Sunday Stash Report

I had no intention of purchasing more fabric….
honestly, I have enough.  I know I have enough.  BUT who can pass up a deal like this?


There is a total of NINE yards of fabric there.  Total cost $2.00.  I was shopping at our local “used” store.  I couldn’t pass it up.  All of the fabric is from reputable fabric companies…I am thinking the pieces will end up as backings pieces for baby girl quilts.

So my stash report….
In 9 yards….
Out 0 yards.

That is changing though….next week there will be something in the out category.  I have a quilt that is heading to the quilting frame as soon as I finish this blog post.

The Fall in to Fall giveaway is still going on.
If you are looking for my Fall into Fall giveaway, follow this link.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Stash Report”

  1. I think “stashbusting” as more of a stash awareness program. You did a great job of adding to the pink section of your stash and at a great price.

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