Weekend with the Kramers

We had quite the weekend around here….

Kayla was here Friday and left in the early morning of Saturday.  She got in some good family time before she left.

She needed an auntie picture with Georgia. Aww.  Sweet.

(Notice the pictures in the background?  Kayla deboned shirts for me!!!  I love her!!)

Friday night was fajita night.  Notice each of the girls have a planner.  We’re trying to find days for baby showers and family day…and every other thing.  Oh my.

While we were doing that, a little cousin love was happening.  Aren’t they cute??

Georgia on the left….Gannon on the right.

Kelli got a taste of what twins would be like….um, she’s happy with one!

Carver couldn’t be left out…  He had to learn all about Kelli’s “tiny baby”.

That happened on Friday night….

Neighbor Girl was here Friday through Sunday….On Saturday we had the house to ourselves.  We got groceries in the morning and went thrifting.  In the afternoon we made it to the sewing room.  Here she is working on a craft.

Saturday we have raing and then more snow.  We had tickets to go to a local fundraiser breakfast but ended up staying home and not risking the roads.  Kalissa and her family had planned on going but they also weren’t excited about the roads so they came to our house (6 blocks away)  I made breakfast…French toast, bacon and eggs.

It was so sweet….Kalissa passed Gannon on to me and cleaned up the kitchen.  I feel like I finally got some time with him.  I needed that.

Later Kelli called us in a video chat.  Carver wanted to see Jason, the cows, Puppycat and Georgia.  Kelli, of course, obliged.

Grandpa even got in the action….
They ended up staying all day which is fine as it prompted me to make a decent supper too…homemade PIZZA!!  This one was Philly Cheese Steak.  YUM!!

I made another…that was meat lovers with mushrooms.

I didn’t get much done at all the entire day….except this…I took a nap!!  I consider that a great accomplishment.  It was my job to take Carver up for a nap so I read a few books to him and laid there for minute and the next thing I knew, an hour later, I woke up.  I never, ever, ever, take a nap.  If I’m sick (really sick) I nap.  That’s it.  We tried to think of the last nap I took and we decided aside from being sick or having surgery it was likely 20 years ago.  As Kramer said, “She must have needed it!”

I think that’s the least I’ve ever accomplished in a day…and amazingly, I feel great about it.  We had a really, really fun few days.

16 thoughts on “Weekend with the Kramers”

  1. Penny Holliday

    Jo ~ I think family time with a nap also was a great accomplishment! So very important with all that’s been going on with you & your family! Keeping all of you in my prayers & sending hugs ~

  2. If mamma does not take care of herself, she cannot take care of everyone else. Carver is so adorable. That smile is catching and I bet his gentle snores are too. :-)

  3. That was so sweet of Kalissa to hand off the baby to you so she could clean the kitchen. Baby snuggles are the best. I just love everything about your family, thanks for sharing your life with us.

  4. Small things can be an accomplishment. Being with family is priceless. Grandkids are the best. And sometimes God says just rest!!

  5. Marianne Barta

    Oh — what beautiful babies!! and of course your family also. Huge Blessings! What a fun weekend. Hugs.

  6. Oh what sweet grandchildren you have! Spending time with your girls and grandkids is so precious you are so lucky to have them close

    And I think you got the most important thing done …..family time!

  7. Sounds like a lot of loving going on. That in the Sloan house is the most important thing to accomplish every day!!! Good accomplishment to me!!!

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