Wednesday Adventures with Gannon…

Last week Anders, my daughter Kalissa’s newborn, was still in the hospital so when Wednesday rolled around and Kalissa wasn’t home, Gannon spent the day with me.  We had a busy day.

It started out with Izzy time.  Gannon continues to really connect with Izzy.  I love to watch their relationship evolve.  They are both tender souls.

Then about 9:30 am Kalissa called and told me that the flu shot clinic was in town and could I run Gannon up to get his flu shot.

I told Gannon and he immediately started crying.  He didn’t want a shot.  Lucky for me he is bribeable.  I pulled an unopened box of Legos from the secret stash that I have in case I forget a birthday and told him if he would go, I would give him the Legos when we got back. (yes.  He is spoiled)

Then I told him I have an appointment to get my shots later that afternoon and I had to get TWO shots…my Covid booster and my flu shot and he was lucky because he only had to get one.

Happily, Gannon didn’t even cry.  We went home and put his Lego set together.

Shortly after that, we were off to do errands and get my shots.

I had gotten an email from Pat.  She is a charity quilter.  She wrote:
I try to read your blog daily and am amazed at what you can accomplish in a day!

I am writing today to see if you know where I can get panels to make quilts for 4-6-year-olds.

My chapter of 50 elderly members – (Our oldest member is 95) makes quilts for a school that serves underprivileged kids.(most are homeless the others going into foster care) they keep the quilts that they used. We have been making quilts that are 40×50″ and 20 per year. Last year they needed 40 and this year 60. Starting the next school year they are anticipating more than 100 for the next few years. All of our members have limited income and using panels would greatly help as each person supplies their own fabric. 

My question for you is:
Do you know where I can purchase panels that are about $5 or less? I have asked our shops that are close if they could help us out with a discount and that will not happen. So now I am at a loss as I have checked everywhere I know.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks and God Bless

My address is:
Pat Joho
3152 Killington Loop
The villages, FL 32163

Thanks for any help!

I told her that I would share her need with all of you hoping you might know of an online place to order panels that are appropriate for kids 4-6 years old, or you might have some in your stash that you never got to and would be willing to donate.  If you have any helpful suggestions please contact Pat at

Myself, I am checking my stash but also thought to check the thrift stores.

Happily, I found some…

Spiderman…  I opened them up and they are more pillow panel sized.  I think there is enough for 3 tops here.

I also found this for 50 cents hoping they might be able to use it.

I found some other goodies too.  Check out the bowl.  I want to make a pincushion for the inside and keep small scissors around the outside.

I found a great 100% cotton sheet too.  The bowl was $2 and the sheet was $2.

I bought this giant basket for $2.50.  I’ll be sending that to Buck’s house.  I thought it would be a great way to store stuffed animals for the kids.

I bought this tree for 75 cents.

Previously I fixed the tree below by spray painting it black and using it to hold my quilted grandkid charms.  I’m running out of room.  I don’t know if I’ll have more grandkids or not.  If I do, I need a bigger tree.  I picked this one up in case I decided I want a bigger tree.

I also have the idea to spray paint the new one black and put it out with my Halloween/Fall decor.  We’ll see.

How could I pass up this cute little frame that was only $1?  They can still be found on the second-hand market.  HERE is a search for them.  SO CUTE!!

I bought this HUGE chalk set.  It was $3.

I gave the boys some black paper and let them draw.  I am excited to do this with Lucy, my granddaughter.  She loves anything artsy.

I also bought this…  It was a weird buy.  It was only $1.50.  Gannon loves pretzels and loves corndogs.  It is supposed to make Pretzel Dogs.

I’m skeptic…but I’m going to give it a try.   If it works, Gannon is going to love me!!  (He already does but just to make sure I’m giving these a try)

I got my vaccines and thankfully, neither made me sick.

Gannon fell asleep on the way home…the bus kids came.  I picked Carver up from play practice.  Then I made supper for everyone.  Karl took the boys to their haircut appointments.  It was another busy day.  Thankfully, I did get to cross-stitch that night.  I needed it!

22 thoughts on “Wednesday Adventures with Gannon…”

  1. Hi Jo, I love reading about your busy days and adventures! How can I send you some fabric/ quilt pieces?
    Thank you,

    1. Jo would you like you to send the fabric directly to the person asking for the fabric. It is easier on Jo. I believe thee address is included in the post

  2. Why have grandkids if you can’t spoil them!! And You don’t spoil them, just loving them. You found good things at thrift store. You must tell us how the pretzel dogs turn out. I had never seen or heard of that gadget. Also when you have made the pin cushion, would love to see it. Very cute dish.

  3. Great finds! I have that same frame. It is in my sewing room with a picture of my grandma in it. It was hers and when she passed, my aunts decided I needed it.

  4. You amaze me with all you do and get accomplished every day. Just wish I had just a tiny bit of your energy.
    Another thing that amazes me is how you are able to take photos on your phone with one hand while holding something. Sadly I have not been able to get that accomplished yet but I keep trying. You are certainly an amazing woman and I enjoy reading all your blogs and have learned so much from your posts. Thanks for all you do plus sharing about your lovely family. Also you have inspired me to start cross stitching again. Thank you.

  5. For baby & children’s panels, try They can be purchased individually or by the bolt. Their fabrics are quite reasonable in price and everything I have purchased from them has been of good quality.

  6. I found 4 panels to be made into kids quilts and the backings that I will send on to Pat. Do you know if she wants any yardage of kids fabric for her quilts? I have some of that also… I will gladly send it on if Pat can use it.

  7. Marshall Dry Goods Co. sells retail and whole fabric and they have panels. Many quilt shops use them. Also free shipping if you spend $50.

  8. What a day you had – so much accomplished! Boy, did you ‘do good’ on your thrift finds – that chalk set is pretty amazing all by itself! So nice you could find a few panels for Pat – and so many suggestions in the comments – what a community!

  9. Marshall Dry Goods has baby panels for $4.99. They also have other WONDERFUL material for inexpensive. You can buy from them wholesale, but you have to buy a whole bolt of material. There is also shipping, but it is not too terrible. HUGS!!!

  10. Hi Jo, For the pretty milk glass dish, I have one, and a wool dryer ball, with a little batting, fits the dish beautifully. It makes a great pin cushion. Enjoy your grandbabies.

  11. I have one of those milk glass dishes, and I have made a pincushion for the center and keep my tools in the holes, so easy to do. Please show us yours when its done. Gannon and Lizzy pictures are just precious. I need to get my flu shot but first I need to get over this darn cold that is lingering. How is Karls house coming along, did he get the new siding? or did I miss a post? So nice that you live close enough to help your kids out and that they can be there to help you also. Happy life, Jo.

  12. Carolyn Sullivan

    I have a depression glass bowl like that, i have my snippy scissors in the loops and I keep my binding clips in the center.

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