The Baby Robin

I went out to talk with Hubby as he was moving lawn when I saw Ruby investigating something in the lawn.  I walked close and saw it was a baby robin.


As Ruby walked towards it, the robin would hop a few feet.  Ruby would get closer and the robin would hop a little farther.  She wasn’t mean.  She was just investigating.


I let her shoo the robin into the landscaping so Hubby wouldn’t hit it with the lawn mover.  Then I called Ruby to come with me and she did.  She didn’t hesitate for a second.


I hope the little robin can make it.  He’s pretty big so I am hoping his little wings were just tired.

Honestly, Ruby listens really good.  Hubby repeatedly says he is so impressed with her.  She’s just nine months old and is so smart.  It’s nice to see that the hard work we have put into training and teaching her is paying off.

2 thoughts on “The Baby Robin”

  1. One evening we noticed a baby robin on our porch railing. It sat there for several hours. It was gone in the morning, so we figured it had just been gaining strength for flight. It was so cute with its little downy feathers sticking out here and there!

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