey.  SO MANY!!

People have asked us what can we do for you.  To be honest, we’re so busy living this that we have trouble even thinking about what we need.  We’re very simple people too so what some people classify as needs, to us they are wants.

Here are some things that have been done for us.  These are things they just did without asking first which made it a gift that was much easier to accept…..A co-worker of Hubby’s and his wife paid for our hotel stay for two nights.

Image result for gundersen hotel la crosse wi

Hubby’s boss had lunch delivered to us…it was a great lunch too.  Lunch was delivered for four of us as Kalissa and Craig were with us that day.

Someone from the hospital anonymously gave us a gift of money…..

We also found out the that hospital has a very limited amount of guest rooms free of charge.  I think you need to be a distance away and have a more critical family member in the hospital.  I got a room for the weekend.  It’s nothing fancy but I don’t care.  I’m here up in his room or in the family lounge except to go to sleep anyway.  I sure appreciate it.  I’ve had offers to stay with a blog reader who lives close but for now, this is where I want to be…close.

Here’s my room….

Simple but just what I need.

I had a gal that cleaned house for me every other week.  She dusted, did the floors and wiped a few things down.  I always figured most businesses always have a cleaner so it would be okay for me to.  I love her as a person and love the job she does.  On opposite weeks I did the cleaning.  I ended putting her on hold until we get Kramer figured out and know where we sit with jobs and money.  Well Wednesday of this week I asked her to cover for me for childcare.  She jumped at the chance to help.  She had a mom who died from cancer and knows it’s a hard journey…plus, she’s a nice person.  Well, only a couple of childcare kiddos showed up as there was a snowstorm Wednesday.  Her daughter is 12.  I also love her.  She ended up playing with the kids and my friend cleaned my house for me.  I totally love the two of them.  This is the kind of people they are are NICE!

Kalissa and I ended up in Lacrosse in a panic.  In all of this, we forgot the dogs.  We called my cleaner girl and she went over and fed them that night and again in the morning.  How sweet!!!

We have been WOWED by the kindnesses.   We feel so loved and that’s been surprising to us.  We are finding that this journey isn’t one we are taking alone.  The support is so kind and so needed.

I’ve learned that we instantly feel more connected to anyone who has had cancer in their lives.  They know.  They “get it”.

I feel like I’m always saying “Thank you”…and I feel like thank you is never enough.

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  1. Arrowhead Gramma

    When going through a journey as you are now, you really find out who your friends are. I say this from experience and will be eternally grateful to friends who were so caring as I went through my journey. Additionally, I am so blessed to have a caring daughter who literally dropped everything and stayed with me for several months with the complete blessing of her husband and children. My prayers continue for Hubby, you and your family.

  2. Lori Sparks Douglas

    Thank you is enough and you are not alone. This is the earth angels doing God’s work. It is a blessing… I know you both have done things for others. Now it is your time to have others help you. I know it can be hard but it makes others feel helpful in your situation. Just let go and let God take care of you both through the hands of others.

  3. When you feel like you know someone and you really want to help in some way, it feels very good to do what you can. It always feels good to give.Your thank you is more than enough response.

  4. They are doing what you would do…when you are a kind person, it’s hard to take help from others cuz you want to do for them. Please let people do for you–it makes them happy and gives them joy to be of help. Sometimes letting people help is the hard, but it helps them. Hope that makes sense. Prayers for your family!

  5. Just two years ago, I was on the same path that you are on now. I felt all those emotions you are experiencing now. I wish I had some magical words that would make you and your husband better. All I can do is tell you two lessons that I learned. I learned that even in the midst of bad news and worry, you will experience blessings and kindness. For example, when my husband crashed during surgery, the doctor who was the best in the field my husband needed was just finishing up in the OR next door. I also learned not to let cancer define my husband and me. We tried our best to enjoy our life and make our life as normal as possible. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers.

  6. To many have walked this journey [and it truly is a journey] a head of you and to many continue to walk it. You are never alone. I couldn’t have made it through my daughters oral cancer journey and now the aftermath of damage left behind from surgery and radiation damage without all the friends and strangers who helped. I was never one to accept help but I quickly learned to. You are all in my prayers.

  7. I am a firm believer in what energy you put out into the world comes back to you. You and Roger serve others first, as you have blessed others with kindnesses and thoughtfulness throughout your lives. Now, it is your turn to receive. As stated above, it is hard to accept help, but people want to help you through this. Many people love you and your family and are going to continue to pray for God’s grace, mercy and healing touch.

  8. Most of us have been where you are today or will go through this sometime in their life.My mom died of cancer; mother in law survived a brain aneurism and most recently my sister had breast cancer. When I read your posts, I remember feeling exactly how you are feeling! Hospitals have really changed for the better. They use to not let people stay overnight but now they encourage it! I have a great kindness story for you and hubby. I grew up in a small farming community. My best friend’s family were farmers. Her dad was fixing the roof during harvest season, fell off and broke both wrists! You absolutely can’t do anything with two broken wrists!!! All the area farmers got together and harvested his crops that year! People can be amazing! Sorry this was so long!

  9. Daisy Dianne Bromlow

    You are so blessed !!! When I had cancer I had three children under the age of five and was going through an ugly divorce and no help or support from anyone – so goes my life still . I pray All goes well and a complete recovery is happening.

  10. You and Roger have been paying it forward for years……for you, it’s being the spearhead of a quilting charity that’s touched an untold amount of people, starting with the recipients of the quilts and from there radiating outward. Think of the story of “my quilt” being told many times through the years, inspiring those who hear to doing
    their acts of kindness.
    Yes, it’s the natural result: What you put out comes back blessed and multiplied!

  11. Hi Jo!
    I can tell you from experience, Thank you is enough for the folks who are helping out. Friends and neighbors we love -sometimes they just don’t know what you need, so they pitch in and do for you what they can. Snow plowing, snow shoveling, warm meals, a ride to the hospital, just sit and hold your hand while a loved one is in surgery, praying for you. All just because they care about you. I’m very sure you have helped a lot of folks – its just coming back to you. And soon you will have 2 new babies in the family to love and cherish!

  12. I have always believed what kindness you do comes back tenfold and you are one of the most giving person I know. God is blessing in the best way he can by surrounding you with wonderful people.
    I pray that all will go well for you and family and Kramer will go home soon. We all heal better and faster at home. Hugs Sandra

  13. Jo, I imagine your family has helped others out plenty over the years. Now the people who care about you are helping you out. Like they say, what goes around comes around. Acceptance & a simple thank your is all that is needed.

  14. Judith Fairchild

    Friends you don’t know and friends that you do know are those that rally around when you need them. God bless you all!

  15. I really appreciate this post. People want to help but don’t always know how they can help. You’ve given some great ideas. I’m going to try to file them away for future use! Best wishes to you guys! I continue to pray.

  16. That’s wonderful to hear this world of ours we hear all negative, to hear positive. We all wish we could be there to help you

  17. Virginia A. Marien

    Many prayers for all of you on this journey,it’s one many people have been on and that is why they so lovingly want to help.God bless you and your family.

  18. I am a 2 x’s SURVIVOR, my only advise to you and your family, believe that the cancer will be TOTALLY GONE! I had breast cancer about 12 yrs ago, last year I was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive bladder cancer that only 1% of the nation gets! Today, praise the Lord I am cancer free once again! I honestly did not think I would survive this aggressive cancer. At the least if I did survive, I would have my bladder on the outside of my body. Well, with a lot of prayers through family and friends… and the trust and belief in the Lord, I am cancer free. I have been blessed beyond words! I am a widow and live alone. I am 67 yrs young and thankful for all the Blessings I have received. Not one doctor had ever seen this kind of cancer since it is so rare …with this being said, please believe in the Lord that he will heal you of this evil. I am not preaching, I truly am a walking miracle only through the love, faith, trust in the Lord, family, and friends. May your loved one be Blessed with the power of God.
    In the name of Jesus,

  19. Hello Jo, I was pleased to read of all the good people around you and all the help you’ve received. I’ve never commented before but have been reading your blog for a while. I am so sorry you both have to go through this and that they were unable to remove the cancer in surgery. I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless. Kind regards Mandy xx

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