That Dog of Mine

Last night Hubby and Kalissa had to go to a first responder meeting.  They drove separately because Kalissa needed to come home early.  Both left the house.  Ruby ran to the door and wanted out.  I waited until Kalissa backed out thinking Hubby had already left.  After Ruby got out I heard the garage door opening and realized Hubby hadn’t left yet.  I tried to call Ruby back in but no luck.  I told Hubby she was out and to be careful backing out so he didn’t hit her.

I went in the house and my evening alone began.  The phone rang..I talked to Kelli for a bit.  I sewed a couple blocks.  I putzed around cleaning up a few of my messed.  The phone rang again.  I sewed a couple blocks and then I started sorting fabric.  Nancy in PA set me a WONDERFUL box of goodies and I was having fun sorting….

At 9:15 I went into a HUGE panic.  Where was Ruby?  Oh my gosh, she didn’t come in.  I put my coat on and started hunting.  I called and called and she didn’t come.  I was about in tears.  I just kept praying if she was hit and hurt bad, let her be dead because I didn’t want her to suffer.  As I walked further away from the house, the darker it was and I couldn’t see.  I wanted to run and look everywhere but I didn’t want to go anywhere afraid she was actually was hit by a car and afraid she was dead.

I just wasn’t ready to go through the death of a dog again…I couldn’t.

I hurried back to the house to find a flash light.  Once in the house, I called for her more thinking maybe she was in the house………but how could that be?  I didn’t remember letting her in.  Then I started thinking how sick Hubby would be if he had hit her.  I started out the door with the flashlight when I decided just to eliminate and know for positive I would check all the spots she hangs out at in the house.  The last place I went was upstairs to her kennel…and there she was….

..and she was really crabby that I had woken her from her sleep.

*sigh*  *sigh*…she was safe..she was in the house…she was just fine…oh that dog of mine!!  I am so completely and totally relieved.

10 thoughts on “That Dog of Mine”

  1. Puppies can be sneaky! When I could not find mine, I always would think the worst! With beagles, their nose runs where they roam. Glad she was safe and sound. She is such a beautiful girl.

  2. Lynda from Chicago

    LOL isn’t she just about the age of a 2 year old. They hide and forget to listen, too. So cute!

  3. So glad to hear that Ruby is okay. I’m sure that most of your followers would have felt the loss or pain if something that happened to her, I know that I would. What I little rascal she is. Thanks for sharing.

  4. She probably thinks you lost your mind. Just reading the story made my chest tight with fear. Amazing how attached we get to our four-legged buddies.

  5. I did that once–my dog goes to my husbands office when I am gone—I looked and called in and outside a half hour before I called him in panic that Lily was gone—the half hour of tears ended OK—maybe next time I will call him first to see if he has her…………..

  6. I certainly wish we could train them to let us know where they are when we are hollering for them! My little girl hides in some of the weirdest places (she’s only 5 lbs.) – usually buried in a blanket or cuddled up to a heater vent – and I panic when I can’t find her…my imagination runs like yours! Sure glad darling Ruby is safe and sound! Deep breathing for you and a glass of wine!

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