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Before I get to what I’m working on, I thought I would share a picture Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations and I one day after we were out walking the dogs one day.  Carla’s dog is Luna, a rescue Australian Shepherd.  She is an absolutely beautiful dog!  We have been making an effort to try to walk a time or two each week.

It’s always great to walk with Carla.  We both know each other’s kids and both love dogs and quilting so we always have something to talk about.

It’s great to have someone to walk with.

On this day, Carla had a customer quilt on her longarm and I had just finished filming a video.

Now onto what I worked on last week…

You might remember that I made the goal of getting this bow tie UFO into a quilt top.  I added an inner border.

I added a navy star border and then added more fabric the same as the alternate blocks.

I really love it.  This is going to be a television quilt for my house.  I love it so much.  I need to machine quilt it before I can call it done-done…but I’m happy with this much progress.  This was the Dirty Dozen UFO project for last month.

Happily, the project that was pulled for this month, is already made into a top.  I’m going to try to get in machine quilted this month so watch for that.

I pulled a new project.  This one was started on a whim.  I have several places where I donate tops and sadly I don’t have quilts.  I had a blog reader sent me a pile of half-square triangles.  I decided to make a simple quilt that is made of all half-square triangles.  I know it sounds like a plain quilt but…

The blocks are in gold and gray and black.  You can see the darker blocks in the photo below.  Well, I decided I am going to make more blocks…there were 36 sent from a blog reader.  I’m going to add a few yellows, whites, grays, and black along with some Iowa Hawkeyes prints and make an Iowa Hawkeyes quilt.

To be totally upfront, people who will want this quilt won’t care a bit that it is a simpler quilt.  They will be after it because it’s Iowa Hawkeyes.

I cut and sewed 100 more blocks.  I think I need about 400 for the quilt so I have a ways to go.  This will likely be a focus piece for me this week.

Last week I told you that I didn’t have anything that was close to fill some squeezed-in time I had so I pulled this.  It’s another long-term UFO.

I ended up getting 13 blocks made.  I am not pulling this and working on it full force but I’m leaving it out.  Hopefully, I’ll do a couple of blocks here and there so once it’s pulled as a UFO for the Dirty Dozen Challenge, I won’t have so many to make.

I filmed another video for my free-form alphabet series I’ve been working on in conjunction with making my grandson Anders’ quilt.  I tackled s-t-u-v-and w.

You can see the video for making them in the video below.  Feel free to hit the play button and watch it here or go to Youtube HERE and save it.  Then watch it later on your television or device.

I actually filmed and made x, y, and z but that video is still being edited so that will come out later in the week.  Please become a subscriber on Youtube or sign up for my emails so you will get a notification when the videos go live.

I also filmed the video on how to make the free-form flying geese you see in the quilt and the star blocks.  That will also be coming out later in the week.

I was a busy girl in the filming department.

I also got a little time and made a few more flying geese and stars.  I’m so excited that this quilt is getting to this point.  I’m hoping I can get some more sewing time for it over the week.

I also filmed the video-the first in the series- for using your scraps that we’ve cut into strips.  That will be for hourglass blocks.  It also will show you how to use a companion angle ruler.  I’m really excited about this and hope all of you will be too.  I am not sure if Kalissa will have time to edit that video as well.

As you can see, I’ve been busy this week.  It’s not all stuff that you can see right now here in pictures, but I have been very busy.  I hope I have another busy week this week!

13 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. It’s great having a friend to walk with. I love the border on the bow tie quilt! So simple but it really finishes the quilt. Enjoying seeing your progress.

  2. I love the floating on the bow tie quilt. :) I am always torn myself so could be no help in giving advice to you! lol. Love a bow tie quilt too…some day it will come to the top of my list…after I use up the bijillion half triangle square I have here.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    I like the red quilt. It’s so lively! All the reds make the bow ties pop up and say look at me. The only quilt I have made for myself is basically red with an Fred apple print in the blocks. I made it a sampler quilt to learn how to follow block directions.

  4. I was just thinking how great your half-square triangles look with the material of your ironing board! Yes, I agree with all the compliments on the bow-tie quilt- that little floating border really makes it!

  5. Margaret in North Texas

    I love how the bow tie quilt looks with the navy star border–really sets the blocks off! This quilt and True Blue are my latest favorites.

  6. I’m a border person. The hst ‘Iowa’, quilt; I would like to see the hst’s, (any suze group), surrounded by 1 or more border. Than another surround of hst’s, etc. With border(s), the last thing. Less hst’s, goodly size, more depth in the overall design. All in all great progress on your ufo’s.

  7. Your Bow Tie quilt is awesome! I love that red color of the alternate blocks! It makes the bow ties really pop and floating it with the red and then the stars and then more red – it looks like a vintage quilt! I love it and now I need to make myself a predominantly red quilt. There is always so much inspiration here!

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