Community Quilts from Ray

I’ve been playing catch-up on getting some community quilt emails together into blog posts.  Today I am featuring some quilts that Ray sent me back in November.

Ray writes:
Frances C. in AK sent me some tops to finish and donate. Yes, AK is the abbreviation for Alaska. Yes, I live in Florida. OMG!!! That is a long way to travel. Her quilts are beautiful. This one, I believe, is called Christmas Cactus. Love the fabrics and the colors. This one went to the Holiday Bazaar at church for their fundraiser.  I decided to quilt it with white thread and the stipple motif.
The backing is from Stoney M. 

My thanks to you, Frances and Stoney for your support in finishing this quilt.

Barbara S. in FL. sent me this quilt top …that I located and finished today. I love the great use of pinks and grays. Such a beautiful pattern for these fabrics.

I used the flipped-on feathers quilting motif to stay with a bit of traditional as well as modern. I used an off-white thread on the front and gray on the back. Barbara included the backing fabric and there was enough of the backing fabric to use it for the binding as well.

My thanks to you and Barbara for the tools to make this wonderful quilt.

I wanted to share a quilt with you. The fabric for the top is from the recent stash that Arline H. gave to me. As I was sorting and stacking the fabric these 3 fabrics were laying next to each other. I immediately thought of a 3 yard quilt and the rest is history.

The pattern is called Nine Plus One. It was quick and easy to piece. These colors really grab your attention.

The backing is from the stash from Tammye M. My thanks to you, Arline and Tammye for making this quilt a spectacular reality.


Here is another adorable winter-themed quilt that went to the Holiday Bazaar at church. I just love all the cute little animals that Cathy L in PA incorporated into this quilt.

I selected the stipple motif to give some texture to all the open space in the quilt with a bone-colored thread to blend in well. The backing is a warm red plaid from Arline H in Fl. My thanks to you, Cathy, and Arline for the pieces to make this special quilt. I think it is AWESOME!!

Wasn’t that a great bunch of quilts??  Ray does such a nice job and the people who sent tops this time around really sent some great ones!!  Many thanks to everyone who sent the Christmas tops to Ray so he could finish them for the Holiday Bazaar fundraiser his church held.  Ray’s church is involved in a lot of outreach programs that help others in the Fort Myers Florida area.   His church sounds like one that truly believes in mission work.  I love that we can help support that!!



7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    I like all the quilts so very much. Great color combinations and Ray’s quilting and seeing what can be done with fabrics is excellent. Very lovely work all of you involved.

  2. Oh, I especially loved the quilt with the houses and little animals. Always some inspiration to take away in the quilts others send to Ray.

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