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Karen Sue wrote a while back and her email got buried in junk.  I finally unearthed it.  Thanks so much for being patient with me.  I typically get to it all, it just takes patience and time.

Karen Sue writes:  “I haven’t been very good about getting pictures of completed quilts to you.  I have all of the big bunch I received after you posted some pictures and gave them my email so they could contact me directly nearing some sort of completion.  About the same time, you sent me quite a few tops from the Cresco Iowa ladies.  

The first one I’m sending you was sent to me by Elizabeth K from California.  What a fabulous quilt top.  I love the colors.  She also sent enough striped material to do the binding.  The backing is from my stash.  I quilted it with an all-over meander. This one measures just right to send to Lutheran World Relief.  

The next pictures I sending are all tops from the Cresco, Iowa ladies.  The quilts that lean toward kids will go to the local EMS to be given out by EMTs on their ambulances.  The others will be donated to the local shelter.

First up Orphan blocks quilted with an all-over meander measuring 40X46.  I just love it when everything seems to come together from orphan blocks. 

Binding and backing came from my stash.

Number 2 is a really neat variation on a Log Cabin.  Nice colors. 

40X45 quilted with an all-over meander.  Binding and backing came from my stash.

Thank you Cresco quilters and you Jo for coordinating all the pieces (much like building a quilt) so these quilts end up where they are most needed.

In another email, Karen Sue sent the next quilt…
This one also pieced by the Cresco Quilters.  I call these Big Jolly Bars, because Fat Quarter Shop has a 5X10 pre-cut called Jolly Bars.  I know these aren’t but neither are they squares. 

This one measures 40X46, quilting allover meander.  Backing and binding from my stash and Vivian W. put the binding on.  

A real “it takes a village” or at least a lot of different hands.”

I agree with Karen Sue it really does take a village.  I am always amazed by all that gets done with the help of so many hands.  From those of you who help with postage, to the ones that donate fabric, to the ones that make tops, to the finishers.  I am so honored to be in the village with all of you!!

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