Quilt Finish: Connie’s Easy Breezy

I want to send out a HUGE thank you to my friend Connie.  During the summer Connie stopped at my house and dropped off three quilt tops for charitable use.

I had planned to get to them at some point and have them on hand for when I needed a donation quilt.  Well, that just didn’t happen.  I’ve been so busy.

About a month ago the area community college contacted me.  In the past, I have always sent them a quilt for a fundraiser they do to help college students that are in need because of extenuating circumstances.  I gave them a quilt and it was my last finished donation quilt.  I wasn’t too concerned, I figured I’d get another one made.

Then there was the auction for HEART Animal Rescue that needed quilts.  Thankfully I did have two pet-themed quilts finished waiting for them…and then the church benefit came up.  Shucks.  I didn’t have a quilt.  I was truly at the bottom of my barrel.

I frantically looked around to see what would make a good quilt for the benefit and started full speed ahead on it.  That’s when I remembered that Connie had given me those quilt tops.  I stopped, took a deep breath, and loaded it on the long arm.  Phew.  I was going to be able to get a quilt done on time.  THANKS SO MUCH, CONNIE.  You saved me!!

Isn’t a cute quilt top??  I love it and it will be perfect for a fall benefit.  It’s actually tomorrow in Waucoma, Iowa.  It’s a Soup and Salad meal with a silent auction.  The quilt will be on the silent auction.  If anyone wants to put a bid on it, email me and I’ll bid for you!

Here it is finished…I love it.

The quilt is Bonnie Hunter’s free pattern Easy Breezy.  I believe Bonnie designed it as a leader ender challenge.

Connie said she was tired of all the fall-colored scraps she had and wanted to just use them up!

I used a new-to-me quilting motif that I know I will use again.  It was really easy.  I watched this video to learn the motif called topographical meander.  You can push play to watch it here in my blog post or find it HERE on Youtube.

This is totally doable.  I will definitely be doing it again.  It’s GREAT for a guy quilt and actually easier than a regular meander.

As I was snapping pictures I was really missing all of my pretty flowers.

Connie’s quilt added a much-needed spark to my front porch.

As I was taking pictures of the backing on the quilt I also realized something else.  Connie had provided a backing for this.  UGH.  I was in such a hurry to get the quilt on the longarm that I completely forgot about there was a backing for it.  I grabbed the quilt tops and immediately went to my stack of possible backings.

I had enough of the backing that I used it for the binding too so in the end, it worked out perfectly.  I will use Connie’s backing for a different project.

Connie is a great piecer and I was so happy to work on her quilt.  It really saved me!!

Both Izzy and Rosie thank you to Connie!!

Izzy is doing pretty good with her posing skills, isn’t she??

I’m busy this morning making pies.  I have to provide desserts for the fundraiser so I thought I would make pies again.

After this, I think I don’t have any quilts needed for benefits for a bit but trust me, I’m going to try to get a few more that are here finished.  I hate feeling so rushed!!

THANKS again Connie!!

9 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Connie’s Easy Breezy”

  1. Awww, Rosie and Izzy. She, Izzy, is such a lovely fit for your family.
    I love Easy Breezy as a leader/ender. I kept a stack of ready to sew bits by my machine. I am borderline obsessive when it comes to using L/E, even when mending stuff. Ended up with enough blocks to make 6 donation quilts. Never occurred to me to frame the block. Connie’s quilt is beautiful. And your quilting is just icing on the cake.

  2. I love that quilting design. I’m not sure I could do it on my domestic. May have to practice it on a small baby quilt. This quilt turned out beautiful!

  3. The quilt looks great! That was wonderful teamwork. Also, thanks for sharing the longarm YouTube site. I like her style of quilting and presenting and have added her channel to my resources. I just quilt the stuff I make & give as gifts or donations but am always on the lookout for more ideas & tips.

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