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If you’ve been reading the blog for a bit you know I am constantly getting plagued with a question like the one you see below.

I used to get your Blog through Bloglovin but they just aren’t what they used to be. Then I signed up for it on this page and got it for years. All of a sudden it stopped. I’ve resigned up for it a couple of times and still don’t get it. It’s not in my Spam. What’s going on? I miss you!

Oh my.  I wish I had a dollar for every time I have had an email similar to this, or a comment in the comment section similar to this.  It is a problem I’ve dealt with for a long time.

Bloglovin wore out its welcome some time ago.  I was constantly getting notices from blog readers that it wasn’t working back then.  So…Kayla did some work and made it easier for people to sign up on the blog for an email that lets them know about the latest blog posts.

That program was part of an expansion package that I had that came along with WordPress the company I work with that hosts my blog.  That was going okay…great no, but okay.  Then I have recently started to get complaints from blog readers again.  For some reason, this program was inconsistent too.  I was feeling more and more frustrated so I decided it was time.

I need to step up and pay for a program that will help me help you.  So, I did it.  I now have an email newsletter in place that is made and designed to just what I need, send you an email that lets you know what’s new on the blog and my Youtube channel.

Kayla has been working behind the scenes scouting out which program is best and which is the most cost-effective for me…The programs aren’t way out priced but they do cost…and of course, each one has different features so there were comparisons made regarding the number of people who receive an email, the frequency I can send them, the reliability of the company, and the cost to me.

We are really hoping I can get a lot of people to sign up as we went with a higher tier anticipating that many of you will enjoy this newly added feature of the blog.

I’m annoyed by popups so Kayla made it so the sign-up form will only show occasionally. If you missed it, she put an extra link in my right sidebar so you can find it there.  Notice it says:  “Click here to join the blog’s email list”.  Click that.

This will pop up…

Here you can fill out your email.  There are two boxes to click.  One will send you an email each evening giving you the latest two blog posts and the latest videos from Youtube.  That would be one email every day.

The is a second option that you might also want to click.  This gives you an occasional email.  If for some reason if the blog goes down we would send you an email.  These would all be sent manually by Kayla or myself.  I might send a Christmas letter or something extra besides only the blog posts.  At this point, I don’t imagine there would ever be more than two a month…likely less.

I don’t want to do another whole thing, but Kalissa and Kayla have convinced me that this will be a good thing for me and for all of you.  I am a Facebook user and I am an Instagram user so I see posts from people I follow regularly.  They have me convinced that this is email letter will be awesome for those of you who don’t regularly use those forms of social media.

So please do sign up.  I signed up for an unlimited amount of people to get the email newsletter so please, please, do sign up.

One more thing that’s new and different the girls also convinced me to use Instagram better.  I am finally using the “stories” option.  Previously I never did…now I’m using it very regularly.  If you want to see my escapades in real time, that’s where you will see them.

Here are a couple from this week…This one is from yesterday and told about the new email newsletter.

This one is from Saturday night…This is what I was sewing on.

So if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you might like to now that I’m doing stories and doing things in real time there.  I am jo_joscountryjunction.

I so appreciate my daughters who are busy teaching the old dog (me) some new tricks!!  I am not good with techie things at all.  I’m terrible at learning new things.  Can you believe that the now think I need to get a new camera for filming videos?  I keep telling them, let me figure out one thing before you have me doing something else!!

All in all, I think their suggestions are good for me and good for you too…so come along with me and learn some new tricks!!  Try the email newsletter…and check out my Instagram stories.  I think both are going to be a lot of fun!!


24 thoughts on “SIGN UP FOR NEWLETTER/Check out Instagram”

  1. i am one who has a bookmark folder for quilters I follow. Easy to click each one to get the current post.

    For all the readers who need it in their email, I sure encourage you to do a “buy me a cup of coffee” to offset your sudden new expense. If everyone sent you $5 every quarter would that cover the cost?

    It’s very kind of you to set this up for your readers who don’t want to come here to your blog to read. I sure hope they reciprocate your kindness.

    Happy Monday Jo :-)

  2. I have followed you on Instagram for quite a while, and I did notice you’ve upped your game there. It’s a nice reminder to check on you on my busy days. Good luck with all the changes, I know you’re working hard at them to make this an even better space. Thanks for that!

  3. Cynthia from Nebraska

    How is this different from if we already signed up for email? Also, what’s the benefit of signing up v. just… Checking the blog site twice a day?

  4. I have your blog with several others that I follow daily listed on a bookmark. It’s easier for me to just click on them from there. I don’t do Facebook or Instant Gram, so I don’t need that. I thought I had clicked on getting your newsletter but never received any. So for now, I’ll just click for your blog from bookmark tab. I’m just not techy and happy with how things work now – for me. But I’m sure others will appreciate the extras.

  5. Jo, I am new to your blog and this is how I signed up! It its working great for me, as I get two emails a day (or rather, one each time you post) and I can choose to read them now or wait until later (or next week when I have more time, or whatever!). I have lots of questions about who all these people are (like the Cresco ladies, for instance), but right now I am enjoying keeping up with your busy life and all your needlework. I am so in awe! You do great stuff. Hope the new technology works for you, it certainly works for me. Thanks!

  6. I’ve also had your blog bookmarked on my computer, but signed up just to try it. Thank you for your posts on Facebook & Instagram. Love all the little tidbits.

  7. I noticed that Bloglovin was down often and I wasn’t able to follow you and a few others bloggers that I enjoy. I finally bookmarked you and some of the others and would just check in every day. Thank you for all you do. I love that you post a couple of times everyday, I feel like I’m your neighbor!!!

  8. Really like your latest emails…so much better than the Bloglovin, at least how it’s been the last year. YAY for helpful and smart daughters!! Enjoy all your posts, Jo!!

  9. I was getting your blogs in my email anyway, it’s turning up in my promotions folder and does look a bit different but that’s ok, I can go with it. And thanks for thinking of us fuddy- duddies who don’t really want to use social media. The main reason I don’t use it is I know I’d waste a lot of time on it when there’s so much to do, more my problem than anything. I’ve signed up too when the box popped up, and love the cute drawings under your computer screen. Good on you Jo.

  10. Kristy Wilkinson

    I signed up on the pop up but so far have not seen anything come to my inbox. I do come and read your blog on my own but would like the extras. Did I not do a step? Thanks for being willing to pay for this. That is a big commitment. Love your blog and love all the ways you reach out. I am not a social media girl either though I do lurk on instagram a bit but don’t have an account. Thanks again- K-

  11. I also have tried to sign up via the Pop up box and have not received a confirmation message in my Inbox so I assume it didn’t work. What do I do next? I don’t want to miss your blogposts.

  12. I did sign up through my other email – one I’m changing almost everything I can through. The confirmation hasn’t come through yet but it probably takes time.
    So glad you have daughters that can help you with this – my dd does that for me too. She’s in AL so she uses Team Viewer and works her magic.
    Love and prayers,

  13. I’m going to continue to use Feedly to follow your blog (and many other blogs). I don’t do Facebook or Instagram regularly. Thanks to Kayla and Kalissa for setting up RSS so I can do that.

  14. I’ve also stopped getting emails again a few days ago. I just signed up again for your newsletter but no confirmation email yet.

  15. I tried clicking on the link on this page for the email signup and it doesn’t work. Due to the invasive and subversive nature of Facebook (Meta), I deleted it. I will have to delete Instagram also as Facebook owns and censors that also. Very sad. I am just an ordinary person. Love all your hard work and hope I can get on the email list. I use Blogger and you do show up on my Blogger Dashboard with updates. Thank you so much, Jo.

  16. You’re very, very generous to your followers. I have visited your blog so often all I have to do is click on the letter “J” in my browser and Jo’s Country pops up!

  17. I am not able to sign up, nothing pops up for me. Tried 2 different browsers and have pop ups turned on for the site. I would not like to miss any post! Love them all, but apparently I will just have to keep checking.

  18. Thanks Jo and Kayla for this feature. In case in happened for others, I thought I’d let you know that your posts stopped arriving for a few days and it included those with the sign-up instructions.
    I don’t Facebook or Instagram but happily Bloglovin decided to send a post yesterday and so I realised I hadn’t heard from you for a few days, and read back and found these missing posts. I signed up and received a notification this morning, so it is working for me, but you may have missed a few subscribers if their notifications decided to go AWOL over the same period as mine…
    Thanks again Jo, I love reading about your life, family and quilting in Iowa.

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