Cross Stitch Get Together: We have a date!!

OH WOW!!  I have cross-stitch news…first off.  Liz is going to be able to put something together for a stitch-along of The Scarlett House’s Black Dog Sampler.  That will start on New Year’s day and will last all of 2023!!  I’m so excited she was able to put something together for us.  The exact details and ordering info are yet to come.

Now onto the stitchy meet-up news…

Last week I put out an inquiry about getting some cross stitchers together in my area of NE Iowa so we could just have a stitching day. (You can read about it HERE)  I had heard on Flosstube that a gal had put out a call trying to get people in her area together for a stitching day.  She had people respond and they all got together and stitched.  She said it was a lovely time.

After I wrote that post I contacted Janet who lives half an hour south of me and she was all excited about it too.

She ended up calling the library in Waverly, Iowa and we have a date of December 10th.  We have a room booked from 9-3:45 pm.  The library closes at 4 pm so they want us out of there by then.

Janet and I decided we are going to host this as a come-and-go.  If you can’t make it until 11 am or need to leave at 2 pm, that’s totally okay.  It’s a you-do-you type of thing.  We don’t want anyone not coming or feeling left out because they have other commitments for the day.

We are suggesting that you bring a sack lunch or snacks.  Of course, you can leave and bring back food if that is your preference.  Again, it’s a you-do-you thing.

Our problem now is making sure we have a big enough room booked as we’ve had people say that they were willing to drive a distance.  So, we are asking that you email me at if you have plans to come.  Everyone and anyone who loves handwork are welcome to come.

There is no program or entertainment planned.  It is only a sit-and-stitch.  You are welcome to stitch on whatever you like.  We welcome any type or style of stitcher.  You are welcome to bring a friend.  If you are new to cross-stitching, that’s perfectly fine too.

You’ll want to bring anything you need for a successful day of cross-stitching.

I will know Janet as far as I know, that’s it…please don’t be shy and just come.

We would really appreciate an email to ensure we picked the proper size of room.  So email me at

I never dreamed this would have such a response.  People everywhere were wishing this was an option for them.  Right now, I don’t know how to facilitate others meeting up except to say everyone who is interested is encouraged to leave a comment such as this in the comment section:

Jo- NE Iowa- Waucoma

It has my name, my region, my town, and my email address.

I am hoping that will allow others of you to find each other and link up so you too can plan your own cross-stitch get-together.  PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE include your email address so I don’t get a bunch of emails asking me to help you link up.  This has to be something you organize and put together yourself.  I am only offering the comment section as a way to possibly facilitate that.

I’ve also gotten several emails from international stitchers asking if I’d do a zoom.  Oh my.  I know I’m in the dark ages but to date, I have never zoomed…not even over Covid.  So at this point, that’s an “I’m thinking about trying that”.  I’m not saying no…mostly saying my plate is a little full and if I do it, I want to do it right.

So… takeaways.

-Janet and I are inviting other stitchers to join us in Waverly Iowa on Dec 10th from 9 am-3:45 pm for a day of stitching.  Please RSVP to if you are planning on coming.  Please don’t leave a comment.  Take time to actually email.  That’s where I will be counting from.  THANKS!

-If you are interested in a stitchy meet-up in your area leave a comment that includes:
First name-region-town-email
Hopefully others in your area might leave their info as well and you can organize something for yourself.

-No Zoom yet.

I think that covers everything.  THANKS!!

15 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Get Together: We have a date!!”

  1. Barb-North

    P.S.–Re: Zoom: Watch a youtube video or two. Our little quilt group started meeting during Covid. It took me about an hour to get set up. We were all quite anxious about doing it, but once we figured it out, we were all pros. My recommendation is that everyone that has never done a Zoom meeting watch a youtube video before the meeting so you are familiar with the interface.

  2. We have a monthly ‘STITCH!’ that meets on the first Monday of the month at our local library from 1-4pm. So if anyone lives in the Kasson MN area – check it out! It is very casual, no program or organization…just come when you can, sit and stitch. Sometimes there are 4 people, sometimes there are 15. Casual.

  3. I am so glad you were able to work something out in Waverly! Not that I will be coming; it’s too far away. I went to college in Waverly many, many years ago and still have a soft spot in my heart for the town. Don’t forget to stop in at Fiberworks!

  4. I’m so excited about this! I hope several of you can join us! And that Mother Nature cooperates! See you all on the 10th!!

    1. Janet,
      I am seriously thinking of joining (from SE Minn), but do not have any needed supplies to even begin! I did cross stitch as a young person (50 years ago) but don’t remember the first thing about this counted cross stitch niche. Would you be willing to kit something starterish for me? I would be willing to spend ~$60 to get started. Please don’t be insulted. I have no idea if for the price this is doable or not. My taste is nearly identical to Jo Kramer’s so anything she would do, I would try (tho not as advanced!).
      Happy to correspond off Jo’s page if you would like.
      Barb Borglum

  5. Pm I live in Harford WI, near West Bend, and am looking for a group that meets during the day. Would like to learn to cross stitch any groups around? Pat

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