Community Quilts: Ray Edition

Ray has been busy again.  I just love getting emails from him….

Ray writes:
I finished another quilt and wanted to share it with you. But before I get in to that, a BIG THANK YOU for the write ups on your blog. I received 5 emails last week from ladies saying that they are sending me fabric to rebuild my stash. Two of them even sent me the tracing numbers. They are absolutely wonderful.”

The quilt I just finished is a top from the Cresco ladies. It was 40 x 60 when I got it. Unfortunately I did not take an on arrival pic.”

“It was a bit narrower than I wanted so I added a 3″ inch border around the border that was already on the quilt. Finished size is 46 x 56. I found the border on a half off table, liked it and thought it was usable with a lot of fabrics and colors. I think it looks really good with the top from Cresco ladies.”

“The blue backing is from Shirley in Nevada. I like how it picks up the blues in the top. Then I got brave and quilted it with a lite violet on the top and white on the back. First time I tried it and I really like how it turned out. For the most part the violet is neutral except on white fabrics and where there is violet in some of the batik prints. It looks so tropical down here in Florida. I love it!”

“Big thanks to Jo, Cresco ladies, and Shirley for providing the materials to put this quilt together. Great community quilt teamwork!”


I just finished another quilt that came from… the Cresco ladies.

“This one has two cats in the quilt. It was very interesting the way they used the different colors and patterns to create the cats. Then they set them off with the red borders.” 

“It was a bit small so I added another border to make it 43 x 52. I could not find anything at the time in red and black or browns that complemented. I settled on the small red floral print.”

Later I found the black backing with the red flowers. That really pulled it all together. I played with several different quilting threads and could not decide what color to use. Finally decided on a black/gray variegated for the top and a solid black for the back. I think the variegated added more texture to the cats. Love how it all came together.

Thanks to you and the Cresco ladies for another great quilt top.”

I just finished one of the three Julie quilts that you were trying to locate last week.

The top was 42 x 42 when I received it and needed to be a bit larger.”

I found some blue floral and added a 3″ border to make it 48 x 48.”

Because the blocks were 8″ squares I wanted a larger pattern. I decided upon the butterfly pattern which had a large flowing pattern and complements the quit. The backing is a floral pattern as well in shades of purple. I used a white thread on the top and a light violet on the back.

Thanks to Julie for such a great pattern and fabric selections.

“Just an FYI
– Project Linus has not met for a couple of months so I can drop off quilts and is not scheduled to meet until fall. I will be dropping off quilts to the various charities that Project Linus supports and others as needs arise. As we are in hurricane season, needs can and do change as storms come and go down here, I hope you are agreeable with that bit of a change in plan.”

I think that’s a great plan.  I know many places are still closed or have are meeting on a limited basis.  I would hate to have all of the quilts in my house waiting to be donated…so yes, donate to where ever you can!

Thanks so much to all who donated to make these quilts a reality.  It’s so fun to be a part of all of this!!  In case any others want to help Ray with backing or fabrics needed to add borders or binding, here is his email address:  THANKS!!

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts: Ray Edition”

  1. WOW again to Ray and his helpers! These are so wonderful, each in its own way. That tropical looking one is very special and will fit perfectly in Florida. I love these community quilts for giving me a glimpse into the kind hearts of those who want to comfort children. Thanks Jo for organizing this!

  2. Ray is so generous with his time and talent. I got to meet him and his friend, Steve, last Saturday for a fabric pickup. I truly appreciate his willingness to make the trip. Thanks Jo for recommending him for the job. Kudos to all the great volunteers. Hugs!

  3. Stearns Carol

    I love seeing what comes out of that mail! I finally sent a box to you yesterday. I started packing it a month or more ago so forgot what was in it. There is a set of orphan blocks that was made from a donation from one of your readers so they can go to the Cresco ladies or Ray. There is also a small quilt top with backing, some halyard fabric for masks and more. Enjoy!

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