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Last week I told you that I was working on the Holy Toledo quilt.  I had told you I started working on it quite innocently and then wham…it took hold and I knew I was going to stick with it until it was finished.

Here is the last picture I showed you…

Immediately after I got done writing the blog post I went upstairs and sewed on it.  Again my intention wasn’t big.  I was only going to sew the rest of the big triangles together.  Well, just like before the Holy Toledo bug hit, and ended up spending about 3 hours and ended up this far.

I have more blocks in various states.  I am liking the quilt so far and am thrilled with how it is coming along.

If I keep this up, there’s a chance that I just might finish this quilt!!

I ended up doing a “Sew with Jo” video.  In this video I am at the cutting station trimming up my Spider Web string blocks and ironing my Holy Toledo half square triangles.

The video is embedded in the post or you can watch it HERE on Youtube.  Many of you who are subscribers of my Youtube channel were able to watch the video yesterday when it uploaded.

Onto what else I was busy with…I finished one of my Dirty Dozen #4 projects.  Here is where I had left the project…

All I needed to do was to stitch the flower stems and then finish making it into a pillow or pincushion.

I tackled the stitching one night…I used a chain stitch.

The next day I filled it with sawdust and sewed it shut.  I was thinking about putting some pretty trim on it.  I have some but the shade of red wasn’t quite right.  I thought about green but didn’t have any so for now, it is going to stay plain and I’m going to call it a finish.

The backing is a Civil War print that matches the green I used for the embroidery stems.

It is a Primitive Gatherings pattern.

I have plans to get an old fashion dough bowl (a reproduction I’m sure) and then fill it with cute little things like this.

I have never used sawdust as a filler before so I thought I’d give it a try.  I liked it.  I will use it again for sure.  Karl is so busy in the garage with woodworking and is make plenty of sawdust.

I do want to note that I have tried everything when making pincushions as far as things to use for stuffing.  I’ve tried stuffing, nylons, pellets, crushed walnut shells, and sand.  So far, I like sawdust best.  It’s a bit of a pain to clean the pincushion after but I like how it feels and the weight of it.  I’ll be using sawdust more often…and added bonus, it’s free!!

I ended up finding another pincushion that was wool applique in the same project bag that this was in.  I got that one stitched but it’s not made into a pincushion yet.  Soon I hope.

If you are keeping up with my UFO status here is where I am at.  I started with 32 projects in July.  I finished or let go of 13 of those projects.  I am actively working on 3 projects.  That’s not too bad.  It was so worth it to join the Dirty Dozen challenge to have that much progress.  Thanks for hosting Mary even though I’ve gone a bit rogue on it all.

I didn’t get a lot of other things done.  You’ll see that as you read the blog posts that are coming up this week.  I had family home over the weekend.  We had a baking day.  I’ve done some cross-stitch.  Karl and I did some house hunting…you’ll be able to catch it all this week if you keep up with the blog.  Happy Monday you all!!

12 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. If you aren’t using your Primitive Gatherings project as a pincushion and just as decoration, sawdust should be fine- I wouldn’t use it in a pincushion, though becuase I think it might attract moisture and rust your pins- I don’t know this- I just think it!

    1. Sue…I can’t wait to see the whole top either!! Sadly I have to slow the working on this and jump into a wedding quilt for a couple getting married on New Year’s Eve.

  2. I too have tried several things for pincushions. I much prefer wool. You can use felted sweaters, pieces, batting, whatever as long as it’s wool.

  3. I use smaller leftover batting scrapes to stuff pincushions. Congrats on getting so much finished. I agree the DD challenge does help keep one on track to finish in a certain time frame.

  4. All time favorite stuffing is Sheep or Llama wool, if you can get it. If you know someone who has sheep, when they shear them there are scraps left over that is usually discarded. Take it & put it in a mesh bag & wash it. The oil in the wool will keep pins from rusting.

  5. Your Holy Toledo quilt is great… When I watched you ironing your triangles. It showed me possibilities I had never even considered. I really like your videos sewing or stitching

  6. I love your quilt! This is one of Bonnie’s quilts I would love to piece, but I only have a few shirts so far. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  7. Sawdust…..awesome idea!! And free is always good! Lately I’ve mixed crushed walnut shells with lavender, it’s smells so lovely whenever I jab my pincushion!! Thanks for the inspiration ! I’m loving your Holy Toledo!!

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