Best of Friends…Worst Enemies

Our daughter Kelli was home over the weekend with her dog Puppycat.  Ruby and Puppycat can be the best of friends…but they can be the worst of enemies.  They will romp outside, share mud puddles, take a dip in the creek, chase barn cats and do regular dog things.  But later they will fight and scrap over a bone, whine when one gets more attention, or get in a snarling fight.

Twice today they had to be broke up and have a little quite kennel time.  After the two were released from quiet time, Ruby ended up crawling into Puppycat’s kennel…and Puppycat was just fine with it.

Here the are napping.  It’s been so fun watching they get to know each other.  They actually act just like siblings.


Even thought they are both pure bred beagles, Puppycat is so copper colored and Ruby is so light colored.
They truly are the best of friends and the worst of enemies!

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  1. Jo–Got the Quiltmaker magazine today and what did I see? Golden Sunset by Jo and Keli Kramer. It is beautiful and the border is really different and makes the quilt sparkle. Well done. Congrats to you both.

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