The Thrift Store Find

Last Friday I went to the podiatrist.  Of course I had to stop at the thrift store.

I was so excited.  I found cross stitch patterns!!!  Several of them were LizzieKate patterns.


I was so happy to see that they were very reasonably priced too.  I found some I really liked.  Here is one of my favorites…


The bigger ones that were in a plastic sleeve were priced at 50 cents.  The smaller ones were 25 cents.


I got more than I will likely get stitched but I thought Kelli might like a couple of them.


My very favorite is this one.  I LOVE alphabet samplers.


I had seen this one at the cross stitch in Osage when went but didn’t get it.  I had already spent too much.


Some of these once stitched need a better frame.  This I’d like better with a brown wood frame.


It’s hard to say no or to reign myself in when they are only 25 cents or 50 cents…so I bought them all.

I figured these could still all fit in my cross stitch basket so I’m okay.  I do have to talk to Kelli though.  When a cross stitch shop went out of business a year or so ago she bought a bunch of their cross stitch linen.  I’d like come of her scraps if she’s willing to share so I can stitch a couple of the small ones.  She’s good at sharing and I know she won’t mind.

I have stitched another night or two..nothing intense or serious, but little by little I’m making some progress.

This thrift store find really had me smiling.

11 thoughts on “The Thrift Store Find”

  1. I loved them all. The one which really caught my attention was the alphabet from Bent Creek. The one needlework shop that was a two hour drive one way went out of business several years ago. The only option for anything like that is either at Hobby Lobby…that same four hour round trip or to hunt online. I miss that needlework shop!

  2. Wow !!You did GREAT !! Rarely do I ever find cross-stitch, and sadly I sometimes find finished cross stitch projects that someone has worked so hard on and then find tossed aside !

  3. I have found myself doing more cross stitch and less machine sewing. Lizzy and Kate have great folk art style designs. You would have kicked yourself if you had passed these up at those prices.

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