Recap of Last Week

I am so sad.  I wrote a whole blog post and it somehow disappeared into the ether.  UGH.  That rarely happens to me so I shouldn’t complain but I’ve been busy and time at the computer has come at a premium so losing a post isn’t any fun…so I’m giving up my cross stitch time and rewriting it.

Here goes…

Have you been following me on Instagram?  Last week I told you that was trying harder at regularly posting stories and I’ve been having a great time doing it.  You can follow me at Jo_joscountryjunction.

Here are a couple of things that I shared there…I voted!!

I also cracked half of my tooth off last week.  I met my daughter Kelli and kids in the late afternoon in a neighboring town.  She had to take her boys to urgent care to get a check-up.  They were both not feeling well.  I took her daughter Georgia and did my errands while she took the boys to urgent care.

On the way home, it was getting late so I stopped at Culver’s and grabbed some supper with plans to eat it as I drove home.  Well, I was almost home and realized the check side of one of my molars was GONE.  My tooth had cracked off.  UGH.

I already had an appointment scheduled for Monday but ended up calling in to see if they had an earlier appointment.  They worked me in and told me I need a crown.  UGH.  So I went to get that today.  There went $1100 down the drain.  I drowned my sorry on a $1 frozen yogurt cone on the way home both times.

I hate…the dentist but at least I got fro-yo.

Did you see I got a new foster dog Rusty.  So far everything has been going well.  I’ll write an update on him in another post.  I did write a post about him so if you missed that, you can find it HERE…and yes there is something wrong with his eyes.  We’re hoping the vet can fix that on Friday.

I had grandkids around over the weekend.  We had a church fundraiser and I was asked to make desserts.  I ended up offering to make pies so I could use up the fruit I had in the freezer.  We ended up making 2 apple, 2 raspberry rhubarb, and 2 pecan cheesecake pies.

I had “help” from Gannon, Carver, and Jasper.

Here is the raspberry rhubarb pie.  It’s a family favorite to mix any berry with rhubarb.

After pie making, we got a call from my daughter Kalissa’s husband Craig.  He called to tell us all that he was done combining corn and that leg of harvest is done.  YAHOO!!  It is supposed to snow tomorrow so that was good timing.

Jasper, my daughter Kayla’s little guy, had his first sleepover all by himself at my house.  He did so well.  Only once in the night, he said, “Mommy-Daddy”.  I said we had to go back to sleep and they would come after we woke up, ate, and played for a little bit.  He went right back to sleep.

Mommy did come back and then he got to play with Kalissa’s little guy, Anders.

He even got to hold him.

It was fun to have Jasper without mom and dad.  Kids are so different when their parents aren’t here with them.  I hope we can catch a few more sleepovers in the future.  He did so well…and that made me really happy.

It was a fun week…I had a wonderful balance of company and me time.

18 thoughts on “Recap of Last Week”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Sorry you lost your blog. It does happen to all of us sooner or later.
    Seeing you with your younger grand babies is a real treat. They are so sweet. Holding a baby for the 1st. time is an experience I never forgot. Mine was my 3years younger sister. Precious pictures.
    I have some cracked teeth. Not fun at all.

  2. Jo, Do you drain the liquid off the rhubarb before making the ie? I never am sure what to do when using frozen rhubarb,

    1. 1100 for a crown is pretty cheap! Any big expense is a shock but I just got a crown 2 weeks ago that was $1700…included a discount for paying cash! That was only 1 of the 3 big surprises we had in the past month. Plumber for a leak that tuned into 4 visits and taking out drywall was $1450. A new gate for the fence (that was installed wrong) $350. A new hot water heater and the mess that created $2400. All we had saved for a new fence was spent on plumbing and teeth, lol! Need a new roof as well. Rosann-Rosanna Danna was right, “It’s always something”.

        1. Right? It’s nice to know that at least we now have nothing that should break down for the rest of our lives, lol. We also got a new washer/dryer last summer and fridge a few years before that. Now saving again for a new roof and fence.

  3. Hi Jo, you have such an amazing life and wonderful family. I was wondering if anyone else has had problems getting your blog post updates? I haven’t had one since you put the sign up on your blog. I have signed up 3 times and got the message that I was all signed up. Is there something else I need to do? I always got them before you changed your format. Just wondering

      1. Barbara Epperson

        I too have had trouble. First three days it came to email. After that I have had to check my junk folder every day even though I mark it as not junk. At least I know where to look for it now. Thanks for all you do Jo.

  4. I’m so glad you had so much “help” making the pies! am sure they tasted extra special with all the love put in them and they look delicious! How fun to have Jasper for his first overnight. So sorry you lost you blogs that you had written. I wish I knew how to use instagram, but I don’t, then I could catch you there.

  5. Sorry you lost your blog and your tooth! I had my first crown last week so I know how you feel. Poor—ha!!
    When you make pies you really go into production! Wow. They look delicious too!

  6. The raspberry rhubarb combination is a favorite of mine. I have the same container for flour (and sugar). It is so wonderful that you are teaching your grands the basics. Too many youth do not have that experience and it is so important.

  7. You have my sympathy on the broken tooth. I go to the dentist today to have a permanent molar crown. Be happy you are only paying $1100. My crown was $1900 which included X-rays.

  8. SEW frustrating when a post disappears! :o((
    Guess what else disappeared? My subscription to your blog. I thought it was strange that I hadn’t heard anything from you in a while, Jo! Off to re-subscribe…

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