The Little Bubble Blower

Last year Kalissa bought a bubble blower machine for the boys.  They used it and liked it but this year when she pulled it out, they weren’t really interested.

Toys, like clothes, get passed between my grandkids all of the time.  So Kalissa passed the bubble blower to Georgie and she is all about it.  Georgie is just in love with bubbles.

Kelli went to Walmart the other day and picked up more bubbles.  Her cousins came and you all know what happens when lots of kids are around bubbles, they get used up quickly.

So after a couple of days of whining from Georgie, Kelli found a recipe for Homemade Bubbles.  Then they made them…

Here is the recipe:
1/2 cup of Karo syrup
1/2 cup of Dawn dish soap
3 cups water





Georgie was so happy!!

Jason helped her fill her bubble machine and she was off making bubbles again.

The solution isn’t quite as good as bubbles from town but not bad at all.  If you have sad little kids because they used up their bubbles but don’t want to run to town to get more, this simple recipe is just the trick to use.

12 thoughts on “The Little Bubble Blower”

    1. Susan the Farm Quilter

      That’s what I was going to say!! Made bubbles with glycerin in my Elementary School Science class!

  1. Such fun!
    A few years ago, my husband found a recipe online for giant bubbles and a family event was born! He made the “bubble hoops” (I don’t know what they are really called…), gathered the supplies, made a couple of gallons of “bubble juice”, and the kids loved them. The adults loved them too and these bubbles are now a family tradition…

  2. That Georgie is so cute! She does look like you and her mother. Glad she was able to make bubbles from homemade bubble stuff. I never heard of putting Karo syrup in it. We just mixed dish soap and water.

  3. Marybeth Richardson

    Another fun “bubble making” devise is to cut the bottom out of a plastic water bottle and cover the end with a 4×4 gauze pad or thin terry cloth and rubber band the covering on. Then just dip the bottom in the solution and the kids blow through the drinking end. They love to see how long of a bubble snake they can make. We did this at a kids fair and the adults got involved and the competition got started…it was hilarious!!

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