Community Quilts from Jazz

Jazz has been busy finishing quilts for her favorite hospital in Houston which cares for those uninsured at no cost or those who are underinsured.  It’s an amazing cause.

Jazz writes:
“Jo, remember when you put out the call on my behalf for tying and sewing threads? So many of your readers responded so generously that I had to decline many offers. One of the most prolific givers was Carlena D. of California. She sent an entire box of all colors of DMC tying thread. I mean, every color! They’re all going into quilts but until they do they’re displayed in a glass vase, sparkling like jewels in my sewing room. I used one of the black spools to tie this baby quilt (38” x 38”) that will go to the Ben Taub Hospital newborn nursery in Houston.

This patchwork quilt is a celebration of the gifts from our friends Holly M (Indiana), Jeanne M, (Arizona) Dorothy S (W. Virginia), Melissa R (Florida), Sue R (Texas), and Terri H (Nebraska), all of whom have donated fabric and scraps to my mission of making quilts for the babies born at the hospital. The maroon back and binding came from you, Jo, as well as the batting.

As I use the fabric pieces given to me I always save the scraps. I cut the smallest ones into 2 ½” squares and store them in baggies according to color. Some of these are relatively recent, some are over two years old, but every one has been treasured and carefully chosen for this project. I mention this because contributions are not always used in the order received. I don’t want anyone to think their supplies are unappreciated. Every single gift is used in the most appropriate comforter.

I used some of the solid maroon yardage you sent me to back and bind it with. I think it makes a nice contrast.

An anonymous donor who knows I will be facing major surgery soon gave me this cross-stitch kit of animals to keep me distracted as I recover. Doesn’t it look like they’re all posed for their school pictures, in front of the same prop wall?

She underestimated my self-control, though. I finished it in a few weeks and sashed and backed it with pink-on-green cotton from Becky M (Texas and Alaska). It’s bound with a bright pink you gave me, Jo, and all these quilts are batted with the batting you sent me. This embroidered animal quilt finished at about 45” x 55”.

The same friend in Houston, Texas gave me this stamped cross-stitch picture, but she no longer had the diagram (as if that would slow me down!) indicating colors or threads. I’ve never seen a tractor or a barn or a farm up close, but I made it up as I imagined them to be. I used DMC threads I had, and those different followers of your blog offered me.

A third anonymous benefactor sent me… the gray and white background, and additional donation from Missy R. from Florida was the Holstein print that’s even in better in person than it photographs. It’s a black-on-brown brushed effect that is such an appropriate complement to the farm theme. It looks just like what I think cows must really look like.

Dorothy S. (Nebraska) sent me the dazzling floral print I used as a border. I loved this fabric as soon as I saw it; originally it seemed destined for a Texas wildflower themed quilt, but isn’t it beautiful on this one? (It is, even though it didn’t photograph well enough to illuminate it.)

The cute cartoon animals on the left were a gift from a neighbor who knows I make quilts for the newborn nursery of Ben Taub Hospital here in the Texas Medical Center. The bright blue back, binding and batting are all from you, Jo. Thank you all so much! This baby quilt is about 36” x 36”.

Finally, I’ve finished another one of the many tops you sent me. I just love the brilliant blue background and yellow print squares. I stitched it all in the ditch and free motioned in the alternating spaces. I used yellow from my stash for the binding and more of your maroon to back it with. It’s about 45” x 45”, just the right size for a new baby.

Many thanks to you, to all our anonymous donors, and to Carlena D, Holly M. and Jeanne M., Dorothy S, Melissa R., Sue R., Terri H., Becky M, Dorothy S., and to the maker of the flimsy pictured above. Because of your generosity, four newborns will go home from the hospital with their own quilts.

Great job Jazz.  We all love seeing what you’ve been working on.  Many get well soon wishes from us all from blog readers to me.  We hope you are back on your feet soon!!   Feel free to leave a Get Well Soon message to Jazz in the comment section.  I know she reads the comments.


23 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. Gail L Piper

    Jazz – thinking of you and your surgery! Sending the best of wishes for a speedy and complete recovery!

  2. Wish I had your energy. I do sew alot when I can but I still take care of my grandchildren. 4 and 9. The 4 year old requires alot of my time. Hugs Kathleen Mary

  3. Jazz, hope surgery goes well and recovery is quick. I’m so glad you can use all the scraps I didn’t have a clue what to do with. Sue R Houston TX

    1. Y’all, Sue R. of Housy not only gave me “scraps” she gave me started tops, yardage, pieces of batting and lots of inspiration! She was one of my generous donors. I’m still planning quilts from stuff she gave me two years ago!

      Thank you, Sue, and everyone who makes it possible to keep those new babies wrapped up.

  4. Stephani in N. TX

    Lovely quilting efforts for starting newborns off in this great big world. Your are generous with your work Jazz and I am sure it’s appreciated. Hugs, and a quick recovery from your surgery.

  5. Jazz, praying for a successful surgery and uneventful recovery! I live not to far from Houston now, but I grew up in a neighborhood of Houston called Shady Park. It’s probably not even there anymore. Anyway, I hope you recover quickly!

  6. Judith Fairchild

    Jazz praying for your well being during surgery. Been there done that. it’s something you get through. It helps to keep your ha nds and mind busy up to and after surgery.

  7. linda jackson

    beautiful quilts for sweet little babes. You have a great eye for color.
    Get well soon after surgery. Remember to do what the doctor orders!

  8. Jazz, I hope your surgery and recovery go well. I think of you as I have a couple of baby quilts in the finishing stages that I would once again like to send you.

    Best wishes,
    Tina H.
    So. California

    1. Tina and all finished quilt donators, I make regular trips to the Texas Medical Center to give quilts to Ben Taub Hospital. They’re always pleased to have them, they say they’re always swiftly delivered to eager patients.
      At this time I am still working my way to the bottom of my boxes of quilt tops Jo sent me previously. Every time I send her pictures of the new ones I include some of those.
      So many generous readers of her blog have also forwarded fabrics, both yardage and scraps, threads and other supplies that I try to divide my efforts in using everything.
      Jo is organizing a distribution system for needed tops and materials to go to willing sewists. Please continue to consult with her regarding these projects.
      Presently l lack the space to accept incomplete projects, but am always delighted to include other’s finished quilts with my own when I drop off the ones I finish and the ones I’ve created myself.
      Thank you all for all your well wishes and encouragement.

  9. Barbara Fairfax

    Help! I cannot find the blog where you told what it was that you used on the wooden bowl hat had the damaged finish. It’s worth a try on my dining room table that has two large spots where somehow the finish has been damaged. Thank you so much.

    Thanks for the lovely note about the postage money donation, Jo.

  10. Jazz you do wonderful work and I wish you a speedy recovery from your own surgery.
    I am a little concerned that you tie the baby quilts because babies chew things and the thread could come loose and they could swallow it?
    Just wondering…..

  11. Jazz, you are doing amazing work with all the odds and ends, do dad’s, cast offs, treasures and gems that get past your way. I love the care you show for everything given to you I wish I could be so productive as you too.
    Speedy recovery

  12. Jazz hope everything goes well with your surgery and wishing you a speedy recovery from up here in chilly Canada! I’m sure you’ll be back to blessing babies with your quilts in no time.

  13. Nikki Moshier

    Jazz, wishing you a speedy recovery. Love seeing all your hard work and caring that go into your quilts for others.

  14. Thank you all for your good wishes. They do encourage me.

    Paula, Shady Park remains a vibrant part of SE Houston. I was unfamiliar with it so I looked it up. It’s a charming neighborhood with an exciting new playground, Shady Lane Park. When I’m able I’ll go investigate it and report back.

    Anne, I take to heart everything Jo’s followers advises me. Like all of you I care deeply about the recipients of my work. I make my quilts specific to the needs of the hospital I give them to. The person there whose directions I follow has assured me that for all ages, quilted or tied quilts are equally acceptable and in demand.

    Again, all my appreciation to all of you.

  15. Thinking of you & praying for a great outcome & quick recovery after surgery. I love seeing what you are doing, thanks for showing us.

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