Embroidery with Eight Year Olds

Well…if you read yesterday’s post, you know that this week I am taking care of my nieces and nephews.  When their mom dropped them off, she gave me a ball of yarn and knitting needles hoping I could teach my eight year old niece to knit.  After about 30 seconds of that I decided on a different craft…embroidery.  It’s  MUCH easier than knitting and their might be a hope that my patience could handle this. 


Luckily I had all of the supplies we need on hand and my neice caught on really quickly.  I was impressed.  The only problem we had was that she was catching the towel in her stitching.  Several times I had to pull out quite a bit of her stitiching.  That was getting discouraging until I came up with this solution.


I bunched up part of the towel she was embroidering and used a pony tail holder to secure it in place.  The I used narrow pieces of duct tape to tape the rest of the loose edges in place.  It worked perfectly!    She is really taking to embroidery.   Embroidery is MUCH easier to teach then knitting especially when my knitting skills are so poor that the only thing I have made is a dish cloth. 

I am trying to think of something to send home to their mom….I am thinking a bunch of recipes might be a good idea.  It would be recipes of the things I cooked while the kids were here…you know the kids favorite things….She hates to cook about as much as I dislike knitting…after all, turn about should be fair play.

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