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I didn’t do the best in the sewing room this week.  I had more Grandma duty than I usually get and I ended up getting sick.  The sick part was no fun and lasted for longer than most flu bugs.

I started with a headache on Friday and an all over not feeling overly energetic.  At that point, I had worked all day and even did yard word that evening.  On top of that, I walked Rosie for two miles.  If someone told me that I just overdid it, I could have believed them.  Then overnight, I knew I was sick.  It was the hot sweats and cold flashes and extended trips to the bathroom.

I was supposed to have Kalissa and Kelli’s kids on Saturday as they both worked the overnight shift…but I called off.  I didn’t want this spreading.  Saturday I sat on the couch ALL DAY LONG.  I never do that.  I was so hoping if I was a good girl and rested, I could kick it.

No luck.  Saturday overnight was the same as the previous night.

Sunday I started the morning on the couch but decided even if I didn’t feel well, I could load the dishwasher and write a blog post…so I did.  Before long, I was back on the couch.

Here is what I did get done this week.  Kramer’s niece contacted me and asked if I would do a repair on a quilt for her.  It was a tied quilt made by her boyfriend’s mom.  It was wearing on the edges to the point that it needed to be fixed or there was no fixing it.  I didn’t want to but had no choice in my method of fixing it.  I had to cut off a couple of inches all the way around it and then bound it.

The rest of my time I worked on my red diamond crumb quilt with the help of my assistant Rosie.

I got the center done during the weekdays…here it is…

I also got the borders together too.

Here is a pile of all of the clippings.

That’s where the quilt stayed.

Then while I was sick on Sunday I couldn’t stand sitting on the couch any longer so I tried to rally some determination and went to the sewing room long enough to get the red inner border and the scrappy outer border added.

As you can see, the inner blocks all have a red diamond in the center and the out crumb border blocks do not have the red diamond.

I had a lot of fun working on this and am really anxious to have it quilted and finished.

If you missed the video last week that showed how to make the blocks, you can find it HERE.

Speaking of things you might have missed, Saturday I showed off my finish of Scrap Vortex.  You can read about that HERE if you missed it.

That’s all I have for you in the quilting department.  Hopefully I can kick this stomach bug and get feeling better again.  I have my Garlic Knots quilt on the longarm and would really like to get that finished so my red diamond crumb quilt can go on next.

Hopefully, you all have missed the stomach bug and have gotten lots of quilting done.

13 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Sounds like you have what I had last weekend, Jo. No fun at all and nothing accomplished other than e-mail organized, sorted, and cleared out. Thank you so much for the wonderful idea of how to fix a quilt made for me oh about 12 years ago now by a dear friend of mine in MT. It’s in need of repair and I’m hoping I can just cut off a couple inches all the way around, rebind and call it good. Had you not repaired the quilt you did with us I would have tossed it which makes me sad to think of and why I hadn’t yet. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hi Jo,
    I got up early so I could take a look at your You tube blog before heading to work. There’s so many fabrics in your quilt. I was amazed how precise your diamonds were. You always inspire me. Can’t wait for my room to be done so I can adventure back into quilt making without having to move my machine back and forth.( from the dining room table). Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. Hope you’re feeling better quickly.

  3. Sorry to hear you were sick and hope you are now back to your energetic self. As usual you still accomplished more than I may have if I were sick. The red diamond quilt is really pretty. I know we will be seeing the finished quilt before long. Again, hope you are feeling better.

    1. Hmm. I didn’t test. I didn’t know flu-like symptoms were a thing. Mine really feels mostly like a bathroom stomach thing.

  4. I’m in the U.K. and I had exactly the same a few weeks ago I blamed the Moderna vaccine I had 4 days before. Then a couple of weeks later I had it again so I don’t know what it was…. Hope you soon feel better

  5. Hope you are feeling much better SOON– and sure sorry to read you’ve been feeling so sick.
    The red border–perfect!!! Not sure how you managed to get as much done as you did.
    It seems the “BUGS” are determined to catch up with us.

  6. Love the quilts. The red border really makes the quilt. I want to make one now but I have miles of quilts to finish first. This one definately on my list. Thanks for including the how-to. Hope you’re feeling better. You really accomplished a lot while sick.

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