Ask Jo: Binding and UFO Progress

Every so often questions and comments come from readers that I think others would like to hear my response to.  That’s when I feature them on the blog.  This is one of those days. A comment came in from the comment section.

Christina asked:
Do you have a tutorial on binding?

I do have a binding video.  You can watch it right in this blog post by pushing the play button.  You can also go HERE to Youtube, save it, and then watch it on your television.

In the video, I was binding my granddaughter Georgia’s doll quilt.  You can see more about her doll quilt HERE.

Sharon asked:
Beautiful quilts. After doing 4 quilts in the same colors, I definitely understand wanting to move on! You got so much accomplished but I was wondering how you’re doing on the UFO challenge? I may have missed it but I don’t think you’ve given an update lately?

You can read a full listing of my UFOs HERE that I want to work on over the next 9 months.  I started the list on July 1st as part of Country Threads Chicken Scratch blogs UFO Dirty Dozen challenge.  This year they also added a color option that some are doing.

So far, here is what I’ve completed.  I haven’t always followed along with the specific project.  In that case, I picked an alternate project.  My list had 24 projects on it.  I really didn’t expect to complete them all but I wanted to complete a minimum of half.

Here is what I have finished…

#2 This was gifted by ….a blog reader.

I was super excited about this project.

I later found out the pieces were from a quilt in this book  Kindred Spirits by Jill Shaulis and Vicki Olsen of Yellow Creek Quilt Designs.

This is a top and it hanging on my quilt hanger waiting to be machine quilted.  This one is going for a benefit or fundraiser so I’ve not been in a hurry to machine quilt it.

#11 -I was here with this project…

That’s a finish…

You can read about it HERE.

#12  True Blue
This is another gifted UFO from a blog reader.  It is the cover quilt from the book Spice of Life Quilts by Carrie Nelson.

This one is currently on the longarm.

These are some Flying Geese a blog reader sent me and I sewed them together to make a simple table topper.  I need to completely finish it.  I want this done for fall.

This one is a finish…I even wrote a requested FREE PATTERN for the project.  You can find that HERE.

Postage Stamp Quilt…

The ones you can see at the bottom of the stack peeking out were put into my granddaughters’ quilts so that’s another completed UFO.  Those were nine patches.  The others you see on top were taken apart and added or were gifted so this UFO gone.

This is how far I was on my double wedding ring quilt.

That was bound and is finished.  You can read about it HERE.

I have made some progress on some of the other projects as well.  Sometimes it’s just figuring out what I’m going to do with them.  Sometimes it’s getting a needed fabric.  I count all of that as progress even though you as blog readers might now see I’ve made that little bit of progress.

This is another gifted project from a blog reader.

This has a plan now as another blog reader sent me the matching red fabric to finish this.

I’m so excited about that.

Another project that is on the shortlist is Oregon or Bust- Last year I cut up the shirts needed for this but didn’t make any progress in getting it cut out.

This is a Bonnie Hunter quilt.  It’s from the book Scraps and Shirttails II.  I have long wanted to make this ever since I found Mary from Country Threads version.

A blog reader messaged me and when this comes up on the UFO list, we plan to swap fabric.  I plan to sew this then as I really want to make this!

Virginia Bound:

This one is a top…sort of.  I have the center section done.

This one is likely getting pulled soon.  I am going to be making my newborn grandson’s quilt and will have all the shirt fabrics out.  It would be a great time to tackle this one too.

This is going to be a quilt for Craig and his birthday is coming in October.  Maybe I should try to finish it in time for that??  I don’t think I can but I might try.

#10-Hawaiian Sunset-

This one has had lots of progress.  The blocks are finished. I have the fabric I need for the border now so now I can move forward on it when I get time.

These are some hourglass blocks that Kelli sent home with me.  I now have a pattern designed for these.  I’m going to need some fabric though.  But a pattern design is definitely progress.

Scrappy Hour Glass Quilt…

I have made progress on this.  It’s a project I pull and work on periodically in between other things.  I don’t always show you the progress to you as it’s only a little at a time.  Here is where the quilt is at.

I have more rows made and I have a lot more blocks made.  This project has stayed out on my sewing room island ever since I made the original UFO list.  I’m kind of making this as I go so I have no idea how many blocks I need to make or if I already have enough.

Progress is slowly being made on it.  One day I’m going to show you all a finished top and you’re going to wonder when I sewed that.  I kind of do it in between projects and if the mood strikes.

My Smores pieces are currently on the island in the sewing room.  I’m going to start on this soon.

This is the original pattern by Jo Morton.
I bought the ruler for this HERE on Amazon and am going to learn to use it.  I’ll practice on a few blocks and then kick off a quilt along for anyone who wants to join.  I don’t know for sure if I’ll be using this layout.

Also on my sewing room island are these… Black Stars
This was also gifted by the same blog reader who donated many of the other projects to me.  I’d like to finish these soon.

If I tally correctly, I have four projects completely finished.  I have one that is a top.  I have one that is on the longarm.  I’ve taken baby steps forward with either a plan, pattern design, or fabric acquired on eight other projects.  I’m pretty content with that progress…I’m actually more than content, I’m happy.

Beyond only working on these, I’ve squeezed in other projects too like Gannon and Georgia’s preschool quilts among other things.  Being most of the months that have passed have been over the summer and I get my least amount of sewing done then, I’m hopeful that I’ll tackle even more of these by the time the UFO challenge is finished.

So…Is anyone else doing a UFO challenge?  Have you been able to keep up as well?  I think summer is such a hard time to get quilting time in.

11 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Binding and UFO Progress”

  1. I started by trying to clean up my sewing room. I found soooo many projects that were well along. I have recipients designated for some of them and a tentative deadline for some of them. I’m more of a process quilter than a project quilter, so I’m more likely to start a new project than finish one. But I have several that are nearly done, so I’m working on them. And nothing thins out the stash like piecing backs!

  2. I really like all of your UFO projects. In addition to making all the quilts (Georgia and Gannon), you’ve done so much garden/outside work and had lots of family time. You always amaze me by how much you accomplish. I didn’t really do a challenge, but I made a list of my UFOs and did complete several on the list. Like you I often get side tracked making something for somebody else, like my niece has me make her surgical scrub caps, and my sister wanted me to make a table runner to send to her granddaughter in Alaska. Family first!

  3. I can not remember where you got your binding ironing board thing y. How stupid of me not to save it. I don’t know how to find or access your back posts (is that what they are called???). I like a 1.75 or a 2.5 border . Sometimes a very narrow one. Thank for your entertaining videos. I’ve been quilting since learned at 9, returned 47 yrs ago. Now 77 still sew 2 to 12 hours at least 5 to 7 days every week. Just did a ‘Yard Quilt Sale”, had 41 tied quilts ( less $), have 32 left for next sale 1st weekend in October.

  4. Love your Scrappy Hour Glass top. Just to give you an idea of how big you might want this, I made one from a swap with my retreat sisters. We exchanged blocks that would finish to 3”. I got about 600 in the exchange and I made about that many more. My quilt measures 96 x 108. It’s huge but it will fit our queen size bed so there is plenty on the sides. But since I don’t like to sew long seams any more than I have to, I sewed blocks into a 16 patch block and made 72 blocks. Just picked them up willy nilly, then laid out 72 blocks to distribute fabrics/colors. I still need to bind this quilt. It’s been quilted for almost 2 years!

    S’mores is on my list too!

  5. Thanks to Jo our group “Cresco Ladies” gets lots of UFO and Orphan projects. And of course, we get lots of extra material. Lately we have been making scrappy Square in a square blocks with the “leftovers”. Our project is usually a 4 x 4 inch block. We then cut two 2.5 x 2.5 inch strips which we put on the left and right sides of the square. Then we put two 2.5 x 8 inch strips on the top and bottom. Voila – an 8 inch block. We do this as we finish projects, so often there are lots of squares ready to make a quilt. Left over binding strips work well with this project. Just thought we’d share some of what we are doing.

    1. Sandra, I’m always in awe of how many tops the Cresco ladies do! Do any of you ever sleep?!
      And likewise, Jo! You accomplish so much!

  6. The little, narrow, centered rectangular plastic in our metal front door was cloudy when we moved here. From the inside I hot glued a doubled strip of white fabric over it (last owners had tried white paint that didn’t cover well but didn’t scrape off well either – looked streaky). With the fabric patch it reads solid white door from the outside but I hide the “fix” on the inside by having seasonal little quilts that hang from a small magnetic curtain rod. I lack quilts for August & September so just started making a sunflower mini. It’s fun & will be just right for either/both months!

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