Community Quilts from Cathy K

I have two bright cheery quilts to share with you today from Cathy K.

She writes:
I have two beautiful finishes to show you today. These tops were sent 
to me by McGill U. in South Carolina. What a pleasure it was to quilt 
these beautifully pieced and colorful quilts!

The first quilt I’m showing is actually a top that McGill made from 
the scraps and leftovers of the second quilt. You’ll see… LOL. This 
charming and colorful design called for simple ditch quilting. As I’d 
hoped, it made the colorful rectangles a bit more prominent. The 
backing is two pieces of navy fabric. The navy grunge was nice, but 
the print adds some punch.

The second top McGill sent is called… Circle of Stars. Isn’t it incredible?

Her piecing is meticulous and the quilt just sings! Can
you see the secondary pattern of circles made by the star points and 
mini nine-patches? It’s like an optical illusion.

I quilted it simply with a vertical serpentine stitch, and it adds a wonderful texture. The backing is a wonderful blue two-toned floral.

I was honored to receive and be trusted with these two beauties and hope I did them justice. Thank you, McGill! They are being donated to the Salt Lake City Chapter of Quilts for Kids.”

WOW…Cathy and McGill, you certainly teamed up to make some amazing quilts.  Thanks so much for sharing them with us and the kids who are served by Quilts for Kids.  Amazing!!

15 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Cathy K”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    The circle of stars quilt is so very beautiful. The leftovers quilt is simply pretty. I enjoy seeing what’s possible with triangles, diamonds, rectangles and squares. And all the other bits that go into quilts.

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    1. Sorry forgot to put phone 702 418 9917.
      Thank you.
      This is sons’ phone, all calls will be automatically forwarded to me.

  3. Very beautiful indeed. I received a visit from Sarah in Houston. I passed on to her a box of stockings for her Meals on Wheels friend. Sarah lent me a pattern to use for an Irish chain quilt. I’m wondering if I can incorporate this beautiful pattern into it. The quilts are absolutely beautiful.

    1. Yes, that’s the pattern from Carol Thelen. I got mixed up and called it Circle of Stars when I sent to Cathy- Whoops! But the actually title is Star Rings. Carol has several free You Tube videos and quilts patterns on her blog.

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