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We have lots of new people stopping by today.  If you’re new, welcome.  This blog is a place my oldest daughter Kelli and I share our quilting and family things.  We have a new post every morning and every evening.  Recipes, books, family and quilting are only a few of the things that we share here.  So grab a cup of coffee and settle in.

Our string challenge is slowly coming to a close.  As of today….my top is finished.

I am so happy to have it DONE as in done, done.  Well…you know what I mean.  Not done-done.  Done as in top is done.

I skipped the string border.  I thought it was a little overpowering with my soft colors….besides I had the awesome batik fabric in my stash that would work great for a border fabric.

With the colors in the quilt being so golden, the quilt was screaming for that batik border fabric with the leaves in it.

Can you believe that most of the fabric for the strings came from a bag of scraps a blog readers sent me??  The batik for the the sashing, borders and red points came from a fabric shop going out of business sale.  All in all it was a cheap quilt to make.

I know some of you are new here and have come through the mystery link so let me explain.  When Bonnie Hunter, back a year ago, said her next book would be a string book, I made challenge to myself to make EVERY one of her quilts in the String Fling book.  This Tulip Fields quilt is the last one for me to finish.  Hooray!!!  I plan to try to get it quilted this week.  I have a backing picked out by not pieced yet.  My secret (well not a secret now) is to have the top quilted and finished by Friday.  Stop back and see if I make the goal.

I know I said I wasn’t going to do the mystery quilt that Bonnie Hunter is doing but really, how can I say no when she starts with a big bunch of red and white four patches.  Red is my color.  Four patches are my jam.  Really???  Too tempting.

But…I swore off the mystery this year.  I wanted to sew something just for me and about me instead.  So what did I do….I opened up my 1 1/2″ bucket and what did I see???  This.All of those red and white pieces just waiting to become four patches.  How could I say no.  I didn’t even need to cut anything.  Can I really resist?  No…

….I have a feeling more will happen.

I keep telling myself that I can use these in any number of other projects.  Oh my.  I can see my resistance circling the drain.  I did decide one thing.  If I end up doing the mystery, I am doing it in Civil Wars.  I heard someone say poison greens and I got a little weak in the knees.  I’m not a green girl but I do like me some poison green.

You’ll have to come back next week and see if I end up doing more.  I don’t do well with mystery pressure when it come to red and four patches.  AHHHH.

Thanks for stopping by.  If you want to learn more about the mystery quilt…all things mystery can be found here on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt page including clues and link ups.  It’s the place to go for all things mystery.  Here is the link to today’s specific post there.

21 thoughts on “String Challenge”

  1. If you want to participate in the mystery quilt then go ahead, do what you want to sew. I did think you had a really good post last spring, or whenever it was, about why not to participate. You put into words what I’ve thought for years about not participating in mystery quilts. I suggest you reread what you wrote in that post and then really decide if you want to make this years mystery quilt. I’m not being snarky or rude, I just remember what you said about wanting to make quilts you really want to make.

  2. Love tulip fields! So pretty. I said I wouldnt do the mystery either but Bonnie sucks you in with a truly easy first clue. Then you are stuck. I remember those “santa” hats from Alletaire. Would they never be done I said? I have civil war set aside for Good Fortune as well, just in case.

  3. I wasn’t going to do the MQ either but I also caved in. It seems that the BOM quilt I made thru our local quilt store that would have a Christmas exchange for 2019 is going to my brother and wife, so I will gift the MQ instead. At least that is my reasoning and I am sticking with it. I usually say I am going todo the MQ with ONLY stash but I am very short of orange, so I did buy a few.

  4. LOVE the colors you chose for tulip fields!!!! Yes, Bonnie’s mystery does suck you in, but I always enjoy them regardless.

  5. I have some civil war 4 patches left from another project and I think I will join in but its going to be totally scrappy and civil war for me. I look forward to clue two. I may make mine smaller than hers but for now I’m in since it started with Reds!! darn her.

  6. Really, what could be more fun than red and white four patches? Especially right for the season and the simple joy of making them when life is busy.
    Your final String Fling quilt is awesome. I love the colors and the integration of prints and batiks, and also love your borders—let those golden tulip fields shine!

  7. I felt so good when I saw your comments about not making Mystery quilts, because there are so many patterns that I truly want to make and yet I never start them because I am always making a mystery. However, I signed up to receive Bonnie’s clues yesterday ….I am weak….have a good day.

  8. SusanfromKentucky

    Looks like you are off to a good start for the Mystery Quilt. Don’t worry; we are women and allowed to change our minds!
    Your Tulip Fields quilt is gorgeous! Love the border you added. I can’t wait to see it totally finished and quilted!

  9. Ah, come on Jo. You know you want to join in on all the fun :-). It’s not about sewing the units for me (I need another quilt like I need a home in the head!), it is about the fellowship that takes place on Quiltville. It’s what keeps us all together. I, too, have unfinished tops. Who cares? The way I figure it, my kids can give them to my friends or the Salvation Army, then some lucky quilted will be overjoyed at their find, LOL. In the meantime, I get to play every November. I generally have another UFO that I sew at the same time just to fill in the days between. The first 2 weeks in December get a bit crazy, so I only work in one, but other than that I’m good to go. Living in Canada there’s lots of quilting time in our cold winters.
    So !I’ve your life. Have fun!!!

  10. Your string quilt is beautiful! Those are colors I love and decorate with year-round. Have fun with the MQ! I haven’t caved yet but I don’t know how much longer I can resist.

  11. Your Tulip Fields quilt is beautiful. I’m glad you went with the batik border, it really sets off the center of the quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Your tulip quilt looked so good on my small cell phone screen that I had to check it out on the larger desktop screen and it looks fabulous! Great job! Love the batik/leaf print border and the overall border treatment.

  13. Jo, the tulip fields is an absolute stunner. Am weakening into doing it myself soon. Congratulations on finishing all that you set out to do considering your busy life. You’re a wonder.

  14. Hi Jo!
    Oh boy, did you have to say Civil War colors, and the poison green thing? I haven’t finished last years Mystery, and I can feel myself wanting to cave in – – LOL! I’m trying to resist – will I do it, or won’t I? Time will tell – – I am printing out the steps as they are posted, so its available later if I do cave in – –
    Good luck resisting! ( said with a friendly smile!)

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