Quilting Notion Review: Third Hand Binding Folder Clip

I recently contacted the company Purple Hobbies and asked them if they would be interested in sending me their Third Hand Binding Folder Clip in return for an honest review.  They said yes and asked me what size I wanted.

I am a machine binder and I cut my strips at 2 1/4″ when I bind quilts so I asked for that size and they sent it to me.

Earlier this week I finished the machine quilting on this quilt… and thought it was the perfect time to give the binding tool a try.

I am terrible at reading directions and terrible about learning how to use anything new to me.  Thankfully these instructions were SUPER easy to read and understand.

I started out by cutting my binding strips and sewing them together just as I normally do.

I clipped The Third Hand tool to my ironing board and quickly found I was having trouble getting the 2 1/4″ strips into the gadget.

I took it off, I fed the fabric through the tool easy-peasy.  I did use my tool to push the fabric through.

Then I clipped it onto the ironing board.  I pulled the fabric through and then ironed it.  Pulled again and then ironed again.

Oh, my word.  It was so easy.  No burning fingers.  The fabric fed through perfectly!!  I am completely and totally impressed with this little gadget.

When I first looked at it, I was convinced that the fabric would shift and not be even but it didn’t.  It stayed aligned!

It only took a minute or so to feed the fabric all through and iron it.

I’ll admit that sometimes I don’t iron my binding strips in half because I hate burning my fingers with the iron.  This was a breeze.

I am sold on this product and will use it again and again.

I know many of you bind your quilts with 2 1/2″ strips.  No worries.  The Third Hand Binding Tool is available in seven different sizes from 3 1/2″ down to 1.125.  You can see all of the sizes HERE.

If you are looking for a little gift for a quilty friend or for yourself, I highly recommend The Third Hand Binding Tool.

Even though I primarily use 2 1/4″ strips, I think I’m going to buy the 2 1/2″ size too.  I often get charity quilts in that I bind and someone has already cut the binding strips at 2 1/2″.  That way I’ll have both sizes.

I just love when I find a gadget I love.   If you’re interested, you can order them HERE.  Heather at Purple Hobbies has extended a discount code to my readers.  If you type in JoSentMe (all one word) you get 20% off your entire order.

22 thoughts on “Quilting Notion Review: Third Hand Binding Folder Clip”

    1. Hi Susan. I didn’t have any trouble joining the seams. I did press the connection seam open and then did a quick iron to the fold. No trouble at all.

  1. Linda Enneking

    I must have been living in ignorance for a long time. I have never pressed any of my binding strips down the middle. I just line up the raw edges and stitch to my quilt. Have never had problems getting the binding on straight. Glad to hear you like this gadget and that it will make things easier for you but it’s nothing something I feel a need to have.

  2. Thanks for the e commendation regarding the binding tool. I bought their thread cutter a few mon5s back & have been very happy with it. Just ordered the binding tool & finally indulged in the magnetic pin holder that will keep all the points down. My “garage style” magnetic holder I used for puns will finally be demoted to holding screws from my vintage machines when I give them their spa oil & cleaning treatments.

  3. I have found that if you cut the leading end of the binding at an angle instead of having a straight end, then it will feed easier into the tool. You can use a straight pin to grab the point and pull through if needed. That has worked for me.

  4. That looks like a nifty tool. It’s always a dance to iron binding without getting burned, isn’t it? Thanks for the review. I’m glad they sent you one to try.

  5. Were you using bias cut binding or straight of grain cut binding? Does pulling your binding through the gadget cause the fabric to stretch out of shape?

    1. I was using straight of the grain and I had zero trouble with the fabric stretching. I was actually surprised about that myself. It’s really a great tool.

  6. Jo, I’ve worked in a quilt shop and quilted for a long time, so I already have multiples of just about every tool on the market – plus I love to get the new ones as they appear. I was gonna pass on this little gadget, tho, since I figured I could continue to fold and press the old way. The clincher was the statement on their web page “designed and 3D printed in California.” I have never knowingly bought any 3D printed item before, and American made tools OF ANY KIND are hard to find at a reasonable price. I know I’m gonna love it, since there are many glowing recommendations in addition to yours.

    1. It’s about a week later and I have my Third Hand in a lovely turquoise color. It’s simple but well made with no bumps or extraneous material. Grips my ironing board tightly, but NOT the fabric, so there is no stretching of even bias binding! Does the job is a lot less time and with no burned fingers! Recommended! They would also be a great Secret Santa or gift for any other occasion.

    1. The quilt is an adaptation from our quilt Inspired By the Past that was the cover quilt for American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. I think maybe the Feb 2022 issue.

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  8. Hi Jo. Wanted to let you know how great the Third Hand Binding tool worked. My board was a little too thick so I attached it to a small sleeve ironing board on top of my big board. I never knew 440 inches of pressing binding could go so fast. Love that it’s Made In America! And like others said cut fabric at an angle when you start feeding. Enjoy your blog.

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