Do I? Don’t I?

I’ve debated for two years about getting another dog. Do I?  Don’t I?

Part of the reason I’d like one…I think Rosie needs a friend.  I always held back in getting another dog because doing childcare and having kids and two dogs in the house seemed like a lot.  There were two dogs to let out, two dogs to watch and make sure the kids were being kind to, and two dogs to make sure were being kind to the kids.

Still, I thought another dog might be good for Rosie.  She’s a little anxious.  She’s so used to it being in a busy house and it’s not as busy anymore.  She’s still young and active and likes to romp and I’m not always the best romping partner.  Sure I love hanging with her and playing but there are some things another dog can do that a human can’t.

Still, I debated about a dog.  Do I?  Don’t I? Ah!!  What a hard decision.  How much more work would another dog be?  So, in the back of my mind, these thoughts all ebb and flow.

Do I?  Don’t I?

Well, the other day Kalissa sent this dog listing to me.

This is Brieda and she’s at a local rescue.  My first beagle was a rescue and she was fabulous.  It doesn’t mean this one would be…but I had a good experience and am open to a rescue.

Here is her description:
Brieda came to Heart after going stray and being in the local pound for a claim, which never happened.  She is an estimated 2-3 years old, super sweet, and a really good girl!! She knows to sit and shake, is potty trained, and is kennel trained. She is your typical Beagle who follows her nose, so she needs to ALWAYS be on a leash or in a fenced yard. It’s hard to tell in pics, but Brieda needs to lose 7-10 pounds, & is currently being fed special low-fat food. Her new family needs to be committed to her weight loss and maintenance. Obesity takes years off a dog’s life. She is outgoing, loves to play, loves other dogs, & doesn’t mind cats or chickens. She loves walks and playing with toys. She is very friendly and loves being our your lap or in your bed. She also loves children! She is just waiting for her perfect family to come along. A fenced yard is a requirement and she would love to have a canine playmate.
Brieda’s vet work is complete and her adoption fee is $250.00.
Applications can be submitted at

Do I?  Don’t I?

Oh, I debated back and forth.  I was having a little of the whole syndrome of when you have one kid at home and are bringing a new baby home.  Can I love the new baby as much?  Do I have a heart big enough to give more love?  Is this going to be the right thing for our family?

All of those thoughts were galloping through my brain.  In the end, I looked back at our family and saw I always had enough love and time for another kid.  I’d have enough love and time for another dog.

I ended up putting an application in.  At this time, I don’t have a fenced yard.  I’ve had someone come out and I’ve priced it.  I already have a fund I’ve been putting money in to afford a fence as I’ve wanted one for Rosie but don’t have one yet.

I’m sure someone else will likely apply for her and will have a fence so I’m guessing I won’t be in the mix to get her.  But…I at least will have an approved application with them so if another dog comes along, I’ll have that already in place.

I’m in no hurry to get a dog.  I want the right dog…not just a dog.  A dog that is child friendly is the highest requirement…that it’s a beagle is down the list.

In the meantime, I’ll work on getting the fence fund beefed up and will hopefully get that in place too.

I might miss out this time, but I’m confident that the next time when a friend for Rosie comes along, we’ll be a little more ready.

Brieda is so cute and I think Rosie and I would love to have her to hang out with.  My hopes aren’t super high simply because I don’t have the fence.

In the end, I want Brieda to go to a home where she is best suited and if it isn’t my house, that’s totally okay.  I want her to be happy, loved, and in a place where she can have a forever home.

So…we’ll see.  I’ll keep you posted.

22 thoughts on “Do I? Don’t I?”

  1. I am also debating about a friend for Hazel – she loves other dogs but what if she doesn’t like one moving into her space? And then what would I do if Hazel feels displaced? It would break my heart! If you had a fenced yard and a dog door you’d have it made, Jo! Those dogs could run in and out whenever they wanted to – if beagles are diggers be sure you install the fence 6” into the ground or they’ll dig themselves out.

  2. You have a hard decision. If Brieda isn’t the one for you, I’m sure another will find its way to your heart.

  3. Between my son and I, we’ve adopted three rescue beagles from a Hound Rescue. I had no idea that there was such a thing. Maybe there’s a beagle rescue near you? Since you’ve proven you’re a good beagle owner without a fence, maybe they’d make an exception. I hope you get her.

    1. I got a small dog from a rescue here in TX. They also required adopters to have a fence. I sent them an email and told them they were missing out on a chance to offer a dog a chance of a good home as we do not and do not plan on having a fence. I told them I have had dogs for over 35 years and I walk them, weather permitting, everyday on a leash. And I take them out 4-5 times a day-on a leash as we live on a very busy farm road. They waived that rule for me and I will have had Pepper 5 yrs in September. She goes to retreats with 3 times a yr as have all my dogs for the last 20 yrs.

  4. We love our beagle! When we got him, our son was Mom all they do is eat and bay. Hah! Son is staying with us while house hunting. Guess who beagle is firmly attached to day and night. and vice versa. Ernie is such a happy little dog, couldn’t imagine life without him. Best of luck

  5. Good luck!!! Love those Beagles–and Brieda looks like a sweet girl. Sure sounds like the perfect one–so many good things said about her!! Love them–and always thought they have such a distinctive ‘smell’!! Miss that.

  6. On the flip side? We thought 2 pups would be ok, and before long it was 3 four footed friends (fostered my sons second dog so my grandson could keep her).

    Foster went home, and 8 weeks later, we had to put down one of our original two. I am amazed at how easy life is with just one dog!!

  7. Go ahead and apply….do a meet and greet with Rosie if you can. Looks like a potentially great choice to me!

  8. She sounds so perfect for you and Rosie! I hope it works out for her to join your family. It always works out for the best, so if not Brieda, then maybe a different dog is meant to come to you. But she sure sounds like she has all the characteristics you would like!

  9. Where do I find the next SAL? I am almost finished with the Blessed SAL and ready for the next! Thanks!

  10. Judy Laquidara

    What a sweet post! I’m glad you decided having a second dog is a good idea. I love your attitude – you want her to go to the best home. Good luck getting that fence installed.

  11. I agree with Sarah. See if they will make an exception. Send them a letter explaining how well things have worked out in the past without a fence but that you are planning a fence in the future. It could work out well! Ten years ago my husband became smitten with vizslas after meeting a hiker with one. I had never even seen the breed so I went to a state vizsla dog show where I met and connected immediately with a wonderful vizsla breeder. I decided to put our names on a list for a puppy, but the application strongly stated a preference for homes with a fenced yard. At the time we lived in a condo with no fenced yards. Sadly, I didn’t pursue the application. A few weeks later the breeder called me to ask why I didn’t follow up. I explained we didn’t have a fenced yard and there was no possibility the condo association would bend on that. She made an exception and eventually we happily welcomed Penny into our home. When she was seven we moved to a house with a fence and a dog door, but Penny did fine with leash walks and runs on neighboring farms and vacation beaches. Fingers crossed!! This girl sounds like a perfect fit. P.S. Can you ask around about fences people may no longer need? Many years ago we gave away a huge amount of fence that surrounded a lot we bought…

  12. Two dogs are more fun! Good luck and hope you get her. We had two sister dachshunds for 15 yrs. They were like old maids together. Now we have the odd pairing of a doxie and a pit bull. Who knew.

  13. This is exciting! Love dogs, but have never had more than one at a time.
    Is it possible to foster her? Or, if this doesn’t work out, which would be a shame because she sounds ideal, perhaps that is an option?

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