Where did all my T-Shirts go??

My T-shirts are gone!!  That can only mean one thing….my daughter Kayla was home.  Yep, that’s right.  Kayla took my T-shirts.


It’s my own fault that she took them.  Actually, I gave them to her in hopes of getting a new kitchen rug in return.   I had been to our local library and discovered a new magazine, Mary Jane’s Farm.  The magazine features lots of organic and recycling ideas.  One of the ideas in the magazine was to make rugs from your old T-shirts. 

I showed Kayla the cute rug…then I reminded her that I can’t knit and that she is the knitter in the family…

then I put on my puppy dog face and waited  and waited and waited and…
just like that, she volunteered to make me a rug. 

BUT, she didn’t have any T-shirts.  So to my closet we went…and now I have no T-shirts…and no rug.    

If you’re interested in the magazine, here’s a peak at what it looks like.
The one with the rug pattern is the sage green addition, April-May 2009.  I am going to check at our library to see if this is a magazine they regularly subscribe too and if not, I think I’ll order it.  The photos are awesome..even the ads aren’t bad.  Mary Jane has a website too.

I’ll keep you posted on my rug and my T-shirt situation…

P.S.  Daughter Kelli…if you are reading this, Kayla took my Upper Iowa University T-shirt…notice it’s the red one in the photo that she is ripping up.  Feel free to get me another one :)

1 thought on “Where did all my T-Shirts go??”

  1. 6/18/24
    This blog post showed up under today’s post. Was the t-shirt rug ever finished??

    Linda S. in PA

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