Quilt Finish: Big Star and Exciting News

Did you read the title of this post…One, I have a quilt finish and two, there is big news.  First the finished quilt…I am in love with this quilt.  It isn’t a hard one.  It’s made with big units so it comes together quickly.

Here it is…we’re calling it Big Star.

Do you see the four big stars…that’s partly how it got its name…also I’ve liked the song “Big Star” by Kenny Chesney.  There was a little girl I knew who about four when the song came out and she would belt that song out so loud.  It was precious.

Sadly the fabric line is older.  It’s Emmy Grace by Art Gallery Fabrics.  Have you ever sewn with their fabric.  It’s 100% cotton but has a wonderful sheen to it that makes it so soft.  Seriously, I wish all fabric companies made their fabric like this.

I love the fabric mix…There were 10 neutrals and 16 color prints in the line and this is how we mixed them all together.

I loved the whole design too.  It’s always curious to see if what I envision, actually turns out into how I dreamed it would be.

Here it is big and hanging off my porch….
As is the quilt is 72″ x 88″.  I love that size for single beds or for a nice big throw.  I can imagine this in all sorts of different color combos.

Our school colors are red, white and black.  I can see the inner stars done in reds, the background in white prints and the outer parts of the star done in blacks…How fun that would be!!

I think it would work well in batiks or Civil War reproductions…or just the scraps in your bucket.

The units are all a bigger size so it comes together quickly.  I can attest to that as this was a big weekend project for me to sew the top….of course if you aren’t chasing a deadline, you can take as much time as you want.

It was windy when I was trying to take pictures.  I had to time them just right….

Here is a better look at that backing fabric.  Ah.. I fell in love with that print.  I just loved it.  Whenever I am sewing company promotion fabric, I always find my favorite print and pick that for the backing with the hope that there will be leftovers and I can keep them.  HA!!

The colors in the quilt are like the picture above.  Aren’t they gorgeous?

No quilt is complete without a Rosie picture so here it is…. I tried to get this picture when the boys were here…well lets just say the boys made Rosie hyper and it was a task…This was the best we could do.

So I grabbed the quilt and Kalissa snapped a picture of me with the quilt because I knew how to stand still…

I do so love this quilt…always have, always will.  Neutrals with lots of print on them always make me smile!!

Now for the other news:  Kayla, my daughter who started Ms. Pins Media, a new business in helping people with blogs and other social stuff on the internet, wanted to make sure she could set up a download store should a client ever want those services so she asked me if I would be her guinea pig.  I said sure…So, this quilt came together…I drew out all the images and got the pattern written  (The shocker here, I did it on EQ (Electric Quilt-Find it HERE on Amazon) and I didn’t cry.  I’m getting to really enjoy EQ.  The more I do the better.

So with that, Kayla and I, along with Kelli, are launching a new quilt pattern download store.  We’re new so we only have two patterns in the store right now.  That’s okay.  More will come in time if it’s something we find that you all like.

Plans are for there to be newly created quilts mixed in with a few of our old favorites that were once published in quilt magazines….but like I said, it will be all dependent on if it’s something you all are interested in.  If there’s a quilt pattern you know we previously published and you’d like to see it reprinted, let me know, I’ll add that one to the top of the list!

So without any further ado…HERE is the link to our new store….Let us know what you think about today’s quilt and the new store.  You can find the link anytime by following the tab at the top of my blog.

We so appreciate your support with our small little venture.  It was so fun for both Kayla and I to learn something new!!

20 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Big Star and Exciting News”

  1. I love the Big Star pattern and just ordered it! I can make it smaller and it will be a great pattern for QOV!!! I know you said this was an easy pattern but on all patterns would you include the skill level? I have bought patterns that were much harder than I had anticipated but the skill level wasn’t listed. That’s the only thing I would add! My purchase was easy and hopefully I can make this quilt soon! Good luck on your new adventure! Hopefully this will really help supplement your income!!!

  2. my first impression was hugs and kisses (x and o) but the closeups of the stars are quite lovely. it is really quite lovely both views and the boys and Rosie are an extra treat. all our little ones are no longer little ones. youngest just turned 18 adter graduating high school. glad your are enjoying grandma time.


    Just ordered the pattern! Slick as a whistle process! Can’t wait to try it. I just purchased a set of fabrics that I think will be adorable with the pattern for a baby quilt. Will probably just do one of the stars.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pattern. Just ordered it and it was soooo easy! I love all your quilts and I’m so excited for this new option. Kayla did an awesome job! You are going to do very well with this……..I know I will be ordering!

  5. Beautiful quilt! Great job to you and Kayla on the store. Y’all made it too easy for me to spend more money. I look forward to making this one up.

  6. Ooh! Excited about your new venture. I love your creative ideas and can hardly wait to see what new patterns you come up with. Best of luck to you!

  7. Like the idea of a store for you because I always like your patterns and instructions. I,ll order both. My only suggestion is have an alternative option to Paypal. I do not like PayPal because every time I use them I get a lot of spam. Some sites have a credit card option that does not use Paypal.

    Love both patterns. Good luck with the store.

  8. I love the colors you chose for the Big Star quilt. That pink pops. And I love the idea of your online store. Looks like it is a success already! Best of luck!

  9. Love the pattern- and thought how ironic – my granddaughters name is Emilie (Emmy Grace). It’s beautiful Jo. Hope you are doing fine out there.

  10. The quilt is fantastic~ The fabric line delicious. The link frustrating.
    When I am reading your blog in bloglovin’ I am unable to go any links provided. I have to open another window, google your blog, load it then click the link. Yours is not the only blog I an unable to open. There are some blogs out there I can open the links while reading in bloglovin’.
    Don’t know if this matters to you. Just want to ensure your successful pattern business.
    We are a society that enjoys instant gratification.
    The best, darlynn

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