Sunday Stash Report

I’ve had such a busy week.  If you haven’t by to my blog you might not know my good news…
I had a quilt featured on Moda Bake Shop!  You can follow this link to check it out…..

Back to the stash report….

On Thursday I took the day off and “ran away” with a friend of mine.  It was her birthday and I thought it would be fun to just “go where the wind took us”.  We ended up finding a new quilt shop, Merry’s Stitchins in Jessup, Iowa.


Jessup is a small town so I didn’t have a lot of hope for a great quilt shop.   Once we got into town, I drove on main street and didn’t see a quilt shop.  Finally we stopped and asked.  We were told drive out of town, two miles north and two miles west….UGH!  Now I was fairly certain it was a dud quilt shop….especially when the lady said GRAVEL road.  We drove in and saw there were five cars there, so I had a bit of hope.  Then as we walked up it looked like the owner had converted her garage into a quilt shop.  We walked and WOW….  I was TOTALLY impressed.  The shop is VERY nice.

They didn’t have Civil War print fabric so I didn’t purchase fabric but did purchase a few items I hadn’t seen before.

Heat Press Batting Together-
It comes on a roll and quilters use it to connect batting pieces.  Typically I zig zag my batting scraps together but often end up with a wavey seam….I am hoping this will be a good alternative.  Here’s a link to their website if you want to know more.

I was also happy to find Steam a Seam.  It’s an adhesive product like Heat n Bond, but it’s recommended for wool projects.

I caved in and bought a new wool kit from Lily Anna Stitches.  The pinwheels are so cute.  They shop had several wool sample done…they were beautiful and it was very hard to choose one kit.  I had talked myself out of purchasing one, but they I started talking to the clerk.  They had different thread weights so I chatted with her asking what she recommended.  They she told me that a couple of the shop’s wool samples were done on machine.  She showed me Wool Auriful thread and explained that it works great for wool projects….just put it in your machine with regular thread on the bottom.  I was sold.  I have a couple wool projects that I am to the point I would like to finish up and this thread might be just what I need.

So for my stash report….
fabric in-0
fabric out-0

I’m still sewing but until the whole remodeling gets finished there is just not enough time to get a project in the quilting machine…I keep telling myself SOON.

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  1. It’s so fun to find a new quilting spot! Even better when you can share the adventure with a friend.
    I have used the batting tape, it’s pretty cool stuff and works well, I hope you find the same.

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