Calling All Cross Stitchers

I was listening to a floss tube the other day.  I can’t remember which one.  Shucks.  Anyway, the person was saying that she would love to meet up with other cross stitchers and have a day stitch.  Something simple… something that didn’t cost a lot of money…something that allowed her to interact with cross-stitchers in real life for a day.

On her next floss tube, she mentioned that a couple of people responded to her and they all met up and cross-stitched together one day.  No meetings…no dues…nothing formal at all.

On her next floss tube, she mentioned that they all met up again only this time a few more people were there.

What??…  Could it really be that easy?  Could a person really put out a call and cross-stitchers would meet up and come together for a day of cross-stitch?  Hmm.  That’s when I thought, I’m gonna give it a try.

So…this blog post is me trying.  I’m trying to get cross-stitchers in my area together for a day of cross-stitching.

I live an hour from the Minnesota border and an hour from the Wisconsin border.  The name of my town is Waucoma, Iowa but I don’t need people to meet in my town.  I can drive.

I have a friend, Janet, that lives an hour south of me…and she has a friend that lives in Waverly, about 45 minutes west of me.  We’ve learned that there is a cross stitch group in Cedar Rapids but that is almost 2 hours from us and that didn’t seem like something we wanted to jump into.

So…I’m asking.  Is there anyone somewhat in our area that cross stitches (or wants to learn to cross stitch) in our area?  We’re perfectly willing to have new stitchers join us.  We can teach you to cross stitch if you’d like.

We don’t care what style of things you like to stitch.  We don’t care if you’re an Aida or linen stitcher.  We don’t care if you only stitch with silks or if you are a DMC lover.

We realize to get a place to stitch for the day we might have to rent something but if we get enough people together and brainstorming, we might be able to find somewhere we can reserve for free or minimal cost.

We hope that we can do something once a month or quarterly, whatever people are up for.  We just need more input to make a plan.

Anyone is welcome.  If you are two hours away or however far and you want to make the drive, you’re welcome to let us know you’re interested.

Our goal is to get like-minded people together for a day away from the rat race.  Being people will be traveling to get together I’m hoping we can have at least four hours of stitching time together.  Maybe we can bring a few treats to share…nothing too formal.  If you can make it one time and not the next, that’s totally okay.

So.. what do you think?  Are there any stitchers out there that want to get together with us??  If you are interested, please drop me an email at  I’m collecting the information for now and hopefully will set up our first get-together.  I have my fingers crossed that this can work.

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  1. Maybe you could meet at a library. The libraries around my home are very willing to allow stuff like that. Hope it works out for you.

    1. Me too! The library in Salem, Oregon, “rents” rooms for much less than $50 and the rooms are pretty big. The one I rented had a big conference room table and chairs in it. it was nice. :)
      Take care,

    2. I came here to say the same thing! We have three groups in Auckland and it’s fantastic to be able to meet up regularly. It’s a bit like that baseball movie – if you build it, they will come!

      1. If there are only 2 or 3 you could probably go to panera. We did that for a while had something to eat and sat and stitched fo a couple hours. Very relaxing

    3. The library is an excellent meeting place! In my area the library is also installing “Makers” areas with all sorts of crafts, and ours is going to install a 4-H craft area to teach students. We started a quilting group and we meet once a month at the library. They don’t charge a rental fee, but never object to donations from the group.

    4. We have several of this type of group that meets at our public library. The one i go to is named ‘Stitch!’ We meet on one Monday a month. No one is ‘in charge’, but we share and help each other.

    5. Hi everyone, I would love to meet to stitch. I am still working so I could only be able to meet on Thursdays – Saturdays.
      I live near Stone Mountain Georgia which is near Atlanta.

  2. Many restaurants have a small meeting/private party room. I’d bet they would let a group use it 10-4 once a month for the purchase of a meal/beverage by each person.

    Best of luck! (I’m 22.5 hours away so won’t be joining up ;-) even though many think Iowa IS Idaho

    1. Michelle Chadima

      lol true!! A funny story from when I was young, we were visiting relatives in Ohio and a man with Florida license plates saw our Iowa plates. He asked us (in way more drawl than usual for a Floridian, I’d have to guess Texas or Arkansas), “Oh y’all are from I-oh-ay? Is that where y’all grow them potatoes?” lol
      We kinda laughed and said, “no, that’s Idaho. We raise corn and hogs”

    2. Elle, I’m in Salmon, Idaho! I would love to get to x stitch with some gals and guys if need b!
      I have my own nail business so the meeting place is covered!! Anyone a taker?!

  3. Most libraries have multipurpose rooms for that purpose. Check them out. Also many towns with a fire house or senior center my be your answer.

  4. Jo, that sounds like so much fun. Since I live in southern Michigan, I won’t be able to participate – unless there are many others here in Michigan who would like to do something like this here.

    1. Susan from Michigan

      Sounds like fun, Jo. I hope this works for you all. I’m in southwest Michigan, but I haven’t cross stitched in years. I quilt mostly.

    2. where in southern michigan are you. I live in Niles, on the Indiana border close to Notre Dame. I am a quilter but love to cross stitch as well.

  5. Try senior centers. We have a local one hear that is pretty cheap. It is government supported
    I am a little too far to join you as I am in California

  6. Connie Dvorscak

    Oh that sounds like such a great time! Unfortunately I’m in north Georgia…just a little too far away!
    Best wishes to make this work!

    1. I live in WI, and have been a cross stitcher for 50 years. I am moving nsxt month wherr besides apartments in the independent living building, there are groups of what are called cassettas, groups of 4 houses attached to a common room, free for the 4 attached residents to meet, have activities, and invite others. I am going to try to find other stitcherd, new or experienced, to use our free common room. I am so excited, after becoming a widow 4 years ago, to finally live close to others, and have lots of activities to join..If anyone is in the Grafton WI area, get in touch!

  7. Glenda Fletcher

    Jo, I live in Lennox, SD so I am 5 hours away from Waucoma. That would be so tempting. Plus it would be so much fun, with laughter etc. I would get to meet new people. It is a very good idea.

  8. Jo we meet once a month at senior center in a small town. The fee is $50 a day so if 10 of us show up It’s $5 each. f only 5 show up it’s $10 each We just each bring our own sack lunch so no one has to go to extra expense or effort. Maybe you could try something or find something like that. We have fun and there’s no pressure except making reservations for the next month. I live on the other side of the country but thought this might be a jumping off idea.

    1. If there are only 2 or 3 you could probably go to panera. We did that for a while had something to eat and sat and stitched fo a couple hours. Very relaxing

    1. Ladies I rejoined my local EGA ( Embroidery Guild of America ). We lost our meeting place in a local church so are now meeting at the library. For those who don’t have a stitching group EGA is great. We are always looking for new members!

  9. I’m in Ankeny IA and would be willing to drive up that way. You come an hour south and I’ll come 1-1/2 hours north. I’m even willing to let people ride with me from the Des Moines area!

    1. I’m a very new cross stitcher from Des Moines, and I would love to meet up with other cross stitchers! I couldn’t commit to a 3 hour drive, but I would be interested in taking you up on this offer!

      1. Ladies I rejoined my local EGA ( Embroidery Guild of America ). We lost our meeting place in a local church so are now meeting at the library. For those who don’t have a stitching group EGA is great. We are always looking for new members!
        This is Cheryl from South Texas

  10. Most libraries would love to have you! They are always looking for programing. I helped start a group in the library I worked at and we had all ages but it waxed and waned for attendance. Waverly has the Fiberworks store and they carry cross stitch but I don’t remember a place in the shop to stitch in. You may contact Carol to see if she would be interested in helping set something up. There is a group in the Quad Cities that was meeting at the Bettendorf Library but now is meeting in the BeStitch Me cross stitch shop in Moline, IL. I know, a little far for you to drive but just getting the word out for anyone in the area. Good luck in getting something set up.

    1. where in southern michigan are you. I live in Niles, on the Indiana border close to Notre Dame. I am a quilter but love to cross stitch as well.

  11. Hi Jo, we have a stitching group here in Alabama. We meet every Wednesday at Panera. The restaurant is so nice to let us meet. We go from 11 to 2 or 2:30. We text each other every Tuesday as to who is coming because if it’s only 2 we might cancel. You bring whatever you want to work on. We even bring magnifying lights. We usually stop for lunch about 12 and then back to work. We have such a good time and enjoy our time together. I hope you all can get a group started. Hugs,

  12. Great idea – I hope you get a good response!
    My quilting group has some members who cross-stitch. Lately the others have expressed interest, so we’re going to “branch out” – should be LOTS of fun!!! What’s that song from “Music Man”? Something about “stitch a little, talk a little – stitch, stitch, stitch…”

    1. Joanne in SW Ohio

      Gail in Ohio,
      Whereabouts are you in Ohio? I’m just south of Dayton. I used to be in a quilting group (Creative Quilters) years ago. Recently I’ve been wanting to get back to x stitching, I have patterns saved from years back that I’m going to finish. I think getting a xstitching group together would be a great idea!

      1. Where are you in Florida. I am also in FL. I go to an LNS every Wed and we stitch from 10 til 1 and then we go to lunch. Always a good time

  13. I would love to have a cross stitching clache. Would be so much fun to meet with people who share your hobby. I live in the Memphis TN area.

  14. This sounds so fun but I live in the exact opposite from you in the Southwest part of Iowa close to Missouri and Nebraska. I feel I need my cross stitch skills refreshed. I enjoy reading about your cross stitching pieces and am looking forward to renewing my cross stitching skills again. Keep writing about cross stitching and your quilts. I enjoy reading about both.

  15. Michelle Chadima

    My husband has a mini conference in Webster City December 7th and 8th and I’m planning to ride along; I could meet up for a few hours either of those days. I was going to find quilt shops but I can do that the other day :)

    I live between Cedar Rapids and the Amanas, so don’t get up north super often. It sounds fun!!

  16. My local LNS has a stitch in the 3rd Saturday of every month, free to go and it is wonderful. We eat, we stitch and of course we shop but most of all an entire afternoon of being with people that stitch is the best part. I hope you are able to get a group together and I hope that someday I can make a trip to IA to stitch with you for a day.

  17. Our library and senior center rents rooms for small cost. But my guild in Michigan used a room in the local American Legion for free. But we would take up collecton from the members and donate a quilt during the American Legion fund raising time. Plus quite a few of the women worked on veterans quilts for the near by VA Hospital. The day we met we could even purchase griĺled lunch from them

  18. I live in the Twin Cities and would LOVE to attend. A day of stitching and friendship would certainly be well worth the drive. However, at the moment, my car isn’t working. Would you be willing to plan a “friendship & stitch together” sometime after the holidays? I would so love to get together with fellow stitchers.

  19. The floss tuber that got a cross stitch group started was Karen, Recovering Monogamous Stitcher. I hope you can find a few stitchers in your area too.

    Christine from Ontario, Canada

  20. At our church we started a drop-in handwork group after worship the first Sunday of the month. We hold it in the social hall where coffee hour is taking place. It has become very popular.

  21. I live in Austin MN. That is less than 2 hrs from Waucoma. And I think 45 min from Stitchery Nook in Osage (but they are usually heavily booked because they are just wonderful).
    I have wanted to join a group like this for a long time. I would be able to come if I didn’t have to drive more than 2.5 hrs one way. You will just have to see what works for the most people

  22. I just got back into cross stitch recently after learning as a teenager. You’re a little too far from me for me to join (I’m about 20 minutes away from Iowa City) but this is such a fun idea! Good luck and I hope to hear it was a big success :)

  23. I would love to participate in something like this, however I live in Southern California right outside of Redlands and there is not one Cross Stitcher in my area that I know of, so pretty much a lone wolf. It sounds like a lot of fun ladies! I’s great to be able to do what you love and meet new friends to do it with. I hope everything comes together for you, and you get to meet many great people. I think cross stitchers are some of the nicest, kindest people on the planet.

  24. Heather Vandeboe

    Soooooo I’m in cedar falls, just a bit away from Waverly. We have a library here that has space available!

  25. Here in N VA we met at Wegmans; I’m sure there are some fun privately owned restaurants or old fashioned drug stores with soda fountains or ice cream shops that would be willing and thrilled to host you. Or, when I was in southern california, the local needlepoint shops would host get togethers every week or every other week, depending on which shop you went to.

  26. I live in the Brookings area of South Dakota. It would be a drive that would be doable in good weather especially if I could coordinate it with a visit to my friend who lives in northern Iowa. As much as I want to come, I would be reluctant to drive that far during heavy snow or ice.

  27. If I had a vehicle I would be all for this. I could cross 2 stitches with 1 piece of floss. I was born and raised in Waverly, I could stop and see my dad at the same time.

  28. I have been looking for a group of cross stitches or needle arts in my area ..Brighton, Michigan. Please respond if in the area and interested.

  29. Our local library has a scheduled knitters club, similar to what you’ve described…knitters showing up just to knit and talk. Nothing more, nothing less. My only issue…its during work hours. They do meet annually (knitting day) and I join then. Thoroughly enjoy these ladies even tho I only see them once a year.

    Wishing we weren’t so far apart…I would join you! Wishing you much fun with this adventure!

  30. Connie Thurston

    I don’t live anywhere close but here (Brevard County FL) I have 2 stitching groups that meet up weekly (and I have heard of several others)

    One meets at Panera Bread on Thursday nights and one meets at our local indy bookstore. Both are for any kind of stitching (or other portable craft) knitting/crochet, cross stitch, quilting, I have brought beading and quilling (papercraft). A new favorite for some is Diamond Painting which is perfect for a group meet up!

  31. I’m in IN, and a quilt and needlework shop in my town offers several quilting classes and clubs. They also have a once a month cross stitch “club.” It’s just $5 to reserve your spot (the room only has so many seats), but when you go, you get a $5 coupon to spend in the store, so it doesn’t really end up costing anything. The schedule doesn’t always work out with mine though, and I’ve wished there was also a cross stitch group at the library or something.

  32. Library is the way to go! I’ve seen crochet groups and the memory scrapbookers have a weekend getaway once a year. They gather to craft on cruise boats. Nice hotels etc. wonder if library would let you have such of a weekend marathon
    I’m down in south Florida so I can’t attend.
    Hope it all comes together for you all.

  33. I would love to get together and cross stitch with friends. I’m in Minneapolis and would drive south. It would get me motivated as well. If it was a Saturday, I could always get a hotel room. Please add me to your list. Hopefully it works out!!

  34. I live in North East PA and the closest cross stitch store is 2 hours away. I don’t know of anyone near me that stitches.

  35. I am a cross stitcher and also work at a Public Library. We have a community room that you can reserve for free. We have many groups come use the room for many events. I am 3 hours from Waucoma and live in Illinois south of the Quad Cities. I would love to get involved with a group of stitchers. Nice to know there are so many cross stitchers out there.

  36. I am so impressed with all the responses to your call out for fellow stitchers! I love hearing about Waverly, Iowa again…my aunt and uncle lived there for many years! I live in the mountains of WA state and also struggle to find fellow stitchers locally. I have ended up just bringing my stitching to the local quilters group at our church that meets weekly. They are friends and neighbors so it’s fun to be with them. The nearest local EGA group is 2 hours away in Seattle over a mountain pass so not very accessible especially in the winter. Good luck getting your group together… many of us across the country will be with you in spirit!

    1. I just came across this blog this afternoon about calling all cross stitchers. I am looking for stitchers who live fairly close to me as well. I live in Eastern Washington. I hear of all these stitching meet ups popping up everywhere except within my vicinity. I think it would be great if it became a reality for all who have not found their stitching group yet.

  37. What about adding a zoom option for people who can’t meet in person? I think free zoom only allows 45 minutes, but the last I knew, pro zoom was around $12/month. People who wanted to participate could donate to cover the cost. Just a thought.

  38. I started a cross years ago and lost the color chart. I would like to send you a picture and maybe someone out there has it. Thank you

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