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I didn’t get as much time in the sewing room as I had hoped.  When I was there, I did quite a bit of work at the longarm which always leaves me with not as much to show.

I got Scrap Vortex off of the machine.  WHOOT!! WHOOT!!

I …bound it right away.

I used my Third Hand Binding Tool.

I actually took a video of me using it.  I had done a review of this a bit ago telling you all how much I really loved the Third Hand Binding tool.  A blog reader later wrote to me telling me she had trouble with hers.  I thought I’d do a video to show her and any of you who are interested how easy it is to use.  Just click the arrow to watch the video. It’s short…only 5 minutes or so.

I ended up talking with Heather who owns the company.  She offered a coupon code from my blog readers.  Anything in the store at Purple Hobbies is 10% for my blog readers if you use the code JoSentMe (all one word).  HERE is the link if you are interested.

All of the products on the site are reasonably priced and would be perfect gifts for your quilting friends.  Does anyone need a Mother’s Day gift?  Maybe one you have to buy for yourself…HA!!

After Scrap Vortex came off the frame, I immediately made a backing for Garlic Knots (a Bonnie Hunter pattern) and loaded it on the frame.  I’m hoping to get some time this week to finish this quilt.  Everything is ready to go…I just need time.

I also worked a bit on my red diamond scrap quilt…

It grew by a couple of rows.  I laid it out to take a picture and realized that I must have added one row to the wrong size.  My goal was to make it 15×15.
Currently it is 13×16.  Ooops.  Looks like I’ll be taking one border off but I’m not even frustrated about that because that border can go on the other side.  Now I only need to make 17 more blocks and I’ll have the center finished.  I think I likely have about that many started so the end is in sight.

The current plan is to put a narrow red inner border around it and then scrappy borders with no red diamond in the center.  I have my fingers crossed to finish the top this week but who knows if that will happen.  I try not to plan too much so I’m not disappointed if it doesn’t happen!

If you missed my quilt finish last week on my Chemo Brain quilt quilt, you can read about it HERE.  Many of you can’t see the error.  That’s awesome.  I know where it is and will reveal all once the other version is published.  In the meantime, you’ll have to be patient.

That’s my quilting for this week.  What are you busy with??




17 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I’m so looking forward to seeing these quilts hanging from your porch. And put ‘the beagle’ out there too please, we haven’t seen her for awhile now. I have a quilt on the longarm that I hope to finish and a quilt on the design board that I will hopefully finish this week. The week is full with doctor appointments and lunches out, and of course, the housework never stays done. But quilting is my time to be creative and it’s so much fun.

  2. Nice work! Looks great! I really love your red diamond centers and your scrap vortex is another winner.

  3. Hi Jo! That binding tool is cool, I definitely need one and will use the generous discount the shop owner provided for your Blog readers. I’ve always disliked ironing binding as I always get at least one fairly significant burn. Your finished quilt is beautiful as always! See ya later today in the SAL Facebook group.

  4. Stephani in N. TX

    Your finishes are amazing. I didn’t know you were doing the scrap vortex, and it is amazing. I love Garlic Knots and I hope to do one soon. Thanks for all the incentive your quilts and blog provide.

  5. Jo, what size binding tool do you use for your quilts? There are so many choices! And thank you and Heather for the discount. In this economy it is very generous.

  6. Linda M White

    Call me lazy, but when I do my bindings I don’t fold and iron them first. I press the joining seams open, then I just fold it in half as I am sewing it to the quilt edge. I have found this works much better and I don’t encounter areas that the pressed fold might be out of alignment. It comes out flat and perfect every time. The corners are easier too, and I think it’s often the corners where the prepressed bindings get a little bit off.
    The other trick I use is at the corners, I fold the bottom up first then fold the side over. That way I’m not pushing the binding down with the foot as I approach the turn. It goes very smoothly and easily for me.

  7. i can’t see the mistake either. I just know that no quilt is “perfect” so we can’t get too pumped up on ourselves! always love seeing your blog Jo.

    Wish me good luck as this week i am packing up my house as we move 4 hours north. This is an interim stop as we are building a new house (sewing room of my dreams) that should be finished April 2023. My long arm will have to go into storage until then. I’ve been in a frenzy to get a few tops quilted before my baby gets stored away.

    1. Moving is always hard…missing a long arm for year-that’s hard too!! Fingers crossed all goes as planned.

  8. Wow, quilting really brought your Scrap Vortex to life! I would love to make one, but I save every little scrap for “regular” piecing in doll quilts, and small blocks.
    Still can’t spot the mistake in your to be published quilt. Hmm.

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