A Quilt Finish: Georgia’s Doll Quilt and a Binding Video

Yahoo…I am still on a roll finishing quilts.  I am loving all the sewing I am squeezing into my life.  It makes me happy.  Speaking of happiness, today’s quilt finish really makes me happy.

Here it is…It’s Georgia’s doll quilt.  Kelli had asked me to make a doll quilt for her birthday.  Here it is…all finished!!

Here is the back.  It’s a cute little fairy print fabric leftover.  The purple was perfect.  The heart was made from fabric from a gingham apron with chicken scratch stitching on it.  So cute!

The quilt is supposed to mimic Georgia’s own baby quilt.  Here is a picture of

the one I made for her.  Read about it HERE.

The main thing I wanted to focus on in making the baby version was to include the alphabet around the edge.

I did a “Sew with Jo” video that showed me working on the quilt.

I made the whole top in one day.  It was so fun.  The fabrics are all recycled fabrics except for the purple solid.

I often add a block in the corner rather than letters.  With this quilt to keep it small, I did put letters in two of the corners.

I will be making two baby quilts in the bigger size soon as that is the style of quilt our daughter, Kelli, requested for the twins she is expecting.

I took the time and filmed a much-requested machine binding video.

This is how it looks once I am done.  I know you are all curious.

I’ve been machine-binding for a long time now.  I didn’t always sew the binding on the top of the quilt and flip it over so I sew blindly.  That part I’ve been doing for probably eight years.  When I started I cut my binding strips at 2 1/2″.  Now I cut them at 2 to 2 1/4 depending on the quilt.

I know that machine binding isn’t for everyone.  I love it as I prefer my couch stitching time to do cross-stitch vs hand binding.  For many, hand binding is their favorite thing about quilting.  I made the video to give you options.

I apologized a dozen or more times about bumping the camera while trying to film the video.  It is really hard to keep a camera between myself the needle of the machine and wrangle the quilt at the same time.  I’m so glad I filmed the video when binding this small quilt.

You can see I did a simple loop motif on this quilt.  I figured it would get washed a lot and wanted something pretty dense.  The quilt is so loud on its own that white thread that would blend seemed appropriate.

I’m so happy to have this one finished…I got it done with time to spare.  Georgie’s birthday is in 3 weeks!!

17 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish: Georgia’s Doll Quilt and a Binding Video”

  1. Wow, Jo that is so stinking cute. I’m sure Georgia will treasure it for years to come.
    I also machine bind. It’s so much better if the quilts are going to be used and washed a lot.
    I really want to try your letters I’m thinking I’ll have to wrap my head around how you do corners on parts of the letters for shape. Maybe if I draw out each letter and mark it so you can see where to put them it would help. I like how all of your are done with shirts. I’ll have to figure it with fabrics.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to show us different things.

  2. I just love this little doll quilt. So cute! I will have to keep this in mind if I ever have a grand daughter. Great job!

  3. Such a sweet gift! I’ve never gotten the hang of machine binding, thanks for the video—I may give it a try again once I have a quilt finish! With 3 little busy boys it’s made sewing time this winter non-existent!

  4. I machine bind also. It works great when the binding is cut 2 1/4”, way faster than binding by hand. I also stitch a few stitches at each mitered corner, before I turn the corner. I love Georgia’s doll quilt.

  5. You’re very creative, Jo! Thanks for making the letter blocks video!! Those are on my “to make” list. Georgia will LOVE this quilt!!

  6. The quilt is absolutely adorable! You did a great job of filming, no apologies necessary.
    I have been binding my quilts by machine like that for a few years. Like you, I am not entering them in any show/competition. They are not always perfect, but I go back and correct what I can and leave what I call passable. My family has never complained and the shoulder & hand are much happier! I am going to try your letters…someday! Thanks for all you do. Hugs to all,

  7. Good morning! Today I am able to see this post, but I am getting an error message for your “Community Quilts” post. Wondering if there’s something I’m doing wrong, or if it’s something else. THanks. Enjoy your daily diaries.

  8. Thank you for the videos, they are on my watch list. I also prefer a binding that is sewed on and will enjoy watching how you tackle it. Its a beautiful finish for Georgia.

  9. Super cute finish, Jo!! You did a wonderful job of making for doll quilt coordinate with Georgia’s baby quilt. I love them both! I have to say, “flying blind” on the machine sewn binding makes me bonkers and I much prefer to sew the binding on the back and stitch it down on the front. Lucky for us, we have SEW many options! :o))

  10. Love Georgias quilt and the doll quilt! I really appreciate the effort you put into these videos you are filming. Thanks for all you do for quilting friend.

  11. Tha kz for showing us how to bind a quilt i usually start with the back and then sew the front. The part i needed the most is how you put the ends of the binding together to make smooth finish. I enjoyed both the letter making video and the binding video.

  12. Margaret in North Texas

    A beautiful finish on Georgia’s quilt. She is a lucky little girl to have a Grandma like you!!! Thanks for another video Jo.

  13. Fabulous job. Congrats on the early finish. I love everything about this quilt – you asked your daughter and made what she wanted, it matches your Granddaughter’s quilt, the letters are fun and creative, the fabrics are wonderful and the hearts on front and back say it all.

  14. Love the quilt. I never get enough videos on binding. I am pretty new yet, so usually watch a video every time before I start. I love how you took us all the way around repeating at each corner. This is the way I have been doing it. I appreciate your corners, and accepting them as just fine, because they are. One little tip I picked up some where, was on the corner, to point top fold one direction and the back fold opposite. I was getting pig snouts at the corners, and this eliminates that and makes them lay flatter. Yours lays so nice so wondering if that is what you do.

  15. Thanks so very much for your excellent video. I appreciate the time and effort involved. If possible, I would like to see how you load your quilts on your long arm. Your granddaughter will love this gift.

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