What I’m Reading: The Secret Letter

I just finished listening to The Secret Letter by Debbie Rix.  I found it on Audible and initially was really excited about it.  I love mysterious titles…”secret letter”…hmm, what could it be?  On top of that, it’s a WWII book…yep, I’ll read it.

The Secret LetterThe book tells the stories of two girls growing up in Europe during the war.  One girl lives in London and the other in Germany.  Each has a completely different experience.  Years and years later, they connect and that is when the book comes full circle.

Here’s what Amazon had to say:Germany, 1939. A tumbledown farmhouse, on the outskirts of a close-knit village in the heart of the rolling hills of Bavaria. A once happy family home torn apart by Nazi rule. And one young girl who refuses to give up on what she believes in…. 

London, 2018: When 94-year-old Imogen receives a letter addressed to her in neat, unfamiliar handwriting, she notices the postmark is stamped from Germany – and it sends shivers down her spine…. 

Germany, 1939: Thirteen-year-old Magda is devastated by the loss of her best friend, shy and gentle Lotte, cruelly snatched from her and sent to a concentration camp – the Star of David sewn on her faded, brown coat. As the Nazi’s power takes hold, Magda realises she’s not like the other girls in her German village – she hates the fanatical new rules of the Hitler Youth. So Magda secretly joins The White Rose Movement and begins to rebel against the oppressive, frightening world around her.  

But when an English bomber pilot crashes in a field near Magda’s home she is faced with an impossible choice: to risk the safety of her family or to save a stranger and make a difference in the devastating war that has claimed the lives of so many. Little does she know, her actions will have the power to change the life of another girl, on the other side of enemy lines, forever…. 

Inspired by a true story, this is a heart-wrenching, gripping and absolutely unforgettable tale of the strength of human kindness in a time of unimaginable heartbreak. Fans of Orphan Train, The Tattooist of Auschwitz and The Book Thief will be utterly gripped by this beautiful, sweeping, World War Two novel.”

Amazon readers give the book 4.5 stars.  I would give it 4.1.  The book was good but the two stories never really came together until the very-very end of the book.  I think I would have loved to see that develop into something more…and what ever happened to the boy?  I’m still wondering.

This book is free for anyone with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription.

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  1. Patty McDonald

    I enjoy some WWII reads. My dad was in the British army during the war and was captured at Dunkirk. My mom grew up in Belgium and my grandparents hid British and American soldiers from the Germans. Belgium was under German occupation so it was very dangerous. My dad escaped from German captivity and made his way into Belgium. Yep, he was one of the soldiers my moms parents hid. He was shot and healed at their place then tried to make his way west to the coast. He was re captured and in German prison camp for 4 years! His jaw and right ankle were broken during that time. After the war, he married my mom and they lived in England. My 2 sisters were born and then in 1950 immigrated to the USA. I’m their American child. It’s so important for people to know how hard men and women fought for our freedom in the past and today.

  2. A delayed reply. My head is still spinning over the Centennial Featherweight for only $5. My jaw dropped. What a sweet memory to have of your dear husband.

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