Quilt Finish: American Quilters SAL

I am starting this year on my UFO Dirty Dozen (PLUS) with a bang.  I already have a UFO finished.  YAHOO!!  I’m so happy.

When I hung it on my line in the early afternoon the sun wasn’t quite right.  I was getting a lot of shadows.  So I left my quilt hanging and snapped this picture.

I went outside a couple of hours later and the quilt had blown and tucked itself behind my flower containers.

I pulled it out and started snapping pictures.  Isn’t it so pretty hanging there?  The other day I was talking to my neighbor and he had no idea that I was a quilt designer or blogger.

I bet he thought I was pretty weird to be hanging quilts off my porch and laying them out on my lawn especially being he didn’t know that was part of my job.  HA!!

So here is my finished quilt.  It is American Quilters SAL.  It was a free stitch-along last summer from Primitive Gatherings.  Each week they would give the pattern for that little block.

It really was not a beginner-friendly pattern as many of the blocks have tiny pieces.

Typically I’m not one to join in Quilt Alongs.  I often get bored waiting for the next block and hate having the “mess” sitting around in my sewing room while I wait for the final clues.  I prefer to sew at my own pace.

Remember me saying there were small pieces??  I lost some of my points…oh well.  Those little triangles are only 1/2″.  Obviously, I’m far from perfect but I’m not taking it to a competition so don’t really care.

It was fun to be working on this over the 4th of July…

Now that Rosie had inground fencing she can be outside and I can get some different pictures of her with quilts.  So, here’s your Rosie picture.

…but, now that she’s outside, I also have to deal with this…

The lighting changed with the quilt being on the ground.  The blue is actually the darker color you see in the photos above.

Anything I’d do differently about the quilt…YEP.  I would not have used that bottom red color in the block shown below.  It doesn’t “read” red enough for my preference.  Overall you don’t notice it until I point it out though…so it’s all good.

I love that I used some stripes.  Check out the block that is three down and two over.  Doesn’t the strip make the blue section fun?

I didn’t have enough blue that I used on the border for the binding but I found something close and am totally content with it.

Here is the back.  I had one leftover block and used it in the backing.

The binding is the same as the blue around the flag.

I just did a simple stipple.  Honestly, I think a stipple is highly underrated.  In a quilt like this, I think it’s perfect as this way, the blocks can shine.

I used a blue thread on top and a red thread for the backing.

I’ve had a few people contact me because they too were doing the stitch along but they missed a month and now don’t have the directions for the month they missed.

Primitive Gatherings, the designer of this quilt, has taken down the free directions and now has the pattern only available as a $25 pattern.

I had missed a few blocks as well.  Luckily I was able to find the few that I was missing embedded into their Youtube videos about the blocks.  The sad news is that the printout for each block is not in every video…BUT, Lisa does a video for each block.  In each video, she gives the measurements you need to make the blocks…so, if you have the will to make it and not pay the $25, you can.  You would need to watch the videos to get the sizes.

This pattern was originally put together as a fundraiser for Hogs for Heroes.  I originally made a donation to them so I don’t feel bad about not repaying the $25 for the pattern.

On a complete side note Primitive Gatherings is doing another Quilt Along, Oh Say Can You Sew.  Again the clues will disappear.  I just discovered all of this and am late to the game.  Apparently, the clues come out each month.  I was able to dig around and find the old clues.

I am putting them here in case anyone else is late to the game and wants the clues.
Clue one is in THIS blog post.
Clue 2
Clue 3
Clue 4

They are released on the first Monday of the month so you would need to watch for the rest of the clues.  As of now, I’m printing them but don’t know if I’ll be making the quilt.

I’m so happy to be starting the month out great with one UFO already finished.  Whoot! WHOOT!!

I’m keeping this one out for the rest of the month to enjoy and then I’ll pack it away until next year.

21 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: American Quilters SAL”

  1. Your quilt is beautiful!! I always like red, white and blue patriotic quilts. I have made several different items that I have around the house this month. Your flowers are beautiful too!

  2. Clue 1 and Clue 4 in the Oh Say Can you Sew, quilt along are the same clue but in different colors. I am doing mine in scrappy fall colors so I just need to make more 9 patches for the July quilt. Just in case anyone is trying to catch up but can’t find the clues.

  3. your finished quilt is beautiful! I am working on this one also, I had put it aside last October when I reached the block with 1/2 inch half square triangles but finally pulled it out and have 4 blocks to go.

  4. Cynthia from Nebraska

    Your quilt looks great! When/how do you wash your quilts and fabric? (I’ve had problems with reds.)

        1. I hope you don’t mind me butting in Cynthia by I use color catchers in a HE washer with no problems. I just put them in at the end. I always use more than they suggest when washing for the first time. I use 4-6 colo catchers. Once I pulled them out to find they were all different colors! Looked like each catcher absorbed a different color of the tie dye that were in the wash, one wash mostly red, one yellow, one orange etc. Very strange, lol, but they worked beautifully.

        2. I also use color catchers with HE machine and it works fine. I use 3-5 and if they are not to colored up, I do reuse them and add an extra 1 or 2.

  5. Did you know there is also a cross stitch pattern that matches this quilt pattern? It is a really fun project! The designer is Katie Nolan with Count Your Stitches.

  6. Apparently Lisa has pulled the free patterns. I can only find them for $5 each. Thanks for trying. It would be fun but I think I might have problems with such small pieces. Yours is beautiful and so appropriate for the holiday. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog!


  7. I absolutely LOVE your finished quilt!!! There isn’t a red, white and blue quilt that doesn’t catch my eye and my heart. I wish I would have done the quilt along when I first saw it. Alas, I have enough fabric and patterns to last well-beyond my lifetime! Thank you for sharing this wonderful quilt.

  8. Greetings from Salem, VA!

    I think you have such a pretty home! (Love the flag quilt pics on the porch and on the lawn!) It seems an ideal place for all those grandchildren to make forever memories! It has real character and charm. You are doing a great job being a grandmother and setting an example for being hardworking and generous with time and resources. Thanks for the blog! I enjoy the posts and pictures every day. God bless you and yours.

  9. Dianne winter

    In my opinion, stippling is a far better quilting than patterned quilting. That’s my preference but I don’t have a quting machine to do patterns nicely. I just have a juki 10 and my shoulders are telling me to quit this. I love your quilts that you hang outside. It’s so country and that is good. Love your house and yard too..

  10. Your house looks so great with a quilt hanging the neighbors must love it. This quilt of course is extra special. Thanks for sharing……

  11. Angela Spalsbury

    What a beautiful quilt and beautiful setting! I am making one too. I downloaded all of the blocks last year but unfortunately, I cannot find Block 20 or the instructions for putting it all together. I appreciate your advice to watch the videos. Hopefully I can figure it out!

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