Where We are Published: Scrappy Delight

Hey…have you seen the latest issue of Quilts and More?  It’s the Summer 2022 issue.  This is what the cover looks like.

Here is our project…

Here’s the spread…

Does the quilt look familiar to you?  It might.  We had this quilt in our shot as a down load.  Kelli and I made this quilt back in about 2016 or so when we contemplated possibly writing another quilt book.

We both just loved this quilt…we loved the simple quick design…and super easy as it started out with squares.

It was windy when I was snapping some photos.

The place where I hang quilts here seems to catch the wind.

I made it as four huge blocks and then sewed them together.  I didn’t want a square quilt for this so added the top and bottom two rows.  You could easily make it square by adding one colored and one background row on each of the sides.

I feel really bad because I can’t remember for sure but I think this was a fabric line from Art Gallery.  I don’t remember what it is.  The fabric is SUPER soft and just awesome.  I love that it really doesn’t look like a fabric line.

The true colors are in the photo above.  I laid it out on the ground and the colors washed out.

The teal color is really a favorite of mine.  It doesn’t beat red as my favorite color but it’s definitely second best.  I used it to bind the quilt.

Here is a peek of the backing fabric.  Oh, I loved that too.

I just love the busy printed neutrals.  So pretty!!

Here is your Rosie picture!!

In the past, I’ve never been able to take outside pictures of her on quilts because I was afraid she’d run away.  Now with her inground fencing, I am going to give it a try on the next quilt.

One last picture before I sign off…

Oh…this will always be one of my favorite quilts.  It’s one that I’ve had the opportunity to give away MANY times.  But, I always keep it.  I like it that much.

21 thoughts on “Where We are Published: Scrappy Delight”

  1. Judith M Fairchild

    Wow ! The afternoon yurcquilt is worth the priefvtge magazine. That backing is also a major winner. Thanks for sharing Jo.

  2. Another great quilt to add to my bucket list, thanks for sharing it with us. I will pick up the magazine since I dont subscribe to it. Your fabrics are very cheery and bright.

  3. Oh I do love this quilt, Jo The colors are just beautiful! I’ll see if I can find this magazine somewhere.
    Love and Prayers

  4. I really really like that quilt! The pink and teal just pop. I am proud of you for keeping this one for yourself. Im glad it was published and I am definitely going to find this magazine. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Congrats on your publication, Jo! I think I bought this pattern when it was in your shop. If I can’t find it, I’ll have to pick up that magazine when I’m at the bookstore today. LOVE it!!

  6. Thanks for sharing this great quilt! As I was reading the post and looking at the photos, I thought this would be an easy quilt to piece, then you mentioned how easy it is. I can’t wait to get my copy of the magazine, then pick some fabric to get started! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Kathryn Martin

    Just gorgeous! Everything about it is so perfect. Sometimes we just have to keep a thing we love. Life is short, the few things we keep for ourselves will be passed on soon enough.

  8. Hi Jo, I was wondering if you had your list of cross stitch people you listen to? I thought I had saved that post you put it in, but I can’t find it. Your quilts are all so nice and cross stitch pieces also. Thank you

  9. Glenda Fletcher

    Jo, Love the quilt in Quilts & More magazine. Just so pretty. So I went into Sioux Falls to Joann Fabrics and picked a copy up. Now I have something to look at tonight when we go to bed.

  10. Oh my goodness!!!! Exactly what I want to make!!!!! Thank you. The magazine is lucky to have you as a contributor.

  11. Absolutely love this quilt. I will also look for the magazine at Barnes and Noble and use Amazon if I need tol Thanks so much!

  12. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Your quilt would be perfect for a child, along with 5 Xs and Os, as the center makes a perfect tic-tac-toe board set on point!! Congratulations on having it published!!

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