Changes are a Coming…

I told you all that I’ve been tossing around the idea of going back to childcare.  I had talked to my kids and I had made the decision that I’d see how my December 17th doctor appointments at Mayo Clinic go, then make a decision.  I was doing in-home childcare prior to Covid but when it hit in March, my doctor recommended I close.  At the time, little was known about Covid and how it spreads.  Thankfully we know more now.

The last time I talked with my doctor there was a discussion that if my thyroid cancer numbers were high and they could see cancer in one of the many tests they are going to do, they might actually treat it.  So…if they treat it, there is a possibility I would have to be off work for 18 days after the radioactive treatment…but it’s all up in the air.  They could send me home and say nothing…I’ve learned to expect that.

For those of you new here, I had thyroid cancer in early 2016.  I went through surgery to remove my thyroid and then had radioactive iodine treatment.  We thought it was gone…but it’s back but very slow growing.  So, I have to go through appointments and tests every three months or so.    December 17th is my day to go back again.

Well back to my original story.  I was waiting for the results from that December 17th appointment as I wanted to save my childcare parents from going through the ups and downs of my medical drama.

Well, two of my families that I’ve stayed in close touch with had gone to the same childcare in the neighboring town.  That in-home provider decided childcare wasn’t for her and she is closing.

Well, they contacted me and asked if I would consider doing childcare again.  After thinking it through, I decided I would but I asked that it only be Mondays and Fridays for two weeks and then I’d start full time but the parents had to be flexible depending on what happens at my doctor’s appointment.

So…I’ve been enjoying a little time with this guy…

I have to admit to not minding a little rocking chair time.

Both of these families have stayed close to me through covid and have checked up on me and stopped by for visits.  I’ve stayed close to them and have so appreciated that.  So when they asked, it was just too hard to say no.

There is a huge shortage of childcare providers in our area.

There is honestly nowhere for them to go…and I’m a little overprotective of the kids.  I don’t want them just going anywhere where I’d worry about them being safe.

So Georgia and Gannon will have this little guy here with them when they come…plus two school-aged girls who will come after school.

I really don’t know if more kids will come.  At this point, maybe…I just don’t want the FULL house of kids I had before…maybe a couple more, but not a houseful.

We’ll see.  I’m not committing to anything until after my appointments and after the holidays.

8 thoughts on “Changes are a Coming…”

  1. You are being very helpful and I can understand where you are at – so much unknown at this time. I am sure the parents feel the same way. I’ll pray that you are healthy and can continue with the care of these little ones, but maybe like you said, not a houseful.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Praying for you and that their will be good results for you.
    The new little guy is adorable rocking time is almost always good. The picture of Georgia, Gannon and your new boy is so cute.

  3. Dear Jo. . . Hoping & praying for a good outcome this week. You do so much for so many people, girl!! Hang in there. There are many if us who will be “with” you for your appt.
    Peggy S

  4. Such tough decisions, but sounds like you’re not only being careful, but also sharing your love & kindness to those who truly need you

  5. I know you’ve missed child care for many reasons but you’ve also enjoyed your time off. Praying you can balance the two!
    Praying for good results!
    Love and prayers

  6. Hope you get some answers on the 17th and the news is good. I know those parents are grateful that you are willing to take on a few children, its such a struggle for families to find good day care. Blessing Jo

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