Population: 485

While I was at my conference in California, I finished the book Population:485 by Michael Perry. 

This book tells the story of a volunteer fireman/EMT in rural Wisconsin.  He tells humorous reflective stories of calls he has been on and characters from his little town.  He paints a beautiful, realistic picture of small town life.  As a wife of a volunteer fireman/EMT in rural Iowa, I can relate to so many of the stories he tells as it reminds me of people and things that have happened in our own little town.  Hubby read it and recommended it and he is not a reader so this is high praise.

The book will have you laughing and crying….if you listen to it on CD, they have added parts of another of Perry’s books to it.  Be patient with the intro, the book is worth it.

4 thoughts on “Population: 485”

  1. I was just checking our library…he also has a book called “Truck: A Love Story” that sounds good! It doesn’t have Population 485 though!

  2. I picked this book up on one of the discount tables – drew my eye because I grew up about 40 miles away, a good friend grew up just outside of this town (older than the author), and I drove thru it often after my mother remarried and moved north to live “lakeside”. Very real – rural, smalltown life experiences – I’m not sure you can really appreciate it unless you have a similar background. Some personal sad events – the author doesn’t mince words in telling about his life’s experiences.

    1. Being my hubby is an first responder/fireman, volunteering in our little town, we definately can relate to the stories. I plan to check out to see if he has other books.

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