Quilt Finish: Garlic Knots

Hey all…I finished Garlic Knots.  I’m so happy because that is another UFO off the list.  I think this makes 4 that are finished.  I started in July with 12 on the list.  I only finished one…and then I had a little talk with myself and have stepped up and kicked it in high gear to get some of these finished.

For those wondering,  this is a Bonnie Hunter quilt.  It’s a paid-for pattern that can be found on her blog.

I had a great time making the blocks.  They were really fun to make as the seams nestle so nicely together.  The layout though…ugh.  It was totally doable but it took a lot of time as the cross in the sashing has to be carefully laid out.  I did a little blog post about how I did it.  You can find that HERE.

When this pattern first came out I really liked it.  At the time I didn’t have many batik fabrics.  It just happened that a blog reader sent me a big bunch of her batik scraps.

They were all 2″ wide and that is exactly what this quilt needed.  I used her scraps to make this.  A BIG thank you to the blog reader who long ago sent them.

It was a windy day as I was trying to snap a few pictures.

AHH…Well, I guess you can see that I got my planters planted!  HA!

I really didn’t pick the colors for this one.  Whatever the blog reader sent is exactly what I used.  I did add a few background prints but other than that, it was scraps from that gifted bag.

I think the border really makes this quilt.  You will notice that the purple printed square in the border is the same fabric I used for the binding.

I made my quilt larger than the original. That made the border not work as written in the instructions.  If you want to make yours bigger, I suggest referring back to THIS BLOG POST, to read how I altered the border to still make it work.

It’s a fun quilt for sure.  I’m debating.  This one might be a donation quilt for a benefit.  I think it would earn pretty good money.

It’s hard to know what I want to do with it.

I’m so happy that is now out of my UFO pile and finished quilt.  This one plagued me as I didn’t want to do that sashing.  I don’t know why I fretted about it.  It really wasn’t hard…just time-consuming and I needed to find a method that worked for me to stay organized.

A blog reader wrote to me and was sure I had messed up on the pink and yellow block.  I really didn’t.  It was simply that the fabric this block was cut from went from a yellow color to a pink.  Then I used a pink for the center.  It was likely not the bet pairing but…oh well.  I did have enough time I could have changed it but opted not to.

If looking at the quilt as a whole, you don’t really notice it.

I’m so happy that I’ve had such a good time cranking out these UFOs.  People tell me just give your UFOs away if they bother you…the problem, I love all of my UFOs and I really want to finish them.  If I didn’t love them as I do, I would totally be tempted to give them away to a finisher…but, I’m keeping them and will continue to plug away on them.

The backing is a 100% cotton sheet paired with a batik print I found at the thrift store.  I put my extra blocks in the back.  That’s my typically plan to use them.

I used an eggshell-colored thread on the top and a blue thread for the backing.  The quilt was busy so I didn’t want to compete with the color and design so I just did a simple stipple.  It works!!

No Rosie picture this time around.  She was napping.  The girl needs her beauty sleep.  Next time I’ll grab one for sure.

I think with this one done…it’s four off of the UFO list.  Now that’s something to celebrate!!

23 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Garlic Knots”

  1. Beautiful quilt. What a nice feeling to have a UFO finished. I’m working on a Two Step quilt with my quilting buddy. Using all scraps or fabric that just need to be used up.

  2. Elizabeth V K

    Gorgeous finish. It should bring a good price for a fund raiser or it would be a special gift if you don’t want to keep it. Hope you keep the momentum and finish more before this July.

  3. Beautiful!! One of my favorite so far! You are so generous with your quilts – giving them away. I can give away easily if I know from the beginning who is to get it, but otherwise I fall in love and can’t part with them. I do need to start making bigger quilts so they would be more useful to somebody. Great job, Jo!

  4. Beautiful quilt Jo! I too am a Bonnie fan and I really enjoy seeing the quilts you have made from her patterns. I also love your originals :) Keep on sewing!!!

  5. Great job. Beautiful quilt. I finally finished a quilt top yesterday that has been waiting for years. Now if I can just find time to quilt it. Lots of customers quilts at the moment. Thanks for being such an inspiration!!!

  6. Such a beautiful quilt. Makes me want to wrap up in it. And, so much fun checking off those “done” boxes on the UFOs. Congratulations

  7. Beautiful!! I am in awe of how you do these scrappy quilts. I always overthink everything and would be paralyzed trying to get the “right” colors together and the “right” layout.

  8. This quilt is so cheerful. It looks like a bowl of Skittles candy – just a jumble of happy colors. I am always surprised at the people that will point out mistakes to the creator of a piece of art. And that is what we quilt makers are, artists, and cloth is our medium. So glad you are able to let negative comments come and go. Keep up the good work.

  9. Jo, this is gorgeous! I think it’s one of my very favorite of your creations. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  10. It’s lovely! Glad you persevered!!! Should fetch a pretty penny, if you decide to auction or raffle it off!

  11. It is a beauty!! I Like it–and love the border– really looks unique to me!! How nice that it was made from gifted pieces of batiks—a treasure! Am sure I would never spy that pink block. Can’t believe the comment— I think so what? There’s so much to see in that quilt — I can understand why you ignored it. It is YOUR quilt, after all–and as one of your blog readers–I can’t begin to say how much I enjoy seeing your creations. If only I could be so talented and actually get myself to the sewing machine to sew!!
    You might want to protect those plants in your flower boxes tonight and tomorrow night??? 37 and 38 degrees expected??? That’s for Osage/Grafton/Plymouth area.

  12. Judith M Fairchild

    Yay another quilt to give or gift. It is very interesting and love all the colors. Loud cheers coming your way.

  13. You do such beautiful work, and always with lots of pieces! It would take me ten years to finish that one. It is beautiful as all of yours are. Thanks for sharing your UFO’s and I’m glad your pile is going down!

  14. Do u have the pattern for this? I love it! I haven’t quilted in years but this gets me motivated!
    Love your blogs

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