What I’m Working On…

I had a busy week in the sewing room.

I loaded this quilt top and finished it.  My friend Connie made the top.  It’s so pretty.

Here it is finished…  I wrote about it and you can find more pictures and all the info about the quilt HERE.

My dog Izzy tried to steal the binding strips from me.  She’s doing good but still not the greatest in the sewing room.

I was on a roll with making videos.  I took the scrap bags that I bought at the thrift store and did a video while I sorted them.  I have a color theory about sorting scraps by the fabrics being white-based or cream-based.  I explain that in the video.

You can find the video HERE.  You can save it and watch it on your device later or you can push play and watch it here.

I also filmed the video for the last of the free-form alphabet letters.  X, Y, and Z are all now done too some you can stitch up the entire alphabet.  Some in the comments asked me for a pattern.  There is not a pattern.  You have to just watch the videos and see how I do it.  Again you can go to Youtube HERE and save it to watch later or you can press the arrow and watch it here.

When I said I was busy with videos, that was the total truth.  I have the first installment of getting the center of the quilt done.  The first video talks about how I made the flying geese and the star blocks using a free-form method.  Again, you can go to Youtube HERE and save it to watch later or you can press the arrow and watch it here.

Can you believe THREE videos in one week?  I surprised even myself!!

I sewed more on my hourglass quilt top.  I almost have it together.  In fact, I thought I had it together but then I found a few more cut pieces so I’m going to make it a little bigger.

I was sewing some of my Iowa Hawkeyes blocks together as leader and enders while I sewed the hourglass top.

Last week I had shown this picture of my Iowa Hawkeyes quilt.  Someone commented that my ironing board cover fabric would look great in the quilt.

Great minds think alike!!  Can you see some of that fabric in the start of my quilt top?

I am TOTALLY loving this so far.  It’s really easy and really fast to sew.  I think it’s going to be a great donation quilt as so many in our area love the Iowa Hawkeyes.  I have a video coming up about how I am making this quilt.  If you subscribe to my Youtube channel and ring the bell, you will get a notification for when the video posts.  You can find my channel and do that HERE.

I ended up getting all of the blocks cut out and have a bunch more sewn.  It’s going to be a fast project.  I’m so thankful for the blog reader that sent the black, gray, and gold half-square triangles that prompted this project.

I went to the thrift store and found curtains that were homemade from fabric that I think I’m going to use as the backing.  We’ll see.  I was pretty excited about that.

Lastly, there’s my Izzy with yet another thing she stole from the sewing room.  It’s not terrible…and she’s getting better.  She’s a full six months as of Saturday so she’s just being the puppy she is.  If any triangle of fabric is on the floor, she steals it…but she doesn’t chew on chords so I’m taking it as a win.

I had a very busy week in the sewing room with lots of progress.  This coming week is a bit busy but I think it’s going to be another good week with lots of accomplishments.  We’ll see.  It’s always hard to tell and always more challenging when I have a foster dog here.  I hate leaving them downstairs while I’m sewing upstairs but I can’t watch two dogs that aren’t completely trustworthy in the sewing room so the foster dog has to stay downstairs.  I try to do sewing things that I can do on the main floor as much as I can when a foster dog is here…but I need to do upstairs things too.  Then I remind myself that other people are foster dogs and they have full-time jobs.  It’s okay if I’m not always with the foster dog.  It’s a fine balance…

Oh, I almost forget.  One more thing before I go.  Kalissa talked me into doing a live video.  WHAT??  I know.  She’s been telling me time and time again that I need to do a live video.  I keep telling her I am afraid to.  I kept dragging my feet insisting I don’t have anything to “do a live about”.  She proposed that I do a Question and Answer live video.

Totally upfront and honest.  I’m doing this to appease her so she’ll quit bugging me to do it.  I told her I’ll do it once and if it’s a complete flop, I’m not doing it again.  If you all love it, I’ll try again.  She’s convinced you all will love it.  She keeps reminding me that she pushed me to videos and they are going wonderfully so why wouldn’t this go wonderfully too?  Oh my.  So this is the date and time.  You’re all invited.

If you don’t know “what a live is”, trust me, I didn’t either.  Apparently, people who have a page on Facebook as I do with Jo’s Country Junction can go live and chat.  So, that’s what she talked me into.  So do you have a burning question you’d like me to answer?  It can be anything from if I’m happy I got a second dog, to what’s my favorite quilting notion, to do I have any regrets in life.  The questions can be anything you want to know.  I’ll be an open book.

HERE is the link to the invite.  You’re all invited.  I’d love for you to come and see if I end up embarrassing myself.  At least I know you’ll all be laughing with me and not at me…right??  It’s my understanding that you can sign up to get a reminder for when it is live next Monday.

That wraps up what I’m working on and what Kalissa roped me into…what are you busy with?

20 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Jo, I have really enjoyed watching your videos. I feel like I get to see a whole other side to your personality since the videos show your sense of humor. I made sure to subscribe and I suggest all blog readers give Jo’s videos a watch and subscribe to her channel. You WILL be highly entertained! She’s a great companion to have on while you’re doing something else and way more useful than much of the content out there asking for our time. Blessings!

  2. I’ve been so not busy. I had a short stay in the hospital. Infected leg (diabetic). Then home to get well got Covid while in the hospital and am recovering. Thank the Lord I got to stay home. But my get up and see has taken off somewhere. Hopefully by the end of this week. Love all your blogs. Thank you

  3. Just a quick note — I think Izzy is asking for a quilt. I had a yorkie many years ago who kept getting into my scrap basket of orphan blocks, and my husband walked in and said “I think she wants her own quilt.” She never torn anything up, but would spread the blocks all over the floor, which in hindsight I should have realized what she wanted. I made one for her, probably 30″ x 30″ to allow room to lay on it and be wrapped into it. She LOVED that quilt, and from that day on never touched my quilt pieces or blocks again. I also made one for her sister, both scrappy but the bindings were pink for one and blue for the other. When each of them died years later they were buried in their quilts. I still miss those two so much – its been 8 & 9 years since we lost them (a year apart).

    1. Susan from Michigan

      I loved hearing about the quilts for the Yorkies! My sister had two Yorkies that I became close to. They passed the rainbow bridge last year, 3 days apart. I miss them but recently my sister got a Biewer terrier and this dog is really sweet.

  4. Jo. Your Hawkeyes quilt is looking fabulous! I just watched your scrap sorting video as I sewed a patriotic quilt together. I have been using your white-based/cream-based system since I first read about it on your blog. I so agree with you and have noticed some quilts on the internet that would have been just a little more striking if they had done this. I love scrap quilts but have recently had to move my sewing room upstairs so have cleaned out a lot of scraps. I, too, enjoy making a “free” quilt–something from nothing. I think it’s the pioneer spirit in us. I quilt on a Bernina so I even use batting scraps and sometimes a scrappy backing. Thanks for your blog and videos!

  5. I have deleted my Facebook account due to security reasons. Is there anyway to watch your live video? Thank you for doing this. Bonnie Hunter does not do hers anymore, so I am thrilled to see you live.

  6. I have been enjoying your videos! You have so many good tips and I really like hearing about your life with family, dogs, hobbies and all that you have going on. I hope I can watch your live chat next week because I know it will be great!.
    Thank you for all that you do!

  7. So good to see all of your progress in the sewing room. Izzy so cute! I’m hoping I can join you on the Live chat next Monday.

  8. You did get a lot accomplished with three videos in one week!

    Currently I’m working on our Red Bird Sampler, finally in the center bottom large motif on it, a knit hooded vest, and beginning a new knit shawl pattern with unspun yarn (a first).

  9. I am ‘gifted’ with scraps from quilting friends, and if I am lucky I might pick up some pieces at my thrift stores in New Hampton and Charles City. I sort my scraps as I get them. Most end up going into a current project or give me ideas for new projects. I try to squeeze in my UFO’s because I get thrilled every time I finish one of them. People tell me I am an artist. Really I am just a ‘traditional’ quilter, making do with what I have. I love my scraps!

  10. I’m so glad I can find your posts on Facebook. I no longer get any thing at all on my email. I have registered.
    I really enjoy your family and especially your quilting.

  11. I’m not on Facebook either but would love to hear your answers to the questions that are asked. Would it be possible to see it at a later time on your you tube channel?

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