While I was Sick

I thought I would share a few things that happened while I’ve been sick…and yes, sadly I’m still not 100% today.  Slowly getting better but still staying home and keeping my germs to myself.

I told you the flu that I have was much of a call to the bathroom.  One night I was there six times in a 7 hour period.  It really is a ringer of a flu.  Well, on about the third trip down that hall and to the bathroom, I freaked myself out.  The spare bedroom door was slightly ajar and as I walked by, I got a glimpse of this…(think seeing this in the dark)

I felt a little like the bears of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and freaked out wondering who was sleeping in my bed.  I didn’t know if it was because I was sick or half-sleeping but I was sure someone had crept into my house and was sleeping in the bed.

It turns out that this is the spare bedroom that Kelli sleeps in when the kids are here and she’s just worked an overnight shift.  Kelli sleeps with a body pillow and she covered the body pillow with the quilt that’s on the bed.

Oh my. That was a bit of a scare.

On Mother’s Day Kelli felt bad that I was hanging on my own…so she sent some pictures of the kiddos…here riding in the wagon…

and here the boys are watching all the farming that is happening out their window.

So cute!!

Speaking of cute.  Kayla sent this picture of Jasper… On his shirt is Blippi.  If you have kids and haven’t discovered Blippi, give the television show a try.  It’s a good educational program.

Jasper called me on Facetime over the weekend and he did awesome on the phone actually talking.  I loved it.

This morning I was still not 100%.  Craig had to load cattle at 5am and Kalissa was working the overnight shift.  So…where could the boys go?  Being we were thinking that my flu likely came from Gannon, we decided it was okay for the boys to come here and I’d get Carver on the bus and then Kalissa would get off work and pick up Gannon.

The plan was that Gannon would go to his backup sitter, Shelbee’s house.  We are so thankful for Shelbee.  Gannon loves her.  We do too and he’s always so happy to go.

Anyway, I was still pretty tough and trying really hard to stay away from Gannon on the off chance that whatever I had wasn’t what he previously had.  So a few minutes before Kalissa was expected to arrive, I told Gannon that he had to pick all of the toys up off the floor because Mommy was coming soon she was going to take him to Shelbee’s but he had to pick the toys up off the floor first.  I stayed away from him…he went to work.

Kalissa arrived and Gannon’s boots weren’t by the door.  I went into the living room and this is what I found…

All of the toys were picked up off of the floor, just as I had asked.  Bahahahahaha!!!

I guess that will teach me.  I wondered how he had picked everything up so quickly…but if you’re only picking things up off the floor and not necessarily putting them away, it’s MUCH easier.  Oh, that Gannon.  What a boy!

I asked him if I could take his picture.  He said no.  Then I told him I’d give him a piece of candy if he’d smile and let me take his picture.  This is what I got.

I’m so glad I had some cheering up while I wasn’t feeling the best.  It made things so much better!!

11 thoughts on “While I was Sick”

  1. How fun to see your little kiddos. The twins are growing are so cute. I am sure they like watching the activity from their window – all those big John Deere tractors! I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Too funny. As a past manager of Kwik Star convenience store, I learned, several times, to give specific instructions. It’s amazing the results, without specific instructions. Too many times I have been taken literally. I still make the same mistake with the grandchildren. I never learn.

  3. Gannon is looking so much like his mama now! I noticed that in another recent photo too. It’s a good thing, because Carver looks just like his daddy. Don’t you think so? How neat that Kelli’s children can just look out their window and see the farm equipment. When it was just too hot to be outside, I sometimes drove to a construction site and park the car (with AC running) so my children could watch the construction equipment in action.

  4. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Have you heard from anyone else that might have had it and how long it lasts. Take care,

  5. The grandkids are such GOOD MEDICINE– from just their pictures –to getting to see them!!
    Priceless–Gannon’s “pickup” !! That’s the fun with kids though— we can never be quite SURE what they will do–how they hear what we say to them etc. Sorry that you are still not up to par.

  6. I’m glad you’re a bit better. Keep taking good care of you. Love all your family photos today—so cute!

  7. Judith Fairchild

    Praying that the flu will leave you alone from now on. Grands and pictures of grands are a great fix when we feel rotten

  8. I caught that flu from my grandkids too….it’s a humdinger. I had it 2 days, was ok for 2 days and then it returned with a vengeance Easter weekend. The bathroom was my home. I can’t remember the last time I was that sick. I feel your pain…glad you are doing better!!

  9. Funny how things look weird and scary when you are half asleep – and not 100%! Gorgeous quilt by the way! Glad you are on the mend too, nothing quite so bad as trips in the night and being sleep deprived doesn’t help.
    The boys are so cute. Had to laugh at the toys – Gannon is so smart – and literal! Reminds me of my son – you have to cross the i’s and dot the t’s to get the result you want, even now and he’s in his 30’s, awkward monkey. I remember a frustrated science teacher complaining that he hadn’t done his homework. Question was “what is crude oil” and he gave the shortest definition whereas she wanted embellishments. His response was – if she wanted more, she should have said so. Boys!!!! They keep you on your toes!

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