A Puppy Shuffle

This one will likely have you laughing…what a story.  There are so many twists and turns I hope I get it right.

Tuesday I was supposed to take my foster pups to the vet so they could get cleared and then they could go out to their new homes.

After talking with people at HEART where I foster through, they had more dogs that needed to be vetted.  I ended up calling back the vet and checking to see if they had appointments.  This took about four back-and-forth calls as I forgot to say Mimi had an umbilical hernia that needed fixing too.  They said sure…bring them all on Tuesday.  WHEW.  The was going to be a lot but there are other fosters that do it all the time so I could do it too….right?

I called my daughter Kalissa and set it up so she could go with me.

Another volunteer was going to bring the three to me.  Here is a picture of the girls, Mimi, Sheroo, and Lila.  They are all cute girls and already have approved adoptions but need vet work before they can be released.  All of these girls were to lose their lady parts.

Well, Monday rolled around… the forecast did not look good.  We were supposed to get between one-tenth and two-tenths of an inch of ice.  UGH.  I am not an ice driver and I am especially not an ice driver at 6:30 in the morning as we are in the very tip of the county and we don’t get snowplows our way very early in the morning.

So I called late on Monday to see if I could move the appointments due to the weather but would try to make it work if it would push the appointments way back.  They said, “Just come in the next day.” So Wednesday it was.

Then I talked to the volunteer who was bringing the dogs and she said, she was worried about Wednesday’s weather as it was supposed to snow Tuesday into Wednesday.  She suggested that if I woke on Tuesday morning and the weather was okay that I take Pancho and Lefty to the vet and inquire if they could be neutered.

Well, I woke up on Tuesday.  We did get a glaze of ice but nothing serious.  The main roads would be okay… so…I called the vet and yes, they would take Pancho and Lefty.  They said to bring them in half an hour.  I live 20 minutes away so I scrambled and headed to the vet.

They said they would neuter them so I left them there with plans to pick them up before closing.  Before I left I asked if they had any appointments for my own dogs Rosie and Izzy.  Izzy was due for her next distemper.  Rosie has lost quite a bit of weight.  I think it’s due to Izzy being here and her romping with her and the inground fence allowing her more free play and exploration outside but I wanted to be sure.  So they needed appointments.  They would go on Wednesday when I picked up the three girls after their spay.

Then when I was there they said that if I wanted to bring the other three when I picked up Pancho and Lefty, I could.  They could stay over there and then they would do their vet work in the morning.  WHEW.  That would save me a trip.

I got home and contacted the rescue to see if the volunteer could meet me with the three girls.  She was in the middle of picking up three more rescues from a puppy mill so we decided to wait and make arrangements when she got home.

Kalissa brought her boys to my house.  I had agreed to watch them and would meet her with Anders as he had a doctor’s appointment later.  I kept Gannon and Carver.

I ended up calling the vet and moved Rosie and Izzy’s appointment to Tuesday when I dropped off the three and picked up Pancho and Lefty.  (Can you see why I didn’t know if I could tell this whole story)  Kalissa would be free to help me take the dogs.

I called the volunteer and we decided I would go and pick up the three girls from her.  She lives about 30 minutes north of my house and the vet is 20 minutes south and west of my house.  I live in the middle.

So I took Anders to meet Kalissa.

Then I took Carver and Gannon with me to go pick up the three girls.

All was going great.  The girls were ready when I got there.  Pick-up went great.  I had the boys wait in the van and they were so good.

I got the dogs in the van.  I put Sheroo and Mimi in the back next to Carver.  Lila was riding shotgun with me.  Carver had begged to hold one of the dogs but I said no because they were a little skittish.

We had about 45 minutes before I needed to be at my house, pick up Rosie and Izzy and start driving to the vet.  I was so happy with myself thinking by timing was going pretty well.

We were about five miles into the trip and man, something smelled.  Gannon yelled, “what’s the smell.”  Carver said he smelled it too.  I looked over and there was Lila puking.  I looked more closely and she had pooped too.

UGH.  I informed the boys of the situation.  Then Carver said oh no.  His dogs were puking too.

Now the car really smelled.  Gannon started to tell me that the smell was going through his clothes, even his boots, and was touching his skin and he didn’t like it.  Pretty soon I looked back in the rearview and Gannon had his head tucked into this shirt covering his nose and mouth.  Then he would talk and I couldn’t understand him then he’d get mad that I couldn’t understand him.  I told him to take his shirt off his mouth and then tell me.  He said he couldn’t or the smell would get him.

In the meantime, Carver said, “Good thing I have this bag”.  Then he said, “Gannon do you need the bag or can I keep it?”

I asked him why he needed a bag and he said, “So I can throw up.”  Then he explained he would give to Gannon if Gannon thought he was going to throw up because that smell was so bad.  By now there was poop and pee in both of the kennels and Carver said, “There she goes.  She’s puking again.”

OH MY WORD.  What a mess.

I pulled over to the side of the road.  I check the dogs in the back.  There was nothing I could do.  They were in a medium-sized kennel and there wasn’t a puke/poop-free space in the entire thing.  AHH!!!  Now was I going to have to try to give them baths…but it was cold out and these guys are just pups.  I couldn’t do that.

Carver and Gannon were beside themselves upset.  Carver said, “I don’t know if I like HEART anymore.”  Then said, “This is the ickiest day of his life”.

AH…Just get me home.

So Kalissa called to tell me that Anders didn’t have an ear infection and she was on her way home.  I explained the whole thing to her as the boys were yelling their commentary from the back seat.  Kalissa said she was about 10-15 minutes behind me and she would help when we got to my house.  WHEW.  Reinforcements were coming.

Then my window in the van fogged up.  It was melting and thus, defrosting issues.

The complaining didn’t stop from Carver and Gannon.  I was sure one of them was going to puke after they went on and on.

As I pulled onto my street Carver asked if he could unbuckle and then unbuckle Gannon so they could get away from the smell.

I got home and quickly cleaned Lila up.  She wasn’t bad as she puked and pooped in the same spot and there was room for her to sit away from it.  I took her into the house and wiped her up with wet wipes.

I got a bigger kennel and found bedding for it.  I got Mimi cleaned up.  Sheroo was the bad one.  I had to take wash cloths and clean her up the best I could.  I had decided against and bath plus there was no guarantee they wouldn’t puke or poop in the new kennel.  We still had 20 minutes to go in the van until we were at the vet.

Carver was great.  I started shouting orders at him telling him to let Izzy and Rosie out…to find their leashes.

OH…leashes.  UGH.  The dogs had puked on theirs.  I needed to come up with five leashes.  Oh no.  Thankfully Kalissa had left one of hers at my house and someone had gifted me a tandem leash so Izzy and Rosie could be on one.  WHEW.

That was enough leashes for the crew.  It was important for me to have leashes for the puppies as they would run if they got away from us.

Just then Kalissa showed up.  By now I knew the best idea would be for me to take the dogs alone just in case someone pooped or puked.  So Kalissa helped me load Izzy and Rosie and off I went.  Oh my.

No puking.  No pooping.  No peeing.  SUCCESS…and I made it there on time.  Oh my word!!

At the vet, I sorted out the dogs and the paperwork.  I took the rescues in first.  I apologized if they weren’t the sweetest-smelling dogs in the world.  They laughed at my story and said if it happens again to just call and tell them I’d be late.  WHEW.  Good to know.  Nowadays at the doctor’s office with humans, they aren’t that way at all.

Then I went out and got Izzy and Rosie.  They were so good.  Rosie tugged some on the leash but other than that, perfect.

I had a talk with the vet about things I could do as preventatives for my dogs.  I love that they are good to the fosters but I don’t want to put their health in jeopardy because I am fostering.  I wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could to keep my dogs safe.

Rosie had bloodwork done.  I think the results will be back early next week.  The vet wasn’t too concerned.  I’m a little paranoid that my radioactive iodine treatment might have left Rosie with too much radiation exposure and messed with her thyroid.  I’ll feel so much better knowing if there is a medical reason why she’s lost weight.

All in all, I’m so glad I took them in.

I picked up Pancho and Lefty.  Are you ready for cuteness overload??

The boys have cones.  They are flexible…and hilarious.

They gave me just the laughs I needed after the crazy day I had.

My things from the vet came in this bag.  How sweet….and just the reminder I needed.  I’m helping the lives of people and pets by having crazy days like Tuesday.

I medicated the day with frozen yogurt…I’m all better but admittedly, I’m nervous to pick up the three girls as I don’t want another poop and puke fest…but…
I made it through one so I can do it again if it happens again.  Fingers crossed it doesn’t.

I’ve had a couple of people ask if they could purchase anything that would help the rescue or me with fostering.  I ended up putting together an Amazon wish list.  HERE is the link.

I could use-
A few more leashes for days like this day when they all get puked or pooped on
A few more in kennel beds again for days like today
disposable and reusable puppy pads for times when my timing and the puppy’s timing is off
a few puppy toys as Izzy does not share well

The rescue could use-
collar and leash sets (lots)
harnesses-extra small and small is the most used sizes as we get lots of puppies (lots)

Any overflow I will take to the rescue…It doesn’t have to be any of these brands.  If you have a brand you like we’ll happily take that or gently used items.  When I made the list I tried to pick the items with the lower prices.  We aren’t picky…just need supplies.

Thanks so much.  Me and the pups appreciate your help.


25 thoughts on “A Puppy Shuffle”

  1. Oh, my goodness Jo! There is never a dull moment at your house. I always enjoy your stories and usually get a laugh or two. You are such a generous person and just a good human being. We can all learn kindness from you.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I’ll admit to howling at Gannon and Carver’s reaction to the Triple P attack!!! Of course, it was too cold to put all the windows down with the kids in the car, but if it happens again and you are alone, I’d crank the heat and have every window wide open! So kind of Carver to be willing to share the bag with Gannon so you wouldn’t have their puke along with the puppy puke to deal with!! Maybe extra bags in the car wouldn’t go amiss.

  3. Oh, no! I felt so bad for you reading your story but couldn’t help but laugh as I relayed it to my husband. What an absolutely crazy day you had! One of our 3 rescues has a cone on as he had a growth removed from his lip on Monday.
    Question; did you have radioactive iodine treatment as part of cancer treatment? Just curious. I had the same treatment last January due to hyperthyroidism that didn’t respond to medication. I had to sleep separate from my husband for a week and I tried to stay as far away from our doggies as I could. It was no picnic!
    I love reading your blog and feel a kinship with you as I am a “rebel” quilter, love linens from thrift shops and love dogs. And I would have self-medicated with yogurt just like you did – you deserved it!

      1. Praying that the second time is a charm! Ours is a good God. Thyroid is something you don’t really think about till something goes wrong.

  4. Your story reminded me of my daughter’s car sickness trips. Those trips (like yours) were never funny at the time but now we laugh about them.

  5. You are one brave lady!! and so helpful! The puppies are so cute though and I feel sorry for them for what they have endured to this point, but so happy there are people waiting for them to give them the love they need. Oh Jo, thank you for all your work with these cute little fur balls.

  6. What an interesting ride that must have been. We had a shepherd/wolf cross (nooo, not intentional at all!) we got as a puppy. I don’t want to scare you, but she never ever traveled well. puked every.single.time.always. thankfully, Bailey loves to ride and will run to the garage and stand by the car until we put her in. Sometimes we just take her around the block, but she’s happiest having at least one ride a day

  7. Those Rusty puppies are so cute! That was a hectic day for you. You sure are good at juggling kids, puppies and time. You really deserved that cone. Your face just lit up. You are a good soul.

  8. What a GREAT story! But it still can’t beat Georgie in the public restroom – loved the picture of Kelli crawling under the door – oh, Georgie!

  9. You could write a book or direct a movie about fostering dogs. Interesting reading. Hang in there. I myself if I did that I would only take on 1 dog but of course I’m 81. Maybe if I was your age I might but you need to take care of yourself too. You are a great grandma and a great foster mom

  10. I just laughed out loud at this post. So glad you have a blog so you can remember this day, as well as all of us. Thank you.

  11. I’ve had dogs that never got over carsickness and it does smell nasty. Gannon’s reaction is hilarious, but I’m sure at the time, it was stressful for you. And Carver’s remarks are so funny too. I just love children.

  12. Judith Fairchild

    What a day!!!!!!!! The good part is you all survived. Carver and Gannon sure didn’t have fun. I used to get car sick. Mom got to where she carried a #10 can for me to puke in. Yuck. I really feel sorry for you all. I can see how it’s funny now. Carver and Gannon deserve a treat too for not adding their share of the mess. It’s fun/ not fun to be a caregiver. I like how you tell your stories.

  13. Oh my goodness, Jo, what a journey! Well done, Carver, for looking after Gannon – I had to laugh at him being prepared with the bag and Gannon hiding his face in his shirt! Well done boys for managing not to add to the puke! Gosh, Jo, there’s never a dull moment with you!

  14. Oh my – your home and life is filled with wonderful craziness! You have such a big heart and it shows!
    Thank you for sharing the story with us and giving us laugh for the day!
    Love and prayers

  15. OH MY —- SAME HERE– but really not a laughing matter, huh?? Those poor pups and oh my gosh– the same for the boys and you!! I’ve never had a dog get car sick–guess I am lucky– one of my 4 kids complained she felt sick–but never actually did barf!! Love the stories about all the dogs lucky enough to be at Jo’s house!! They all look adorable–and makes me long for my own dog. Trouble is, it’s too hard for me to get around–and walking one would be impossible. But so miss the love and companionship a dog would give me. I think you have a “3 Ring Circus” going at your house an awful lot!!

  16. Wow! That’s some kind of rodeo you had going there! I would have been exhausted halfway through, just from trying to arrange all those steps and make them work! You constantly amaze me with your energy and drive. Such cute pups!

  17. Oh. My. Gosh. I would have needed something stronger than a frozen yogurt! LOL!! Thank goodness you have the even-keeled temperament you do, Jo. My adult daughter expressed interest in fostering dogs. She has 2 elementary-aged kids who participate in sports, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a busy full-time job. Her heart is in the right place, but in no way does her lifestyle and work schedule allow what it takes to effectively do that. I am always telling my husband your stories as confirmation of what it takes to do that.

  18. OMG, I can’t help but laughing out loud, the boys’ comments were too hilarious. I’m glad it all ended well.

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