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I told you last week about my cross stitching adventure and finding my  OttLite K94CP3 3-in-1 Adjustable-Height Craft Floor Lamp with Magnifier and Clip.  Read that here if you missed it.  I didn’t get a ton of time to stitch over the week but I did make a little progress.

Over nap time one day I took my bucket of floss and started organizing it.  I’ve tried way after way after way to organize floss over my lifetime and have never really come to a way that I love.  This time around I am trying Floss-A-Way Organizer bags.  I’ve tried the little cards and rewinding the floss onto the cards (what a pain) and that never worked for me.  I’m hoping these little bags work.  I was able to get through all of the thread that I bought but I need to get more bags and organize my old floss too.


Isn’t it all nice and neat looking much better?Cross-stitch-6

I got two sets of binder rings.  One set has what I need to finish the project that I’m currently working on and the other has all of the extras.

I pulled out the basket that I bought at a flea market this summer, (remember the one with all the axes?)  Here’s the post I did when I told you about fixing up the basket.  Well the basket is now employed as my cross stitch basket!!  I figure, I can only buy what will still fit in the basket.  That’s reasonable right?


Happily there is a place in the living room for the basket, right on top of the Walnut, cedar lined, cabinet I bought on the garage sale on the way to the Quilt Festival in Spring Grove.

This is right next to my light, which is right next to my chair.  I have no excuse not to cross stitch when I’m in the living room….all the supplies are right there.

Friday night I did indulge in a little cross stitch time.  I didn’t get a lot done though.  Netflix ads have been enticing me to watch “The Crown”…and I fell for it hook, line and sinker.  I watched two episodes and loved it.  The only problem…I want to watch all of it and not miss it.  That meant very little cross stitch work got done but that’s okay.  I enjoyed myself either way.

Here it is Friday night again…I think I’ll spend it the same way I did last week..cross stitching with The Crown.

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  1. Jo, I use the bags and they are wonderful. I can easily keep single strands or leftover set sets of strands. I have the whole set in a underbed type plastic tote with dividers for each section like 100, 200, 300, etc.

  2. I’ve been using the bags for 30 plus years and find them to be so handy for all the reasons Ana listed. Mine are also stored under the bed but over the years I have found little note book like covers to organize them in. I pull out the thread bags for each project and put them on a ring and thread ring, pattern and fabric are then placed in a bag and are ready to go. Hobby Lobby carries floss bags and they can be found online. The ArtBin satchels are nice for WIP but expensive unless you find them half price. I lead a cross stitch group at the local library where I work and love to share tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years. Glad to hear how much you are enjoying cross stitch again.

  3. Those bags are the best thing ever! When I worked on multiple projects, I could afford a zillion of them (didn’t want to run out of floss in the middle of the sky on one project because I’d used it in something else along the way.) I used to write the number on a scrap of paper and slip it into the bag so that I could reuse them later with other colors.

  4. I’m one who uses the little cards. I haven’t done cross stitch for 20 years but I still have my two plastic containers with all my floss. Glad I didn’t get rid of them as I’m contemplating doing a project. I have what I think is called the Beam and Read, or something like that but I’m sure liking your lamp set up. If I do get restarted I might look into getting that light.

  5. I have been watching “The Crown” too and love it!!! I cannot sew on binding and watch it! I need to watch it all without distraction!!!

  6. My mom is 85 years old and LOVES to cross stitch! She recently made me a beautiful crazy cat lady counted cross stitch pillow. I will treasure forever!

  7. I love the bags but hated the ring to put them on – they tangles and stretched. So I started putting a small index card in each one to help them stand alone and then I can look through them as if they were files. That way they still have the easy of the bags and the easy of flipping through them.

  8. I am an avid stitcher and have been using the little bags for years. As my floss collection kept growing, I was always on the hunt for a new way to store the bags. I found drawer organizers that were the perfect size and kept them in my guest room dresser for years. Now, I have them stored in wood mini chests from ikea, which fit on shelves and are easily accessible in my craft storage. Have fun stitching, It’s addictive.

  9. I used the floss bags for years. They are great for clipping together all the floss needed for a project. Lately though, I’ve been using the DMC StitchBow system
    and have a master binder to “shop” when starting a new project. The have a roll-up organizer as well as mini binders, too.

    I got most of my StitchBow supplies using Michaels and Joanns coupons. And gifts, my daughters gifted me a lot of extra binder pages and bows.

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