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Welcome to the sewing room.  I’ve spent very little time here this last week.  Our daughter Kalissa’s newborn was in the hospital with meningitis and I was duty to fill in with her family here.  I’m so thankful I can do that.  What that means for my sewing life, little happened.

You might remember my deadline quilt…that is with Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations.  Carla is doing an amazing job.  I can’t show you a big sneak peek…but here is what I can show you.

As is, it doesn’t look like much but trust me, it’s fabulous.

My sewing room looks like this…ready for me to get busy.

I started…binding my True Blue quilt but didn’t get finished.  If I get 30 minutes of free time, I should be able to finish it.

You might notice that I have Gannon’s baby quilt hanging on my shelving.  I’ve been doing videos showing how I make the free from letters.  A watcher suggested that I hang a quilt in the background of where I am sewing.  I got that hung and ready for the next video.  I have the pieces for my “N” cut but had no time to film.  I’m hoping to get two videos filmed this week.  If you want to get notified when the videos come out please go to my Youtube channel that you can find HERE.  Sign up to be a subscriber and then hit the bell so you get a notification.

I got two more rows added to my hourglass quilt.  Slowly it’s coming along.  I’m just over half on sewing rows.  I made a couple of more rows but didn’t get time to add them.

I started working on getting that postal box of scraps cut down so I can add them to my scrap bins.  Some of the 2″ ones will be cut down into pieces for my hourglass blocks.

and that friends is all I got done this week.

Did you see the blog post from Saturday where I showed my finish on my two postage stamp quilts for my granddaughters Lucy and Lilly?  If you missed it, you can find it HERE.

I am so happy to have them finished.  I had a request to write a pattern for them.  I will add that to the list of patterns you all want to be put together.  I’ll get to all that as time allows.  I’ve had family here all weekend.  Buck and the kids were here for an overnight on Saturday night.  Kayla and Jasper were for an overnight last night…Kelli’s kids are here along with Jasper today.  I continue to be a wonderful kind of busy.

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  1. WHEW! Every time I read a blog post, I’m exhausted! LOL Don’t know how you get so much done but you do. I meant to say when you first posted the two quilts how much I LOVE them!! So bright and colorful! Hope the baby gets over the meningitis quickly.

  2. i get it Jo! Family comes first. My husband and i have recently moved to be closer to our kids and grandchildren so we can help out. what wonderful memories you are making with your grandchildren.

    My long arm is currently in storage as part of this move for us includes building a new house and the bonus is a new, larger sewing space for me!

    I love your quilts and am amazed at how much you can accomplish! i also was delighted to see in your photo of scrap strips some fabric I have. It will be fun to see which of your next projects it ends up in. God Bless!

  3. I made your cheerio bars recipe yesterday. There were no plain cheerios at the Dollar General so I used honey nut generic ones. They were very good. I made them to send back to college with my granddaughter who had a fall break. I liked that they could be made in the microwave and they didn’t need baked. I’d like to try your hot dog meatballs too, but I’m not sure my Italian husband would eat them. He’s kind of picky. You get so much done on your sewing. I’m glad Anders is home and doing well. He is so cute!

  4. How was Kayla doing when she was with you over the weekend ?
    Will the beds kelli passed on to Buck be getting a “Jo” makeover ?

  5. Judith Fairchild

    Whew you have had a very busy family week. Praying for baby grandson. The girls quilts are so lively and lovely.

  6. You have had a very busy family time. I think your sewing room looks just as it should, a perfect reflection of you. It is possible to have many projects going at one time and fitting them in during scraps of time, much as we fit scraps of fabric into a quilt. Every little bit counts towards a finish.

    I, too, love seeing your scraps and searching your finished projects to see if I have had, or still do have, any matching fabrics. It is fun to see how you use them so creatively.

    I also wondered if those beds would get a wonderful makeover. Cleaned, sanded, stained, or painted? You and your children all have the hands on, get it done, and make it happen attitude. That will keep you young.

    I am sure you have another busy week ahead. Thanks for all the updates and news.

  7. I always enjoy hearing about your sewing projects and hearing about the kids, grandkids. It is so wonderful you are able and willing to be there for them in their needs. You are a perfect, loving grandmother and mother. Your quilts are coming along in a good way. I like the hourglass quilt – good and scrappy.

  8. WOW! That’s about all I can say. You are simply amazing. And I think I’ve had a busy day if I have made a very simple lap quilt, vacuumed the house and made a simple dinner.

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