Childcare Fun with Planets and Uncle Jay

I’m so blessed have the childcare kiddos around.  They are the best.  We’ll be in the middle of the day and one of them will walk up to me and say, “Jo, I miss Roger.”  I love their honesty.  Most of the time they run around with no thoughts or sorrow and are laughing and giggling.  They are such a wonderful example to me of how to go with life since Kramer’s passing.

There were several people who questioned me going back to work so quickly.  I sure didn’t hesitate.  I knew they’d be good for me.  How can anyone be full of sorrow when surrounded by the laughter to children?

I thought I’d share a fun day here from this week…

My brother came for a visit on Sunday and ended up staying overnight.  We had a great visit and he got a good look at what childcare life is like as he hung around for part of Monday.  On this day he helped staple rubber bands to “make this guitar”.  He staple fans…made bracelets and got to “attend the play” the kids put on for us.

The oldest here made everyone be a “planet” and then she made up a song about planets.  Well being there are so many planets, there weren’t enough kids to represent the planets for she had to recruit extra players.

Gannon was recruited to be one of the planets.

Ruby was even drafted to be Jupiter….  Bahahahaha!!

She is such a good dog.  I’ll admit her and Gannon played their parts better than Carver….

And better than the little brother who was throwing a fit because he wanted to be the moon and not Mercury.

Once the “play” was over Jay and I gave them a rounding applause.

These kiddos soaked it in…the others and Ruby, didn’t care much.  They were ready to be done being bossed around by the oldest.

..and with that, it was time for my brother Jay to leave.  He had his taste of childcare and it was time to hit the road and make more visits…but first air in his tire.  That turned out to be a big learning experience for the kiddos too.

…and with he got hugs from everyone.  It was all unprovoked and spontaneous on the kids part.

In the short time Jay was here he could see how good it is for me to have these little people in my life.

…as he drove away Carver yelled “Uncle Jay naunny (naughty) he no have helmet”.  Out of the mouths of babes!!  This is exactly why I love them all so much.  Honest, sorrow, and hugs all in a tiny little package.

17 thoughts on “Childcare Fun with Planets and Uncle Jay”

  1. Colleen Pflieger

    So cute! Gotta love them. Jay will tell his cycle friends and all will have a laugh. Ruby is such a cute planet!

  2. What a fun post! I could never do childcare Jo but I so enjoy reading your adventures! The kids putting on the play was so imaginative! Funny Carver already knows that wearing a helmet is important!!! Glad your brother got to visit!

  3. Marianne Barta

    What a wonderful day for you with the kiddos and your brother. So happy you are “fun working” with those children. How can you not smile! Prayers and Hugs to you

  4. How nice for part of your family to see what your days are like and why you love what you do. Looks like a good time was had by all.

  5. Judith Fairchild

    Oh No, I almost envy you your job. What other job lets you have so much joy and fun. I know there are. Downsides even in child care. The fun upsides are so great. Yes please tell Jay we want him to protect his head as that’s where the good stuff starts. You are right to go back to doing your job it helps so many ways.

  6. Such clever ideas you have for making fun with the kids. I love the guitar idea. and the paper plate planets are so cute too. You have great kids to take care of>Keep up the good work, children need good child care people like you.

  7. There’s no better thing for happiness in life to me than little children. Sometimes they can be little adults in a kids body with the things they say and do. Glad you have the kids to fill your day.

  8. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Carver is right, Jay needs to wear a helmet!! As a motorcycle rider myself, whenever I see someone on a motorcycle without a helmet, I always think “organ donor”. I know what you mean about needing those kids around. I’ve been taking care of my dad at his home (750 miles from my hubby and home) for 3.5 years and I have been umpiring adult slow pitch softball, just for the human interaction. Now that I can no longer leave my dad alone, I still pay someone to come over one day a week so I can go out and umpire. When everything is sideways in our life, we need something to pull us back to “normal”, even for just a little while.

  9. Darlynn Venne

    Aren’t kids the best???? When my husband died, i took one week off from the hospital. I had to get back to nursing! My profession healed my broken soul. It put a routine into my life that was sorely needed. I get it Jo~~ Chin up….
    You have, have to love this! Charlotte’s Web….what a great life lesson.
    much love

  10. Donna Pheneger

    I love the honesty of kids. My grands are just like that and constantly keep me on my feet. Their comments surprise me often.
    They’re also on the planets. They miss Pluto.
    Love and prayers

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