Zipper Repair 101

Our son Karl came home from camp with not one…but two zippers that needed to be repaired.  Remember my earlier blog on my not liking to patch jeans.  Well zipper repair is even below patching jeans on the list of things I don’t enjoy doing….

The shorts need a whole new zipper….the pants however I fixed by cheating.  In case you haven’t done this I thought I would share.


This only works if the zipper pull is attached to both sides and can be moved down most of the way.  When the zipper pull is lifted up, the zipper needs to come up and hold the two sides together.  Near the base of the zipper the two sides do not come together.

To “fix” the zipper, pull the zipper up.  Position the zipper under  your sewing machine and sew back and forth across the zipper making it impossible for the zipper pull to get into the area where the zipper doesn’t come together.  Now test your zipper a few times making sure it holds.  If you look closely at the photo, you will see where I sewed across the zipper with light blue thread. 

This is an old trick my mom taught me.  The only times it hasn’t worked for me is when the break is too high on the zipper and there isn’t enough clearance get the pants over my hips.

So now you may ask what about the other pair of shorts…am I going to do a blog about total zipper replacement?  The answer is NO!!  I may be a tight wad but even I have my limits and zipper replacement is one of them.

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